A trip to Kerkennah can never disappoint. If you’re an island lover, Kerkennah offers sandy beaches and a genuinely calm atmosphere. It is one of those places that exceeds your expectations. The island is full of beauty and wonder and looks like a real paradise on earth.


WildyNess team compiled for you a detailed itinerary , so you can organize your trip to Kerkennah.


Day 1: Dar El Fehri Museum and Felucca Ride


An Enriching Visit to the Dar El Fehri Museum


Early in the morning, plan your first day and start with a visit to the El Abbassia Museum. Also known as Dar El Fehri, this is a local history museum that  traces the ancestral history of the region. Ranging from handicrafts, objects to historical figures and the pictures of the island and its inhabitants, the museum offers you a unique experience to delve into the history of Kerkennah. 


Entrée Musée Art Insulaire Kerkennah


Through paintings featuring mannequins and objects, visitors will stay abreast of the evolution of the urban and human landscape. As the island has an extensive history of fishing, visitors will learn about how fishermen coped with the climate and the geographical specificities to develop  fishing techniques.

The Dar El Fehri museum also hosts a concept store where you can purchase local products locally made and produced by artisans. This will be another opportunity for you to help locals and the local economy.


Musée Dar El Fehri


Good to know: 


The Dar El Fehri museum is reachable in 1h30 by car. You need to pay 3dt for adults, 2dt for children, and access is free for children under 4 years old. From May to June, you can pay a visit from Wednesday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 4 pm, and this from May to June. But, for the rest of the year, the opening days change from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 6 pm.


A Lunch Break by the Sea


After getting yourself familiar with Kerkennah and its history, it’s time to start lunch. We recommend that you do not miss the grilled seafood dishes at Sta Ali Le pêcheur restaurant


Plat de Crevette chez Sta Ali le Pêcheur


Located only 8 minutes away from the museum, you just need to follow the direction of El Attaya towards the old port. To reserve a table, contact this number +216-22-355-150. 

You'll love these delicious and fresh dishes.


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A Typical Flouka Ride 


Good lunch would probably make you hungrier to further explore the island. Take a boat ride on the Kerkennian coast. Crossing the sea means leaving all your fears behind. This excursion will transport you to a beautiful, calm, and serene world. If you’re craving to unplug, the sea can help you overcome your fear, forget about your problems and discard your negative feelings.  Far from everything, you will have a lighter heart. 


Balade en Barque Mer de Kerkennah


The waves and the sunset are always a good combination. What about having this excursion at sunset? Plan on 3 to 6 hours, with the possibility of extending your trip to the night if you wish. The view is truly breathtaking. 


Book your felouca ride : Learn Traditional Fishing Techniques in Kerkennah


More disconnecting from this world? Maybe a moonlit night walk? For a more romantic and warm atmosphere, this walk will allow you to enjoy a beautiful starry sky.

If this is the case, try to reschedule the flouka ride after exploring the historical monuments. 



Day 2: Discover the Historical Monuments of Kerkennah


Ramla: visit the souk and traditional houses 


After a lazy morning enjoying the breathtaking view of Kerkennah, it is now time to explore the other side of the island and make some human contact. For a taste of island life, head to Ramla. 


Architecture Traditionnelle Kerkkenah Ramla


Every Thursday, this small town wakes up to the rhythm of the souk. Mingle with the Kerkennians, see their daily life and discover local products. Here the usual tourist can wear the hat of the Kerkennian for a few hours and shop for authentic regional products: spices, decorative objects, clothes, fruits, and vegetables. 


If the sun is too hot for you, maybe this is a good place to pick up a traditional item. Like everywhere in the Tunisian southern part, local hats are made of woven palm leaf. You may find a myriad option in this market with a good price.  


Once you’re done with shopping, you can also go to the old Ramla to see traditional houses still inhabited.


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Visit Lahsar Fort


The Lahsar fort is 12 minutes away from Ramla. The monument testifies the Roman rule back in the 7th century BC. Located in  the tourist area of Sidi Fredj, the lahsar fort is preserved in good condition to stay as a witness for those who once lived in the island. 


Entry Fort El Hsar Kerkennah


Unlike the Fort in Bizerte, Lahsar Fort dates more back in history. A period where the Phoenicians occupied the not-very-inhabited place. They paved the streets, strata of the ancient port with its lighthouse, whose submerged structures were found. 

Visiting the Fort may give you an idea of who occupied the land you will walk on during your stay in the Kerkennah archipelago. Unknown to tourists, you may have the chance to visit it alone in absolute calm. 


Direction Borj Mellita, to a Hidden Punic Tower


Our second historical site is located 28 minutes away from Fort Lahsar. Borj Mellita is a  watch-tower that  bears witness to the Punic presence on the Kerkennah Islands.


Borj Mellita à Kerkennah
Crédit Photo: ZaherKammoun.com


It’s one of those hidden gems that few tourists visit. If you are into discovering historical monuments, this one will satiate your curiosity. 

Enjoy a pure atmosphere far from the beaten track. Don’t forget to bring your cameras and be creative. This can be an amazing spot for your next Instagram post.


Lunch Break at Najet


Traditional Kerkennah dishes are a must. After a long morning of exploring. What better way to do enjoy a great lunch than to go to Najet's in El Attaya to taste her famous couscous with octopus? 


Salade au Poulpe Restaurant Chez Najet


Good to know: 


Preferably, order your couscous 24 hours in advance to ensure the freshness of this dish so typical of Kerkennah. To do so, contact the following number +216-74-484-100 or visit their web page


Cycling in an Oasis or by the Sea


Riding a bike through the villages of Kerkennah is sure to add some fun to your day. Take the time to ride between the paths, the marabouts, and the roads inaccessible by car. These roads are located between the Gharbi and Chergui islands. You also have the possibility to walk in the oasis and by the sea. It will take only 2 to 3 hours.


Balada à Vélo Aventure Kerkennah


Remember to take small breaks when you want to leave time to contemplate the beautiful landscapes around you.  For a full pleasant experience, keep a hat, stay hydrated and protect your skin from the sun.


Traditional and Typical Dinner at the Saida Pastry Shop


The night begins to fall, announcing the end of our beautiful day. Now it's time to think about what to eat. Our recommendation is to go to the famous Saida patisserie to have fricassee, salty appetizers, and a sweet dessert. An excellent Tunisian dish is at your service. This delicious little sandwich is just perfect to end your day with a typical taste of Tunisia. 

You can also go to Najet for a variety of fish dishes. 


Port Attaya for Sunrise Lovers

Do you love the sunrise? We have selected two heavenly places for you: Port Attaya (here are the GPS coordinates: P8V3+2PH ) and Ouled Yaneg. These two destinations are particularly famous for their panorama. It is the best way to start your next and last day in Kerkennah. You won't regret it.


Day 3 : Felucca ride and beautiful sunset spot


After 2 busy days, you deserve a day of relaxation. Turn on the slow-down mood and enjoy the beach and the sea. Relaxation on an island rhymes with waves and salty water. Remember the flouka ride you may have missed on your first day? We really recommend going for another one anyway. We’re never tired for a felucca ride. 


After having had your breakfast at Dar Fehri, get in touch with one of the fishermen in the port. They will be delighted to accompany you on a rewarding trip. This will allow you to learn the ancestral techniques of typical Kerkennah fishing and even to visit the boat-building workshops. It is really worth the detour.


Workshop pêche traditionnelle Kerkennah

Kerkennah is one of the few destinations that offer pesca tourism. In this experience, you will lean how to: 

  • Make typical Kerkennah fishing with specific tools and through traditional fishing method. 
  • Deal with the net:  raise it, retrieve the traps, position the nets, and do many other marine activities. 


Good to know: 

Get in touch with Sami Malliti on +216-22-951-957 or Fraj Ben Hmida on +216-97-556-897. You will have on the program an exceptional escapade with an appreciable lunch composed of freshly caught fish.  


A Delicious Lunch at Halima 

You will surely love this address, located on the road to el Kraten, Kellabine. Chez Halima offers organic, local, and homemade products. You will find everything you need to create a balanced and healthy lunch with fresh and artisanal products. 


Produits de Terroir Kerkennah


This good address offers fresh ricotta, homemade yogurts, cheeses, abscissa, date syrup, jam, and many other wonders. 


Good to know: 

Halima's delights is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:45 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. To reserve your orders, please contact them on 53 534 881 or visit this Facebook page.


Relaxation and Calm in Front of a Beautiful Sunset


Since this day is synonymous with relaxation, what could be more beautiful than watching the sunset in a magical place? That's why we suggest you go to Charfiya park and restaurant. 


Coucher de Soleil Parc Charfia Kerkennah Tunisie


There, you will have the opportunity to relax in a friendly and warm environment. Do not miss the sunset in this park, because the view is absolutely amazing. Afterward, you can spend the evening in the tourist area of Sidi Frej.


A Final Thought on our 4-day Kerkennah Itinerary


We hope we were able to convince you that Kerkennah is an exceptional destination. Although small, Kerkennah is full of beauty, authenticity, and friendliness. Don't miss the countless paradisiacal beaches such as kornich eramla, el karraba, the tourist area of Sidi Youssef as well as the splendid beach of Sidi Founkhal. Kerkennah promises to offer you an incredible vacation filled with satisfaction and relaxation. All you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to go to paradise.