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Hi, I'm Sadok Mami

Reviews from guests

Aziz Ben Abdallah

Aziz Ben Abdallah

20/05/2024 13:25

It was really amazing

the guide was knowledgeable and fun, the people were nice to us, and the landscape was unique, especially the oasis.Thanks for the experience!
Heather Harkess

Heather Harkess

05/03/2024 08:28

The trip was lovely. I appreciate Sadok greatly he was lovely. I hope this feedback helps!

1. Sadok was a Friendly and knowledgeable guide 2. Safe driver 3. Accomodating (I said I wanted to try Dre and you made it happen and you were super patient and lovely with the kids! 4. Friendly environment For improvement: 1. Lunch and dinner were very close in time. 2. Would have liked more of an experience created. Fire in the evening at domes, music. 1 meal was missing. 3. Dogs upon arrival made it difficult to feel safe walking around olive groves. 4. Clearer communication: Would have liked more communication that it was an open group (i thought i had booked a private trip) and of the plan step by step so we were not wondering... 5. Guide thru Medina was very knowledgeable but it was Too lengthy and detailed for our needs and interest. I think flexibility and reading the group would help. It seems that was catered toward the other family.
Lucy Coburn

Lucy Coburn

29/02/2024 21:08

Enjoyable Experience

We did an excellent tour !