You haven't decided yet where you will sunbathe and enjoy the beach in Tunisia? For many comers, Tunisia is the dream destination to explore Mediterranean beaches. For Tunisians, beautiful beaches are a big source of pride.  

Thanks to the fresh air, the sea water, the sun and the beauty of the landscape, it is absolutely your go to getaway to purify your mind.

In this article, WildyNess team compiled a list of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia for you to enjoy your summer to the fullest. 


1- Melloula Beach  (Tabarka)


Tabarka is famous for the splendor of its beaches and the richness of its sea bed. Near to the Algerian border and only 7 km far from the city center of Tabarka, Melloula beach is a secluded beach set on the plateau overlooking the city.


Melloula Beach secluded tabarka
Credits: Akram Ayari


What we love the most about this beach is the variety of the activities you can emerge yourself in. You can simply enjoy the clear water and the beautiful view or go wild and scuba dive. It’s a great spot for scuba diving and an amazing opportunity to discover marine wealth.


Despite being secluded, there is a parking space not that far from your destination. You can securely park your car under surveillance of the parking staff. As we cannot get enough of Melloula beach, all we can promise you is memorable moments where your senses are satisfied with the fantastic ribbon of white sand  and the mesmerizing sunset.


2-  Sidi Mechreg Beach (Bizerte)


Located exactly between Nefza and Sejnane, Sidi Mechreg beach is your go-to beach if you’re staying in Tunis. To get to this fabulous beach, you have to cross the mountain for about 20 kilometers to go down to the village and the beach Sidi Mechreg. 


sidi mechreg beach tunisia hidden
Credits: Guide Voyage Tunisie


The landscape is breathtaking and worth the trip. To make things easier, you can resort to the services of Eco-rand, a reception and organization center. There, you can park your car and go discover the area. Indeed, the center offers a myriad of eco-friendly activities such as snorkeling, paddling, hiking and more. 

You can always opt for making your experience by yourself. Alone in the calm and tranquility of the sea, you deserve a moment of contemplation and quietness. The turquoise water, the smell of sea salt and the fine sand offer you an exceptional experience cut off from the world. 


3-  Ras Drek Beach (Haouaria)


From the port, a magnificent beach stretches southwards towards Kélibia. Its secluded location allows a fully-immersive experience and a cold swim in the scorching heat of August. 


ras drek beach bizerte
Crédits: Chams Douiri


When we think of a walk along the beach, we can instantly conjure up people on ads strolling on the golden sand and seeming away from the hectic world. This is exactly what you will be feeling like, but in a genuine way.


If you get hungry, and we bet you will after a few hours of swimming and sun tanning, head to the restaurant Le Pêcheur. It offers excellent fresh fish dishes of all tastes. What are you waiting for? Get organized and prepare your day quickly.



4- El Houichet Beach (between Tabarka & Bizerte)


A fabulous beach, the beach of El Haouichet is located in a lost corner where the water is transparent and clear. 

As it stretches over about 800 meters, this beach makes a perfect camping spot and a stunning natural beauty to contemplate over during sunrise.


 El Houichet Beach


Nearby, there is a tiny fishing port where you can shop fresh fish from the region for your barbecue. 


From Tunis the trip takes about 2 hours. You just have to take the green Bizerte road in the direction of Sejnane towards the village Houichet. 


5- Ain Ensara Beach (Bizerte)


Between Cape Angela and Cape Hmam lies an extraordinary beach, known as Ain Ensara. One of the most magnificent beaches in Tunisia. It is a perfect destination for those who want to go for a one day trip from Tunis. It is only 100 kilometers from Tunisia, and more precisely, 3 kilometers west of Cape Angela. 


Ain Ensara Beach


Whether you’re looking for a secluded beach or a wonderful and resplendent landscape, Ain Ensara has it all. 


6-  El Mnagaa Beach (Cap Bon)


Between Korbous and Port Prince, El Mnagaa beach lies. This beach is backed by Ras Fartas with Ras Fartas in the background. A magnificent location allows you to enjoy the calm, serenity and beauty of the turquoise sea.  El Mnagaa is a superb beach where you can have a relaxing place to set up camp.


El Mnagaa
Credits: Anis Turki


7- Rtiba Beach (Nabeul)


The beauty of the beach Rtiba teases you for a stroll to clear up your mind and reconnect with your inner peace. Located in the heart of the forest, this beach is one of the few beaches that have this combination.  This combination accounts for its exceptional charm and its magnificent setting. Here, you can do many things. No limit, whatsoever, on your wild soul; You can go fishing, diving, camping and hiking. 


Rtiba Beach Tunisia
Credits: Hichem Boudabous


If you’re a hiking freak, WildyNess team recommends a long hike of 9 km along the soft sand while enjoying a view of the island of Zembra on a generally calm and transparent sea. A true paradise on earth. 




8-  Zouaraa Beach (Tabarka)


Ranked among the most extensive beaches in the country, this magnificent dream beach promises a heavenly experience.  

A little further from the town of Tabarka, follow the road that leads to the airport and go around to the left. At the end of the runways, a small road leads you to Zouara. 

A secluded beach comes with its own world. Zouaraa offers an exceptional world full of tranquility, beauty, charm and originality. For a memorable day, think of a delicious grill by the sea in a friendly atmosphere.


 Zouaraa Beach (Tabarka)
Crédits: Lassaad Selmi



9- Salakta Beach(Mahdia)


Salakta Beach is a wonderful destination to escape from stress in an extraordinary landscape. The beach is not very crowded. Only a few locals can be found here. This exceptional character allows you to enjoy a serene experience. In the absolute calm, you can only hear the sound of the waves that form white foam. Salakta beach is an excellent escape from the rest of the world. 



An exceptional corner gives you a new breath to relax in an original and quiet landscape. 

Arriving at the city of Mahdia, take the road towards the south, following the coast. You will observe a blue and transparent water with fine sands. 


10-The Cove of Robinson (Korbous) 


Under the rays of the sun with the reflection of the sky on the transparent and clear water, Robinson's cove is the must for escapades in Tunisia. This fantastic beach comes with a breathtaking view of the mountain of Korbous. 



To get to this beach, follow the road to Korbous. Apart from the small boats and yachts, to reach the cove you can take small paths from the mountain to the beach. 

The walk takes about 20 minutes to see the stairs that lead you directly to the beach. Feel free at this point to take a few minutes to memorize this moment with a splendid photo of the breathtaking view. 


11- El Madfoun Beach (Hergla)


The virgin beach El Madfoun opens in the forest with beautiful dunes of fine white sand. The access to the beach is quite simple. There is a secure parking lot near the beach where you can put your car. Then you have to walk to the left along the coast to reach the beach, which is also accessible through the forest. 


El Madfoun Beach Hergla

It is one of the most resplendent beaches of Tunisia, with crystal clear water. On the other hand, you have to be careful when the sea is agitated, because the current can drag you. 


12- Cap Negro Beach (Nefza)


Going to Cap Negro beach is the certainty of spending an excellent day at the beach in total calm. At about ten kilometers from Nefza, this place is a real paradise. The access to the beach is not obvious. It is necessary to go beyond the 8 kilometers of track and to count approximately 3 hours of road since Tunis.


Cap Negro Tunisia


The road is a bit difficult and rocky, so plan to take a 4*4. But it is really worth it, because the paradise that awaits you after these 8 kilometers is really breathtaking.


13- Cap Hmem Beach (Bizerte)


25 kilometers north of Bizerte, Cap Hmem beach is a heavenly place with wonderful cliffs. For the amateurs, this pleasant destination allows you not only to swim in a deserted beach, but also encourages you to discover the underwater caves. 


Credits: Moujib Jouini


Among the interesting activities to do in Cap Hmem is camping. This extraordinarily beautiful place is excellent for camping with the intention of getting away from it all in unequal tranquility. 


14- Chebba Beach (Mahdia)


The beach of Chebba is located between Mahdia and Sfax. The softness and simplicity of this beach will convince you. You will also be surprised by the cleanliness of the beach of Chebba. You thus have an appointment with an absolute peace which will make good with the moral.


Chebba Beach Mahdia Tunisia


Do not hesitate to take a green tea with mint in the cafes of the corner. We also advise you to taste a particular and extremely appetizing couscous with fish of the region. For this, you can go to the restaurant Chez Naima, café restaurant les vagues or restaurant le Quai. 


15. Marsa Douiba Bizerte


A little-known beach with a panoramic view between the sea and the majestic mountains, just 500 meters on foot from the beach.


marsa dhouiba bizerte


This magnificent secluded beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bizerte coast. Between Dar El Jannah and Kef Abed lies Marsa Duiba and the beach of Dilwah, a tiny village. If you want to feel a bit lonely, this beach is already deserted.


Crystal-clear waters, fine sandy beaches, majestic landscapes, the beach is located between sea and mountains where you can discover two large rocks with a magnificent sunset and the sound of the waves.



A selection of the best hidden beaches in Tunisia


Clearly, vacations are great. But they can be more meaningful and good for the soul. There's nothing better than feeling the sea breeze caressing your face and the salt tickling your nose. Beach vacations have therapeutic properties and give us the opportunity to see things differently and more brightly. 

Most of us work in an office, under artificial lighting. That's a lot of time without fresh air. Beach vacations suck all the energy out of you. It allows you to disconnect from the rest of the world. What a treat! Plan your next vacations to one of our recommended destinations for a feeling of pure relaxation that gives new meaning to your life and puts your mind in order.