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Are you planning to visit Tunisia and feeling overwhelmed about where to start and what to visit? Are you thinking if you need to rent a car or shift to the adventurous mode?


Planning an itinerary in such a diverse country that combines wild mountains, crystal-blue coast and endless desert can be challenging sometimes. One of the reasons behind is that you need to know how long you should stay in each region and what are the best activities to do there.


We have your back! We are a young team of travel experts in Tunisia and we offer tailored and customized itineraries in the country, that are based on your personal preferences and your style of travel.


Reach out to us using the contact form below and we'll help you plan the ultimate itinerary for Tunisia!


Meet our Travel Experts

Ach & Rym, the Travel Experts

Ach & Rym, the Travel Experts

True lovers of their home country, Ach and Rym have traveled to almost every corner in Tunisia. They master the hidden gems of every region, and they have personally experienced all the activities published on our website. They are the right people to ask.

Sadok, the Trip Designer

Sadok, the Trip Designer

As a trip coordinator and designer, Sadok took part of several itineraries in Tunisia with our travelers. He personally knows all of our local guides in the region and makes sure you are in good hands. He will be more than happy to assist you, before, during and after your stay!

Meriem, the Travel Writer

Meriem, the Travel Writer

She is the creative travel writer behind WildyNess and will make sure to share with you the right blog post if you are looking for inspiration about things to do in Tunisia. Whether you need guidance driving in Tunisia or will be using public transportation, she got it all!

Helpful Questions

  How Can I Reach out to You?

Just fill in the contact form below, and we'll make sure to come back to you within 24 hours.

  How Can I Make Sure to Get the Best Itinerary Suggestion?

We usually plan a video call together during which we understand your preferences, travel style and wishes. Then we'll make sure to suggest you the best stops according to your needs.

  How Can I Stay in Touch with You During my Itinerary in Tunisia?

We create a WhatsApp group where we'll be in touch permanently. Another option is that one of our trip coordinators or drivers go with you during the itinerary. In all cases, you will be welcomed by one of our local guides at each stop of your trip.

  Plans Have Changed during my Itinerary, What to Do?

Whether it is weather conditions or something else, we always need to be prepared for unexpected incidents. Don't worry, we got your back with our Plan B (We always have one)






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