It's a little-known fact that the planet Tatooine, one of the most iconic locations in the well-known Star Wars movies, owes its name to a real Tunisian city: Tataouine. This link transcends its whimsical meaning to be a clear testament to how the landscapes of Tunisia have shaped the very fabric of this beloved universe. The deserts of Tunisia did not merely serve as a backdrop for the adventures of Luke Skywalker and countless others; they were integral in bringing to life the galaxy far, far away, making the North African country a pilgrimage site for fans and a fascinating case study in how real-world locations can inspire and influence cinematic history.


Join us, the WildyNess team, as we embark on a Star Wars tour through Tunisia, where the lines are blurred between our Earth and the distant planets of a cherished cinematic universe beautifully. This is not just a journey through film history but a path walked by our favorite characters.



Tozeur and Nefta: The Heart of Tatooine


Nestled in the southwest of Tunisia, Tozeur and its neighboring town Nefta stand as the gateway to the fictional world of Tatooine. The deserts surrounding these towns, in good condition, are incredibly beautiful and worth the visit. Here, fans of the saga can create memorable moments while recalling every scene of their favorite show for the first time or the hundredth.


Mos Espa


The sprawling set of Mos Espa, constructed in the desert near Tozeur for The Phantom Menace, is among the most iconic Star Wars locations in Tunisia. This set represents the spaceport where Anakin Skywalker's journey begins, and it remains largely intact, so people from all over the world can visit it.


Every detail in the set construction, from the towering archways to the intricately decorated market stalls, gives the world of Star Wars a renewed life and offers a tangible journey in the cinematic universe that changed the whole industry. 


mos espa tunisia


Mos Espa is a photographer’s dream, with its unique architecture set against the backdrop of the Sahara. Capture photos of the set’s most recognizable structures, such as the home of Anakin Skywalker, and creative shots that blend the fantasy of Star Wars with the reality of the Tunisian desert. 


Sunrise and sunset offer particularly beautiful light for photography and create a serene yet surreal experience. 


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Ong Jemel (Camel’s Neck)


The rock formation known as Ong Jemel, or Camel's Neck, provided a striking backdrop for the Pod Race in The Phantom Menace. This place’s distinctive shape is visible from miles away, standing in the middle of the desert, that George Lucas transformed into the Tatooine desert.


ong jemel desert tunisia


Climbing to the top of Ong Jemel offers breathtaking views and a moment of solitude, where one can imagine the roar of Podracers echoing through the canyons below.


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Sidi Bouhlel (Star Wars Canyon)



Known as Star Wars Canyon, Sidi Bouhlel's rugged terrain featured in both the original Star Wars (A New Hope) and The Phantom Menace. This site, just a stone's throw from Nefta, is where R2-D2 trundles through the desert before being captured by Jawas, and where Obi-Wan Kenobi first encounters Luke Skywalker. It’s the  site where the legacy of the original trilogy and the vision of director George Lucas come alive, capturing the essence of adventure and isolation perfect for the Star Wars narrative.


bouhlel hike summit view



Tataouine: The Legacy of Luke Skywalker's Home


The town of Tataouine, though not a filming location itself, lent its name to Luke Skywalker's home planet and embodies the spirit of Star Wars. This area is dotted with several ksars (fortified granaries) that stand as silent witnesses to the saga's enduring legacy.



Ksar Ouled Soltane


This well-preserved granary served as a backdrop for Anakin Skywalker's hometown in The Phantom Menace. The four-story structure, with its Ghorfas (storage rooms) stacked atop each other, illustrates the ingenuity of Berber architecture and provides a glimpse into the harsh realities of life in Tatooine. Visitors can wander through the ksar's narrow corridors and climb its stairs to find stunning views of the surrounding countryside.


ksar ouled soltane


Ksar Hadada


Approximately 30 kilometers from Tataouine, Ksar Hadada's appearance in The Phantom Menace as part of the Slave Quarters Row in Mos Espa brings to life the early struggles of Anakin Skywalker. 


Ksar Hadada’s original function as a granary is evident in its unique architectural features, including the Ghorfas - storage rooms carved into the walls. Visitors can explore these rooms, gaining insight into the ingenious methods used by the Amazigh people to store grain and protect their supplies from the harsh desert conditions. 


ksar hadada filming location star wars


Also, the juxtaposition of the ancient granary against the fictional narrative of slavery and hope in the Star Wars universe adds depth to the visiting experience. 


Today, the ksar has been partially converted into a hotel, allowing fans to stay overnight and immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars. The ksar still didn’t open its door for accommodations, but the process of renovation has progressed incredibly. 


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Matmata is renowned for its captivating troglodyte dwellings, which provided the setting for the Lars homestead. Hotel Sidi Driss, in particular, embodies the heart of Star Wars lore in Tunisia. This location allows fans to immerse themselves in the world where Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and young Skywalker shared moments now iconic to the series. The town’s inhabitants have adapted to their environment in remarkable ways, and visitors can learn about these traditions and the history of troglodyte living through local guides and museums.


matmata star wars filming location


While in Matmata, sampling the local cuisine is a must. Traditional Amazigh dishes, often cooked in the unique conditions of the troglodyte homes, offer flavors that are as distinctive as the landscape. Dining in these ancient dwellings adds an unforgettable layer to the travel experience.




Hotel Sidi Driss



Hotel Sidi Driss, nestled in the unique Berber town of Matmata, is more than just a filming location; it's the heart of Star Wars lore in Tunisia. The hotel's structure, a traditional Berber troglodyte dwelling, was used to film interior scenes of Luke Skywalker's childhood home in multiple Star Wars episodes. The main courtyard, still adorned with the original set dressing, offers a palpable connection to the films, while a small museum adds depth to the visitor experience.


sidi driss hotel star wars


The hotel’s architecture—pit courtyards connected by underground tunnels—speaks volumes about the local culture and the ingenious adaptations of the Amazigh people to the harsh desert environment.


This hotel, which still operates today, has embraced its Star Wars heritage, decorating its walls with memorabilia and photos from the filming. Visitors can explore the underground rooms and courtyards that were once the setting for key scenes in the saga, offering a unique blend of Tunisian culture and cinematic history.


Medenine: A Hidden Gem in the Star Wars Universe


In the lesser-known regions of Medenine, locations like Ksar Hallouf and Ksar Medenine offer fans a deeper dive into the Star Wars universe. These sites, featuring cut scenes and hidden corners of Tatooine, enrich the narrative and showcase Tunisia's architectural marvels, such as underground homes.



Ksar Hallouf


Hidden in the heart of Medenine, Ksar Hallouf is a testament to the ingenuity of Berber architecture. This granary, with its series of Ghorfas carved into the hillside, provided the perfect backdrop for scenes set on the planet Tatooine. The labyrinthine corridors and storerooms of Ksar Hallouf echo the complexity and mystique of the Star Wars universe, making it a must-visit for fans seeking to uncover all aspects of the saga’s filming history.


ksar hallouf tunisia mednine


Ksar Medenine


Ksar Medenine is another jewel in the crown of Tunisia's Star Wars locations. Its appearance in the films as part of Tatooine brings to life the bustling markets and crowded alleyways of the Star Wars universe. The granary’s distinctive architecture, with its high walls and narrow doorways, provided an authentic setting that enhanced the visual storytelling of the saga.


ksar mednine


Today, Ksar Medenine stands as a bridge between the ancient world and the fantasy of Star Wars. Its Ghorfas, once used to store grain, now attract visitors from all over the world, drawn by the allure of walking in the footsteps of their favorite characters


Djerba: A Mosaic of Star Wars Memories



The island of Djerba hosts several locations used in Star Wars, including the home of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Return of the Jedi. These sites, often accompanied by a local guide, offer a mosaic of memories that blend the island's rich history with the lore of the films.



Abu Miswar Mosque


Though its role in the saga is minimal, the mosque's connection to George Lucas's location scouting adds an intriguing layer to the Star Wars narrative. Its serene location on the coast of Djerba island makes it a peaceful stop for fans tracing the saga's origins.


Abu Miswar mosque filming location Djerba



Home of Obi-Wan Kenobi 



This humble, yet iconic home of Obi-Wan Kenobi served as an influential location for Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. This quaint old fisherman's cottage, still serving the local community as a storage space, embodies the solitude and vigilance of Jedi Master Ben Kenobi during his exile. Today, the location blends the world of Star Wars with contemporary culture, the cottage features a distinctive mosaic by French urban artist Space Invader, portraying the legendary Obi-Wan as played by Alec Guinness. 


home of obi wan kenobi in djerba


This art piece not only pays tribute to the character and actor but also creates a unique point of interest that bridges pop culture and traditional living. For visitors, this site offers a poignant reflection on the saga's legacy, encapsulating the essence of Obi-Wan's humility and wisdom. 


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From the most famous locations to the lesser known one, Relive the World of Star Wars



Exploring Tunisia's Star Wars locations offers a journey through cinematic history, set against the backdrop of some of the world's most stunning landscapes. Each site, from the bustling streets of Ksar Mednine, to the serene deserts surrounding Ong Jemel, tells a story not just of a galaxy far, far away, but of a country rich in culture, history, and beauty. For fans of the saga, this pilgrimage is a chance to walk in the footsteps of their heroes, experiencing the magic of Star Wars in a way that only Tunisia can offer.