Welcome to Tunisia, a land of captivating history, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality! We, the Wildyness Team, are excited to be your trusted local guides as we lead you on an unforgettable journey through our beautiful country. With a deep passion for tourism and an intimate knowledge of Tunisia's hidden gems, we've crafted a one-of-a-kind travel itinerary that goes beyond the ordinary. Our goal is to provide you with an authentic and immersive experience, showcasing the rich culture, natural wonders, and unique adventures that Tunisia has to offer. 


Join us as we unlock the secrets of our beloved homeland, ensuring your trip is filled with memorable moments and meaningful encounters. Let's embark on this extraordinary adventure together, where the heart of Tunisia beats in harmony with your exploration. 



Reasons That Will Make You Want to Visit Tunisia


Looking for extra reasons to include Tunisia in your bucket list? We gathered some of the reasons that we think will push you forward with your decision. As locals, we may have you may think that our opinion is biased. But, trust us, as professionals in the tourism sector and avid travelers, we always make sure our opinion is in check. 


Amazigh Culture, Celebrating the Indigenous people’s heritage


The largest population of Amazigh people resides in North Africa, primarily in countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mali. Morocco and Algeria, in particular, have significant Amazigh populations. Being in Tunisia gives you the opportunity to explore this captivating world of indigenous heritage that spans centuries. 


amazigh villages tunisia


Nestled within the country's stunning landscapes, Amazigh villages offer travelers a unique and enriching experience. These villages are a living testament to the resilience and cultural richness of the Amazigh people, also known as Berbers. 


A visit to these villages provides an opportunity to connect with a deeply rooted way of life, characterized by traditions, crafts, and a strong sense of community. From the captivating blue-washed buildings of Chenini to the charming terraced village of Zriba Olia, each village carries its own stories etched into its architecture and daily rituals.


Travelers can engage with locals, savor authentic cuisine, and witness artisanal crafts firsthand. The Amazigh villages beckon travelers seeking an immersive encounter with Tunisia's indigenous culture, offering a rare chance to witness customs and practices that have endured for generations.


Tunisia is a unique destination in the Middle East and Africa 


Think of Tunisia as a miniature of the whole region, be it the MENA region or Africa. While the Mediterranean country stands out with its unique blend of cultures, historical influences, and geographical features, it doesn’t fail to give you a glimpse of what you can find elsewhere. Read: Amazing beaches, Roman and Phoenician influences, Amazigh Villages and the culinary blend of Mediterranean and North African cuisines. 


reasons to visit tunisia


With more relaxed vibes than any country in the region, the urban space of Tunisia is characterized with blatant openness, free space and clear historical influences on architecture. This blend guarantees a smoother navigation of Tunis, the capital, as well as other regions. 


Marked by the influences of various civilizations, including Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Ottoman, and French, the diversity of Tunisia is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and traditions, creating a cultural fusion that is distinct from neighboring countries.


If you want to get a glimpse of what you can find elsewhere, Tunisia is the great destination to get a bit of everything in one destination. 


Tunisia, Great Destination for Movie Buffs


Beyond its landscapes, Tunisia is a great destination for movie buffs, as it hosted Star Wars and Indiana Jones filming. The troglodyte dwellings in Matmata became Luke Skywalker's home, while Ksar Ouled Soltane turned into Anakin's slave quarters. Kairouan's Great Mosque wove cinematic history into "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Markets of Tozeur, Ajim's coast, and Kairouan's medina echo with film memories. 


movie locations tunisia


Tunisia blends film grandeur with tangible history, offering cinephiles and travelers a unique adventure. This convergence of reel and real makes Tunisia a captivating must-visit, bridging the gap between fiction and its rich heritage in an immersive cinematic journey.



Tunisia, The Mediterranean vibes with a Unique touch 



Tunisia's magnetic appeal lies in its Mediterranean essence with its stunning beaches, generous people and unique architecture. The azure waters, golden sands and warm weather effortlessly build up the Mediterranean vibes everyone is craving for.  Along the coastline, charming towns like Hammamet, Sousse and Mahdia offer not only picturesque views but also a rich cultural experience. From relaxing on pristine beaches to savoring delectable coastal cuisine, Tunisia's coastal allure lets you unwind in a Mediterranean haven


med islands tunisia


Whether strolling through the blue-and-white souks or soaking in the gentle sunrays, Tunisia's beaches infuses an irresistible atmosphere that doesn’t fail to make travelers fall for  the quintessential Mediterranean escape.



How to Get around Tunisia


As far as transportation is concerned, many options are available to help you get around smoothly and efficiently. 


Here are the main means of transportation: 


Domestic flights


Efficiently connect major cities like Tunis, Djerba, and Monastir. Ideal for saving time on longer journeys. We would highly recommend opting for a flight if you are going to navigate different parts of the country. It can be more comfortable for travelers who want to do many things in a restricted time frame. 


Long-distance Train


The national railway network links key destinations. Slower and less comfortable than other options, it can be a good option for up to 4 hour trips. Tickets are only available at the station. You need to book before one day to guarantee your spot. The main train station is Barcelone Station in the heart of the downtown. 




Shared taxis operate fixed routes, cost-effective for intercity travel. They're a These minivans offer a convenient alternative to buses and trains. Booking ahead is essential. Louages operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You must arrive early, purchase your ticket, and wait until the van is full. Blue louages serve nearby areas, while white ones with red bands are for longer trips. Louage stations are widespread, including major ones in Tunis: Beb Alioua (Hammamet, Nabeul, etc.), Beb Saadoun (Bizerte, Tabarka, etc.), and Moncef Bey (Sousse, Sfax, Djerba, etc.).


get around tunisia streets



A network of buses covers various routes, offering affordable options for both urban and rural travel. Comfort levels may vary.




Taxis include city cabs and shared ones.City cabs are way less expensive in Tunisia. The golden rule is to always make sure the meter is operating to avoid any scam. You may want to use Uber-like apps if you feel more comfortable with that. Bolt, Indrive and Yassir are the most used apps in Tunis. Good to note: Apps don’t cover regions outside Tunis. 




Renting a car provides flexibility, great for exploring remote areas and venturing off the beaten track. For road trip enthusiasts, renting a car seems to be the most convenient way to navigate the country. If you doubt being able to drive in a North African country, we have already compiled a complete guide on driving in Tunisia to make your journey in Tunisia as smooth as possible. 


Choose your mode based on convenience, budget, and travel preferences to fully experience Tunisia's diverse landscapes and culture.


Tunisia Itinerary Highlights


Whenever a new destination start to hover your mind, we bet you start dreaming of those mesmerizing destinations you should not miss and those insightful activities that will keep your heart racing. When it comes to Tunisia, there are some incredible ideas that we, as locals, can recommend, so you can start compiling your checklist and get excited about ticking off some items later on. 




These highlights can help you spice out your itinerary, if ever you want to introduce some changes in the 10-day Tunisia itinerary below. 


It was not easy to pick only 10 highlights for travelers to get most of Tunisia  during their trip, but we invested much time and brainstorming to make it as varied and interesting as possible. So, here are the 10 destinations we think you should be visiting while in Tunisia. 


Chott el Jerid:


This vast salt flat offers an otherworldly landscape, especially during sunrise and sunset, when the salt formations create mesmerizing patterns against the sky.


Mos Espa


You just cannot miss Star Wars filming locations while being in Tunisia. This is one of the most exciting highlight to tick off. Being on this surreal location that once served as a filming set for Star Wars crew is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Chennini & Douiret


Explore the underground troglodyte dwellings that were once home to the Amazigh community. These unique cave-like structures provide insight into the traditional way of life in this region.


Ksar Ouled Soltane


This granary fortress in Tataouine is an architectural marvel with its tiered structure. It's a great opportunity to learn about the historical agricultural practices of the region.


Zriba Olia


 A scenic village known for its terraced gardens and ancient water management systems, Zriba Olia will guarantee an immersive experience out of time and place.  It's a tranquil escape surrounded by nature.




Testour has one of the few remaining blatant Andalusian influences. Along with  its unique architecture, rich history and yummy cheese,  you can visit the peculiar clock tower whose hands move in the opposite direction of a conventional clock.




For all history buffs, amphitheaters have their own charming vibes. Include this colossal Roman amphitheater, referred to as the "best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa”.  Dougga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning Roman ruins in a picturesque setting.


Bouhedma National Park


A haven for some of rare species, this UNESCO-listed park boasts diverse ecosystems, peculiar fauna and flora, and a new dimension of wildlife. A great destination for nature enthusiasts and hikers.


chebika oasis tunisia


Chébika Oasis


A hidden gem, this oasis is tucked away in a canyon and offers a serene and refreshing escape from the desert heat. The lush greenery against the desert backdrop is breathtaking.


Kerkennah Islands


These offshore islands provide a quieter and more relaxed coastal experience compared to the bustling mainland. Here, you can enjoy pristine beaches, fishing villages, and a slower pace of life.



10 Days in Tunisia Itinerary


Day 1: Arrival in Tunisia and Exploring La Medina, Tunis


You've just arrived in Tunisia! After exiting the airport, you can either arrange for a taxi to get to La Medina, the historic heart of Tunis. The drive should take around 15-20 minutes.

highlights tunisia


Upon reaching La Medina, check-in at your chosen guesthouse. La Medina offers a range of accommodation options, from traditional guest houses (dar) to boutique hotels. Choose a guesthouse that suits your preferences and budget. After check-in, take some time to rest and freshen up. Traveling can be exhausting, and it's essential to recharge for your exploration of La Medina.


Medina tunis


La Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its narrow winding streets, historic architecture, and vibrant culture. It's the perfect place to begin your Tunisian adventure. Start by strolling through the labyrinthine alleyways. Each turn may reveal hidden gems, from traditional souks (markets) selling handicrafts and spices to beautiful mosques and palaces. Be sure to visit some of the key attractions like the Zitouna Mosque. Don't forget to admire the ornate doorways and colorful tiles that adorn the buildings.


As you explore, you'll likely come across local cafes and street food vendors. Consider trying some traditional Tunisian cuisine, such as brik (a deep-fried pastry filled with egg and tuna), or enjoy a cup of mint tea. Continue to wander and soak in the ambiance of La Medina. The area is also known for its artisan workshops, so you might want to shop for local crafts and souvenirs.


For dinner, you can choose from a variety of dining options in La Medina. Some guesthouses offer traditional Tunisian meals, or you can venture out to try a local restaurant. After dinner, consider taking a leisurely evening stroll through La Medina again. The atmosphere changes after dark, with some streets illuminated and bustling with activity.


End your day by returning to your guesthouse for a good night's sleep, as you'll need to be well-rested for more adventures in Tunisia on Day 2.


This first day in Tunisia allows you to ease into your journey and get a taste of the rich history and culture that La Medina has to offer. Enjoy your stay and get ready for more exciting experiences in the days to come!



Day 2: Tunis, Carthage, and Sidi Bou Said


Explore the ancient ruins of Carthage, once a powerful civilization. Afterward, visit the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Said, characterized by its blue and white buildings. Enjoy panoramic views of the sea and indulge in local cafes.

"idi Bousaid is full of picture-friendly spots. Get lost in the narrow streets, capturing moments for your personalized photo diary, and take your time to have great shots.


carthage tunisia itinerary


How can you come to Tunisia and miss visiting the ancient ruins of Carthage? It would feel magical to have a Carthage tour as your first tour in the country. Think of it as starting a book from the very first interlude. 


From the Carthage Archaeological Park to the Roman ruins, Roman villas and Byrsa Hill, every turn is so drenched in history that you feel like peeling off one layer of history one at a time. We have a complete guide to explore Carthage if you want not to miss any stop to delve deeper in this city that once served as one of the most important trading city. 



How to Get to Carthage? 


Getting to Carthage should not be that hard. If you’re an independent traveler, and you prefer finding your way to there, opt for the train (aka TGM) as it is very convenient… and cheap. Tickets from Tunis to La Marsa cost 0.5 TND off summer. Dotted with many stops to different regions in Carthage, you can choose whatever stop is closer to your first point of itinerary.  Once you’re done with visiting Carthage, you can walk to Sidi Bousaid. It should not take more than 30 minutes. Or, you can use the train to go there. It should be two or three stations away. 


transportation to carthage


If you don’t want to use public transportation, city cabs are your best friends if you can handle talkative taxi drivers. 



Things to Do in Carthage 


Bike tour in Carthage 


What about blending historical exploration with an active adventure ? Pedal along the ancient paths and modern streets of Carthage, stopping at significant sites such as the Carthage Archaeological Park, Tophet's intriguing burial grounds, and the Roman villas adorned with intricate mosaics. With every stop comes captivating stories and bites from history. This dynamic tour caters to those who want to sprinkle their exploration with physical activity, offering an immersive encounter with Carthage's storied past while enjoying the outdoors in a fresh and engaging way.



Book a Guided tour in Carthage 


If you want to avoid the hassle of figuring it all yourself, a guided tour can be a geat idea. The guided tour adds layers of insight, offering context to the architectural marvels and historical significance of each site. Engaging anecdotes and expert perspectives transform the stones into living testimonies, making the ancient city's legacy come alive with every step.


Book your tour in Carthage Now


Sidi Bousaid 


Now, it’s time to explore one of the most touristy destinations in Tunisia, The white and blue city. Trust us, its popularity comes with a valid reason. It’s incredibly mesmerizing and unique. We highly recommend strolling around and get your instinct and heart guide you. There are many hidden lanes where you can find hidden spots. 


sidi bousaid tunisia itinerary


Sidi Bou Said invites you to a blue and white haven by the Mediterranean. Stroll cobblestone streets, savor mint tea at Café de Délices, and visit the Dar Annabi for cultural immersion. Explore art galleries, shop for handicrafts, and spoil your taste buds with a hot Bambalouni. 

Sunsets in Sidi Bousaid are worth the try, with cliffside walks and moonlit Mediterranean serenity.


Things to do in Sidi Bousaid  


Carthage & Sidi Bousaid gateway


WildyNess offers a 100% owned tour in Banlieue Nord of Tunisia. The tour includes the most famous and worth visiting monuments of Carthage and Sidi Bousaid. In less than 8 hours, you will be able to get the most of your visit and explore the city as a local. 


Book your getaway now


Where to Stay in Tunis? 


Staying in the Medina of Tunis is a great choice for a more immersive and authentic experience. The Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers a unique glimpse into the rich history and culture of the city. We recommend two guesthouses in La Medina: Dar Belgacem and Dar Ya.


Dar Belgacem


Dar Belgacem is located in the heart of the Medina, making it convenient for exploring the historic district and its attractions. It's a traditional Tunisian guesthouse with beautifully decorated rooms that provide a cozy and authentic ambiance. You can expect traditional Tunisian architecture, courtyards, and a peaceful atmosphere. Some rooms may have balconies or terraces with lovely views.


dar ben gacem medina


Dar Ya:


Dar Ya Medina Tunis accomodation


Dar Ya is another charming guesthouse located within the Medina, offering easy access to the Medina's narrow streets and historic sites. It's a beautifully restored traditional house with comfortable rooms featuring Tunisian decor and architecture. You can enjoy a traditional breakfast in the courtyard.


Day 3: Bulla Regia, Dougga, and Testour


Located in northwestern Tunisia's Jendouba governorate, Bulla Regia is a remarkably preserved Roman site known for its unique architecture. Initially a Berber settlement, it transitioned into a Punic town under Carthaginian control during the 3rd century BC. Notably, Bulla Regia's architectural distinction lies in its partially subterranean design, with underground rooms featuring well-preserved mosaics and frescoes. 


bulla regia


Today, it's a captivating archaeological site, offering a glimpse into the layered history of North Africa, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and travelers interested in ancient civilizations.


Afterward, you'll head towards Dougga, which is situated just over an hour's drive away. Upon arriving in this historic town, you may want to get your belly full after before your next venture. 


Dougga, often considered the most magnificent Roman site in Africa, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Its exceptionally well-preserved ancient ruins offer a captivating insight into the opulent lifestyle of Romans. You can explore a diverse range of structures, including bathhouses, the grand Capitole, a 3500-seat theater, and numerous temples.  Dougga stands as a testament to the rich history and architectural prowess of this Roman city.


dougga archeological site tunisia


Back to the road for a 50-minute ride to Testour, the charming northern Tunisian town for an extra dose of of history and culture. Explore the Andalusian Great Mosque, admired for its stunning architecture, and wander through the winding streets of the medina, with its traditional shops and markets.


The iconic Clock Tower stands as a symbol of the town. Savor local Tunisian cuisine at quaint restaurants, and discover Testour's Andalusian heritage at the Andalusian House museum. For nature enthusiasts, the surrounding countryside offers hiking opportunities. Testour promises a delightful mix of history, culture, and natural beauty for travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.


Testour tunisia itinerary


How to Get there? 


Unfortunately, this tour of three different regions is not doable by public transportation. As you are going to explore remote locations and off-the-beaten-track cities, you may opt for one of these options: 


Private Car Rental


Renting a car is a convenient and flexible way to visit these sites. You can explore at your own pace, make stops along the way, and easily access remote locations. Just be sure to have a valid international driver's license, and consider hiring a local guide for a more informative experience.




You can hire a taxi for a day or for each leg of your journey. Negotiate a fare in advance and confirm that the driver is familiar with the routes to Dougga, Bulla Regia, and Testour. Taxis offer personalized service and the advantage of local knowledge.


Guided Tours


Many tour operators in Tunisia offer guided tours that cover these archaeological sites. This option can be convenient as transportation is often included, and you'll have an experienced guide to provide historical context and insights.


Things to Do in this Day


A Guided Tour in Testour 


Discover Testour, a hidden gem blending Andalusian culture and heritage in Tunisia. Explore Moorish architecture, stroll through the Old Town's diverse neighborhoods, and visit the house of Tunisian icon Habiba Msika. Enjoy a traditional lunch with unique dishes and end your day at Tunisia's largest dam, Sidi Salem, surrounded by serene landscapes. Ideal for history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and off-the-beaten-track explorers supporting local communities.


Book Your Tour in Testour


Hire a Local Guide Tour for Bulla Regia, Dougga


Enhance your Bulla Regia and Dougga experience with a knowledgeable local guide. Gain deep insights into the rich history and architecture of these ancient Roman sites. Uncover hidden stories and cultural nuances while exploring the well-preserved ruins. A local guide adds depth and context to your visit, making it truly memorable.


bulla regia


Where to Stay? 


Your choice largely depends on your travel arrangements. If you're on a guided tour, consider spending your third night in Tunis for convenience.


If you've rented a car, we recommend continuing to Kairouan from Testour or returning to Tunis, where you can stay at one of the mentioned guesthouses.


If you're exploring independently, you can stay in Testour. Options are limited, so book Verger Des Montagnes in advance or stay at Camping Testour.


Day 4: Kairouan


Whether you heard of Kairouan in the TV reality show 90 Day Fiancé or not,  trust us the series captured nothing authentic in the town.  


Kairouan tunisia itinerary


Established in 670 AD, Kairouan, once the capital of Tunisia in the 12th Century, now stands as one of the most esteemed cities in the Islamic world. It holds a sacred place in Islam's history, being the inaugural capital of the Islamic Maghreb. Kairouan's Medina, with its captivating allure and unique architecture, captivates every visitor.


The city's landscape is adorned with tomb domes, creating an atmosphere of sanctity that defines Kairouan. Beyond its religious significance, Kairouan serves as a living testament to a glorious era in Islamic history.


Among the revered sanctuaries is the charming Sidi Sahbi, surrounded by inviting courtyards and adorned with vibrant porcelain. Kairouan is not just a place of worship; it's a place to connect with history.


Kairouan is also celebrated for its rich handicraft tradition, boasting a bustling souk where you can discover exquisite carpets like mergoum and klims, alongside traditional clothing such as the distinctive hayek, used for crafting dresses and blankets.


Kairouan tunisia itinerary


Notably, Kairouan's Medina doubled as a captivating backdrop for Indiana Jones scenes, due to its striking resemblance to Cairo. The city's cinematic appeal only adds to its allure, making Kairouan a must-visit destination for those eager to explore Tunisia's cultural and historical treasures.


Things to do in Kairouan


Treasure Hunt in the Medina of Kairouan 


Embark on an exhilarating treasure hunt in Kairouan's enchanting Medina. Navigate labyrinthine alleys, discovering hidden gems amid centuries-old architecture. Solve riddles, uncover clues, and unearth cultural treasures, from intricate ceramics to antique souvenirs. Immerse yourself in history while seeking the ultimate Medina treasure, a journey both captivating and rewarding.


Guided tour in Kairouan 


Visit the Great Mosque of Kairouan with a local guide to gain insights about one of the oldest and most important in the Islamic world. Carry on your journey with an exploration of ancient water reservoirs, mainly Bir Barouta and Aghlabid Basins.  End your tour with Kafteji of Kairouan to relish your taste buds. 


Explore this ancient water reservoir, an engineering marvel that once provided water to the city. It's now a tranquil spot for reflection.


Kairouan mosque landmark


Where to Stay ? 


After a day of exploration, it's time to unwind and rejuvenate. For a memorable stay in Kairouan, we recommend two accommodation options. The first is Hotel La Kasbah Kairouan, a charming boutique hotel offering an authentic experience in the heart of the Medina. With comfortable rooms, a rooftop terrace boasting panoramic city views, and a restaurant serving delectable local cuisine, it's an ideal choice for immersive stays.


For a more traditional atmosphere, consider Dar Hassine Allani, a charming guesthouse nestled within the Medina. This option features well-appointed rooms adorned with traditional decor, a tranquil courtyard, and a genuinely warm and inviting ambiance. Staying here allows you to fully immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Kairouan's historic district.



Day 5: Sousse and El Jem



El Jem is a captivating destination in Tunisia, renowned for its breathtaking Roman amphitheater. This colossal structure, often referred to as the "Roman Colosseum of North Africa," is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can explore the remarkably preserved amphitheater, which once hosted thrilling gladiator battles and grand spectacles.


El Jem Tunisia highlight cities


Aside from marveling at this ancient wonder, you can visit the El Jem Archaeological Museum to delve deeper into the city's rich history. Stroll through the charming streets of El Jem, soaking in the ambiance of a quaint Tunisian town.


Don't miss the opportunity to experience traditional Tunisian cuisine at local restaurants and cafes. El Jem offers a relaxed and authentic atmosphere, making it an ideal place to savor local flavors and hospitality. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a lover of cultural experiences, El Jem promises a memorable journey into Tunisia's past and present.


After exploring the Jem, you may want to sit in one of the near restaurants and try one of the local dishes they offer. 


el jem landscape


Now that you’ve replenished your energy, time to head to Sousse, a coastal gem in Tunisia. You’re invited to another layer of history and culture and to another side of the country with all its sun-soaked beaches. The city boasts a charming Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can wander through narrow lanes, explore vibrant markets, and admire centuries-old architecture.


For history buffs, the Ribat of Sousse, a medieval fortress and watchtower, offers panoramic views and a glimpse into Tunisia's past. The Archaeological Museum houses an impressive collection of Roman mosaics and artifacts.


sousse tunisia itinerary


When it's time to relax, Sousse's sandy beaches beckon. Enjoy water sports, soak up the Mediterranean sun, or take a refreshing dip. The city's bustling promenade, the Boujaafar Beach Boulevard, is lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops.


Sousse's vibrant nightlife comes alive with beachside bars and clubs, making it a hub for evening entertainment. For a taste of local cuisine, savor fresh seafood and Tunisian delicacies at seaside eateries.


In Sousse, you'll find a perfect balance of historical intrigue, seaside relaxation, and lively nightlife, making it a captivating destination for tourists.



Things to do in Sousse 


Guided Tour in Jem


Explore Jem's ancient wonders on a guided tour. Marvel at the colossal Roman amphitheater, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where gladiators once battled. Immerse yourself in history at the Archaeological Museum, showcasing Roman artifacts. Wander through the charming Medina's narrow streets, discovering vibrant markets and centuries-old architecture. 


sousse street


How to Get there? 


From Kairouan to El Jem, you can find a louage if you don’t have a car. The distance between Kairouan and El Jem is approximately 70 kilometers (about 43 miles). The journey by car typically takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.


Once you’re in Jem and you are not renting a car, train is available from El Jem to Sousse. 


Where to Stay? 


If you're looking for an affordable and well-located option in Sousse, Hotel Paris fits the bill. Situated near the beach, this budget-friendly hotel offers a range of comfortable rooms at wallet-friendly rates. While it may not provide luxury amenities, it compensates with its convenient location, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to explore Sousse without breaking the bank. Enjoy easy access to the beach, local markets, and nearby attractions while keeping your accommodation costs in check at Hotel Paris.


If you want to upgrade your experience, Dar Antonia offers a unique and authentic Tunisian experience. Nestled within the charming Medina of Sousse, this boutique guesthouse exudes traditional Tunisian charm with its intricately designed interiors, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Guests can choose from beautifully adorned rooms and suites, each offering a glimpse into the city's rich history.


Day 6: Mahdia


Begin your exploration of Mahdia's history and culture at Skifa el Kahla, known as the Black Gate. This impressive limestone gate, built during the 10th century, provides a glimpse into the city's medieval architecture and past. Admire its grandeur and take in the panoramic coastal views nearby.


Next, time to visit the Grande Mosquée, an iconic religious site dating back to the 10th century. Its intricately designed prayer halls and serene courtyard allow you to immerse yourself in Mahdia's spiritual heritage. To make your exploration more history-loaded, visit the Musée de Mahdia. You will have the chance to scrutinize the diverse collection of artifacts, including Roman relics and maritime history exhibits. 


mahdia tunisia itinerary


Bordj el Kbir, an impressive 10th-century tower symbolizing Mahdia's history and artisanal heritage, is one the not-to-be-missed attractions. Here you can witness the vibrant marketplace, showcasing traditional silk and jewelry crafted by local artisans.


After a lot of walking, time to take it slowly and relax in the charming atmosphere of Place du Caire, nestled in Mahdia's medina. Enjoy coffee at open-air cafés while admiring the historic architecture and the nearby Mustapha Hamza mosque.


mahdia port


In the second part of the day, you may want to change the landscape and explore the coastal side of Tunisia. The Port La Mahdia, where you can step back in time to the Fatimid port's bustling days, is a great introduction. You can stroll along the quays, visit the lively fish market, and soak in the coastal ambiance.


Near to the port, you can visit the Cimetière marin de Mahdia, a serene marine cemetery overlooking the sea. Reflect on Mahdia's maritime history amidst the white graves and ancient Phoenician port remnants.



Things to Do in Mahdia


Guided tour in Mahdia 


Explore Mahdia stress-free with a guided tour. Let expert local guides lead you through historical sites like Skifa el Kahla, the Grande Mosquée, and Port La Mahdia. Immerse yourself in culture and history, leaving the planning to experienced hands.


Book your Tour Now


How to Get There? 


The distance between Sousse and Mahdia is approximately 76 kilometers (about 47 miles).The journey by car typically takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. You can drive from Sousse to Mahdia by taking the A1 highway (also known as the Tunis-Sfax highway), which connects these two cities. The road is well-maintained and easy to navigate.


Louages from Sousse to Mahdia are also available.


mahdia guided tour


Where to Stay? 


Before heading to the Sahara, enjoy a night in Mahdia to replenish your energy and embrace yourself to the southern part of Tunisia. At Dar Evelyne, you can experience the warmth of traditional Tunisian hospitality at Dar Evelyne whose.adorned rooms and a tranquil inner courtyard provide an immersive cultural experience. 


If you’re looking for a hotel experience, you can check Hotel Mahdia Palace Thalasso. Situated between the sea and lush gardens, this beachfront hotel offers a serene retreat with its thalassotherapy spa, fitness center, and outdoor pools. 



Day 7: Chott Djerid to Tozeur Sahara


Embark on a surreal journey to Chott Djerid, a vast salt flat. Continue to Tozeur, the gateway to the Sahara Desert. Experience a desert sunset and stay in a traditional desert oasis.


chott djerid tunisia


We're now on Day 8 of our amazing adventure through Tunisia, and today is all about experiencing the unique wonders of the southern part of the country. We bet you’re excited to visit the sahara and ponder over the dunes. 


Your journey to the sahara starts with numerous mesmerizing landscapes. You will notice how the views changes and the aridity of the region starts to pop up. Chott Jerid, a large endorheic salt lake,  provides an otherworldly scenery that is often referred to by visitors as  breathtaking and surreal.


Here you can stop, walk a bit there contemplating the salt overstretching to the horizons and take memorable photos. 


6 km away of Chott Djerid, Tozeur lies with its oasis and peculiar vibes. Famous for its date palms and lush gardens, you will be amazed by the stark contrast all the blend of the sceneries create. 


south tunisia itinerary


In la Medina of Tozeur, you can wander through its narrow alleyways and  shop for local handicrafts, spices, and traditional goods. It's a fantastic place to soak in the local culture. You will also notice many differences between Medina of Tunis and the one of Tozeur. This difference primarily stems from the diversity of savoir-faire and the cultural influences each region has across the country. 


Before spending hours in the sahara, you should absolutely visit and stroll through the oasis. You can opt for a bike tour there or a walk. It would feel idyllic to be in the middle of palm trees and clear springs after witnessing the surreal Chott Jerid. 


As the day winds down, get ready for an unforgettable night in the Sahara Desert. We'll head to a comfortable desert camp where you'll have the chance to enjoy a traditional Tunisian dinner under the starry sky. The experience of sleeping in a desert camp, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Sahara, is something you'll cherish forever.


mos espa tunisia filming sites


Opting for a night in the desert of Tunisia is highly recommended at this stage. This way you will have ample time to explore Mos Espa, the Star Wars filming location, and spend the night in Ong Jemel, literally translated into camel’s neck due to its shape. 


You can opt for having dinner in the Sahara and then go back to Tozeur to spend the night or laying back after spoiling your taste buds enjoying a night with bedouins for a pure cultural immersion. 


Conclude your time in the Sahara with a breathtaking Sahara sunrise.



Things to Do in Tozeur & the Sahara


Bike tour in Tozeur 


Explore the beauty of Tozeur on a thrilling bike tour. As you pedal through the charming streets of this oasis town, you'll witness its unique blend of modernity and tradition. The tour takes you through the iconic Tozeur Oasis, where thousands of palm trees sway in the breeze, offering shade and serenity. Marvel at the centuries-old irrigation systems that have sustained this lush paradise in the heart of the desert.


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Along the way, you'll encounter friendly locals and have the chance to sample delicious Tunisian cuisine. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a leisurely rider, this adventure allows you to immerse yourself in Tozeur's culture, history, and natural beauty, all while enjoying the freedom of the open road.


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Tozeur Oasis Tour 


Embark on a captivating journey through the Tozeur Oasis, a green jewel amidst the arid and unforgiving environment. Wander through a labyrinth of ancient palm groves, where each tree tells a story of time-honored traditions. Explore the intricate network of channels and wells that sustain this oasis, a testament to human ingenuity.


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Along the way, meet locals tending to their date palms and discover the oasis's rich biodiversity. You'll be enchanted by the peaceful serenity of this lush haven, and there will be plenty of opportunities to savor sweet, fresh dates. This oasis tour offers a glimpse into the harmony between nature and culture that characterizes life in Tozeur.


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Night in the Desert 


Prepare for an unforgettable night under the Saharan stars. As the sun dips below the horizon, you'll be transported to a desert camp that offers comfort in the midst of rugged beauty. Enjoy a traditional Tunisian dinner by the campfire, savoring the flavors of the region. The Sahara comes alive at night, and you'll have the chance to stargaze, witnessing constellations and the Milky Way in all their glory.


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Engage in lively conversations and music with locals, deepening your connection to the desert's rich culture. As night falls, retire to your cozy desert tent, cocooned in soft blankets, and let the tranquility of the desert lull you to sleep. Wake up to a Saharan sunrise, a breathtaking moment to conclude your enchanting night in the desert.


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Where to Stay? 


We highly recommend spending the night in a bedouin tent in the middle of Sahara. We firmly believe that this is an unmissable experience. 


However, people who don’t prefer spending the night in the desert can easily find accommodation in Tozeur if they book in advance. 


We highly recommend Dar Hi, an upscale boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the Nefta oasis. It has been at the forefront of initiatives promoting agricultural, cultural, and social advancements to rejuvenate the oasis. Dar Hi houses the "Palm Lab," where engineers, architects, and artists convene to explore optimal oasis conservation methods.



If you're seeking a budget-friendly option, consider Residence Le Ruisseau in Tozeur, located less than 4km from the Sahara Zoo. It provides a welcoming environment with scenic garden views and a spacious terrace. This is an excellent choice if you need proximity to the airport without stretching your accommodation budget to the limit.


Day 8: Ksar Ouled Soltane and Chenini


After a magical night in the desert, time to move as early as you can to fully enjoy your tour