Kerkennah, the Med island few people know, caters for one of the best genuine and authentic travel experiences. Kerkennah is for you if you are looking for original, spiritual and back-to-root experience. Away from noise and hecticness, the wide-sweeping view of the sea will leave an indelible impact on your soul and body. 


No secret, WildyNess team loves Kerknnah. That’s why we’ve dedicated two guides to it. We believe this will help comers to Tunisia and locals better explore the island.  Here, you will be equipped with all the information and tips you need for a memorable stay.


How to Get to Kerkennah


Located about 15 km from the city of Sfax, Kerkennah is reachable by sea. From the moment you take the boat, you’re ready to immerse yourself in Island life. Islands usually share some characteristics: calmness, tranquility and low-paced rhythm of life. Kerkennah is one of them. It’s a place where time stands still and allows you to disconnect from any urban noise. 



Bac ver Kerkennah


To get to this magical place, the best solution is to go to Sfax by car and then take the boat. The journey to Sfax takes only 3 hours by road, with 1 hour and a half by ferry. As for the schedules, the boat trips start at 6 am and are until 9:30 pm, with a 3-hour wait between each trip.


During the summer months, reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance before your trip. As for the rates, they depend on the number of people and the type of vehicle you wish to transport. For example, for a passenger car, the rate is 8,200 dt. Don't forget to bring your car registration document if you are traveling by car and to arrive 30 minutes before departure at Sidi Youssef station. To make a reservation, go to the official website 


How to Get Around in Kerkennah


Driving a car in Kerkennah will help you better explore the island. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to get around. This way you have the freedom to do whatever you want at any time of the day. This also will set you free of restricting your schedule according to bus schedules or wasting your time looking for a cab. It’s worth noting that cabs are not always available. 



Kerkennah est à explorer par voiture


The Best Restaurants in Kerkennah


Food is a great part of a travel experience. Believe it or not, we are all epicureans when we travel. While planning our next trip, we usually compile a list of the best places to eat. Sometimes, we focus on the taste and the originality of the dish. Other times, we try to make a balance between the cost and what we get. 

Kerkennah is particularly famous for its marine wealth. Seafood has its unique taste as it’s fresh. Bid goodbye to the frozen seafood you get from the supermarket. 


Here is our list of the best restaurants to try:


Sta Ali, Restaurant le Pêcheur


With its view of the old port of El Attaya, Le Pêcheur restaurant will make you explore the traditional cuisine of the region through diversified and delicious dishes. Depending on the season, you can enjoy a wide variety of fish like sea bream, salema porgy, red mullet and many others. 



Grillade Mixte chez Sta Ali le Pêcheur Restaurant


The prices vary between 1.5 dt and 12 dt (this was back before 2020). 


You can make a reservation for your trip to Kerkennah on these two phone numbers: +216-22-355-150 and +216-98-519-060.


Najet's Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the heart of the El Attaya village and always offers tasty dishes. Najet, the chef, is known for her seafood spaghetti and her octopus salad. No matter who you are or from where you come, the staff will guide you through the menu and recommend the best thing for you. The top-notch service will make you want to come back. 



Couscous au Poulpe Chez Najet Restaurant Kerkennah


Here, there is no need to make a reservation, you can go directly to the restaurant. Discover the delights of the sea in an exceptional setting and a magical atmosphere filled with white and blue hues. An extraordinary harmony that will revive your taste buds, to be reached on this phone number +216-74-484-100.


Restaurant la Sirène at Ramla Plage


The restaurant "La Sirène" in Kerkennah is an unmissable place to spoil your taste buds. This is where fresh seafood and the passion for local cooking are perfectly combined. Set on the sea view, you can enjoy your meal with a view to the Med sea. 

The particularity of this restaurant is its menu full of options. You can choose meat, seafood or chicken. Options that can be a bit scarce on the island where seafood reigns. 


The price range varies from 3.5 dt to 25 dt depending on the dish selected. To reserve your table, just contact this phone number. You won't regret it: 216-74-481-118. Enjoy your meal! 



What to Do in Kerkennah


In Kerkennah, there are many places to visit. Between the beach, the restaurants, and the traditions of this island to discover, you will have a superb stay. 


Typical sea outing on a barge


You cannot proudly claim you visited Kerkennah islands without having visited the barge. This typical trip allows you to contemplate the magnificent beauty of the Kerkennian coasts in a new way. The highlight of this excursion is that you can go out to any place on the island.


Balade en Bateau à Kerkennah


It’s also a very rewarding boat ride where you can learn all the ancient fishing techniques of Kerkennah. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to eat a dish of fresh fish caught the same day. The sea trip is a fantastic experience to do when you visit Kerkennah. So don't miss it!


Oncle Habib Capitaine Bateau Kerkennah


Fishing with the Jump: Typical of the Village of El Attaya

While respecting the marine fauna, the fishermen of Kerkennah have preserved the ancestral fishing methods such as fishing with the gargoyle, the perch with the cherfiya and the jumping. Also called mullet fishing or Damassa, this method consists in spreading a net horizontally and another vertically to encircle the fish.


In a friendly and unique atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to taste freshly caught mullet. It is important to mention that the ideal season for this activity is in September, the month when there is a big festival in El Attaya.


Ghazi Pêcheur Local Kerkennah


Most of the inhabitants of Kerkennah learn to fish from a very young age. This has played an indispensable role in the preservation of this fishing technique over the generations. It will certainly make you want to participate and share exceptional moments with Kerkennian fishermen.


Book your fishing experience : Learn Traditional Fishing Techniques in Kerkennah


Visit of El Hsar Fort 


Fort El Hsar is a marvel of the island of Kerkennah. Of Roman origin, this fort is located on Gharbi Island in the area of Sidi Fredj. There, you will find archaeological excavations dating from the seventeenth century BC. Today, you will find this small jewel of architecture still in excellent condition. 



Fort El Hsar au coucher de soleil


You may wonder what the point of visiting this site is? Like any other archaeological site, each ruin allows us to shed light on the existence of several different eras. Beyond the Phoenician foundations, you will find beautiful mosaics, cobbled streets, and strata of the ancient port that are particularly well preserved. 


Allow at least 1 hour to visit the place, or a little more if you want to fully immerse yourself in its atmosphere. 


A visit to the Local Craftsmen 


Kerkennah has been the heart of artisanal life since ancient times. Clothes, carpets, cushions, and baskets...They hand make many pieces with traditional artisanal techniques. Kerkennians have the great know-how to mix a traditional touch with modernity in a fascinating way. 


Artisanat et Artisans à Kerkennah
crédit photo:



Located in Ouled Bouali, the kerkenatiss workshop brings together a dozen local artisans. This brand offers 100% handmade products with natural fibers such as linen, wool, and jute. You will find attached the website of Fatma Samet's brand.


Book your 3 day trip to Kerkennah Now  or help yourself with our recommendations in our itinerary guide


A Stop on Gremdi Island


To take a break and enjoy your vacation, the island of Gremdi is ideal. Located only 2 km from El Ataya, you will have the opportunity to admire the remains of the Roman ruins preserved in excellent condition on the island. 


To get to this beautiful island, you can either use a boat or walk to it from the port of El Ataya. If you are adventurous and have accepted to walk, we advise that you choose suitable shoes. A unique walk awaits!


The geographical coordinates of Gremdi Island are 34° 45′ 19″ N, 11° 19′ 16″ E.


The Thursday Market in Remla


As usual, every city in Tunisia has a weekly market that is held on a fixed day. Kerkennah has a market in Remla every Thursday. 


Presenting an impressive variety of fruits, vegetables and especially fish, you will absolutely find what you are looking for here. This will allow you to discover the Kerkennians and to buy fresh products. This place is excellent to optimize your stay, learn the traditions of Kerkennah and share with the locals.



Visit the Kerkennah Island Heritage Museum 


The Kerkennah Island Heritage Museum is located in the village of El Abbassia, also known as Dar El Fehri, on the island of Chergui. This museum highlights the traditional activities of the region, handicrafts, traditional ceremonies, and historical figures. Under the aegis of the Cercina Center, you will find historical figures such as Hannibal Barca, Habib Bourguiba, and Farhat Hached. 



Musée Art Insulaire à Kerkennah


GPS coordinates of the Island Heritage Museum in Abbassia de Ramla: 34° 43′ 12.211" North / 11° 14′ 35.541" East.


The Peaceful Atmosphere of Sidi Founkhal


Do you want to discover a heavenly place? Then Sidi Founkhal is for you. Between the sea, sun, fine sand and good atmosphere, you will be amazed by the beauty of this place. 



Maison au bord de la mer à Sidi Founkhal Kerkennah


The only drawback of this place is the bombardment of tourists in the summer months. To enjoy your stay, we advise you to visit Sidi Founkhal in the out of season months.


There, you will undoubtedly enjoy an exceptional experience. Careful not to miss the sunset and the sunrise during your visit. They are extraordinary!


Kerkennian Weddings, a Must-see


Most cities in Tunisia have different wedding traditions. In Kerkennah, weddings last 3 days and 3 nights. If you are lucky enough to see one during your stay, we highly recommend you to take advantage of it.


These festivities have an unusual charm with their very atypical traditional costumes. Also, we can't mention weddings in Kerkennah without mentioning the presence of jewelry, of course!


Wearing jewelry from head to toe, the bride, as well as close guests, must wear costumes crowned with silver or gold jewelry. A joyous and happy celebration that will make your stay absolutely memorable.


Kerkennah, where Time Stands Still


Kerkennah is a truly magical place. No words can describe the beauty, splendor, and charm of this island. You will feel in a unique place like no other. The people, the food, the traditions, and the human warmth... nothing seems familiar. The perfect place for an exceptional stay! What are you waiting for? Organize your next vacation and follow our guide. 


Sunrise on a Boat Kerkennah Tunisia