Terms Of Service


Terms of Use



WildyNess is a product of the company Wander Captain, a company specializing in IT, data science and Communication, which does not provide any tourist service of any kind or any activity subject to specifications.

Wander Captain provides its customers with an online platform (WildyNess), on which users wishing to rent accommodation (“Host(s)”) or sell event or activity tickets (“Seller”) are put in contact with each other. ) with visitors wanting accommodation or a travel experience in the form of a service (the “Client”).


The Host is any person who owns accommodation such as a charming hotel, rural lodge, or bed and breakfast or any other type of alternative accommodation provided for by Decree No. 2007-457 of March 6, 2000, relating to the classification of tourist establishments providing accommodation services.


The Seller is any person having the status of tourist guide in accordance with the regulations in force.

The client is any person of Tunisian or foreign nationality wishing to visit Tunisia or stay there temporarily for the purpose of tourism of any kind.


Registration on the site is free.



These general conditions of use and sale (“General Conditions”) apply to all registrations made on the platform, as well as any other written information communicated before confirming the registration.

These General Conditions specify a certain number of important points including the rights and obligations of the various stakeholders.

The WildyNess.com site belongs and is managed by the company Wander Captain with capital of 1000 DT holding the unique identifier number 1678774M whose head office is located at Résidence des Orangers, Appartement E4-8, 2063 La Nouvelle Medina 3


Anyone who registers on the platform agrees that:

They have read these General Conditions and accepted them;

They consent to the use of the information entered by her on the platform in accordance with the Wander Captain Privacy Policy;

They are over 18 years old, and

They accept financial responsibility for paying for her reservation.



The Customer makes the reservation on the platform and obtains immediate or deferred confirmation of his reservation.

The Customer must inform themselves of the Host's internal regulations visible in their announcement on the platform.


Except in cases of force majeure forcing the host/seller to interrupt the availability of their product after confirmation of the reservation, they must fully reimburse the Customer. Force majeure means any unforeseeable event making the performance of the obligation impossible, such as popular revolutions, floods and other similar events.



The Customer pays for their reservation by debit/credit card via our platform. All service fees other than reservation fees will be listed on the platform and the customer must pay them directly on the site.

The Host may choose to set up a deposit system. The deposit is an optional financial security deposit, set by the Host, which the Client pays to the platform, to protect the Host's property. This non-interest bearing sum will be refunded to the Client at the end of their stay except in the event of a complaint.


Full pre-payment of the reservation amount may be required at the time of booking.


If full payment is not made on time, the Host or the Seller, as the case may be, is entitled to assume that the Customer wishes to cancel their reservation. In this case, the Host or Seller will be entitled to retain all amounts paid or due on this date and the Customer will have to pay the cancellation fees which will have been indicated to them at the time of booking.



Modifications by the Customer

In the event that the Customer wishes to make changes to their confirmed reservation, they must follow the procedure appearing in their reservation confirmation. Please note that not all modifications can be accommodated. When a modification can be made, any additional costs will be the responsibility of the Customer.


Cancellation by the Customer

In the event that the Customer wishes to cancel his reservation once it has been confirmed, he must follow the procedure appearing in his reservation confirmation.

Please note that some reservations are non-refundable in the event of cancellation of a reservation already confirmed.


Reduction of stay

If the Client decides to leave before the scheduled departure date, the cost of the remainder of the booked stay will not be refunded.


Content of Publications

Publications consist of:

  • Photos of the listing
  • A summary describing the listing
  • The price of the product
  • The host's house rules
  • Availability of the activity or accommodation
  • Location of the activity or accommodation
  • Customer reviews, who can transparently add their opinions on the offer

WildyNess will filter reviews that do not respect common decency (insults, abuse, etc.)

WildyNess can remove content that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, after being reported by a user or after verification by the technical teams in charge of the platform.


In the event that no complaint has been made to WildyNess within the first 24 hours following the start date of the accommodation stay, the payment will be due and no refund of the stay fees can be made.

In the event that no complaint has been made to WildyNess within the first two hours following the start of the activity and the Client has benefited from the activity, the payment for the activity will be due in full.

If a complaint has been filed within the deadlines set above, WildyNess will block the return of the deposit to the visitor, and will subsequently give part or all of the deposit to the Host.

Customer and host complaints can be sent to customer@wildyness.com no later than 24 hours after the end date of the stay for accommodation and 2 hours after the start of the activity. If the deadline for filing the complaint is not respected, the complaint will be automatically rejected.


The Host is covered by multi-risk insurance which covers fire insurance and public liability insurance. Hosts, of all categories, must comply with insurance rules in accordance with the texts applicable to them. The Seller must take out public liability insurance.

Protection of Personal Data

The information communicated by the host/seller and the Client on the platform is necessary to complete the reservations and respond to the various requests.

Wander Captain will strictly comply with Organic Law number 63 dated July 27, 2004 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Wander Captain will not process or collect, within the meaning of said Law, any information transmitted to it by the Client.

Miscellaneous Provisions

If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are declared null or inapplicable pursuant to a law, regulation or following a final court decision, it will be deemed unwritten and the other provisions will remain in effect.