Looking for a real and authentic getaway?  Cap Bon is the ideal destination for you. Whether you’re an adventurer or a nature lover, this itinerary will satisfy all your wanderlust and help you discover authentic Tunisia.


Cap Bon Peninsula is the ideal destination for locals and tourists alike. Hamamet, the most famous town, comes at the top of search results, hotel bookings, and travel guides. But, the Cap Bon is a vast region. The region hosts the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia and the most fertile farms and vineyards and citrus groves. 


Wildyness team has compiled for you the itinerary to explore the Cap Bon and discover the best attractions in the region. 


Day 1 : From Tunis to Korbous 


Located in the region of Cap Bon, Korbous  is about 57 kilometers from Hammamet and 140 kilometers from Sousse.  Starting from Tunis, take the road to Hammam Lif, Soliman, first in the direction of Mrissa and then Aïn Oktor. 


korbous capbon tunisia

Credit: Aymen Belhadj


This seaside town is the hub of seven hot springs created back in Roman times.  These roman baths are: Aïn Arraka, Aïn El Fakroun, Aïn Kanassira, Aïn Atrous, Aïn Chfa, Aïn Sbya and Aïn Oktor. According to the locals, each hot spring holds unique and special characteristics. 


In the baths of Korbus, you can indulge yourself in a thermal cure, take off the tiredness of modern times and drink the purest mineral waters. For thermal cure, Ain Kanassira is recommended for the treatment of skin diseases while Ain Oktor is recommended for rheumatism and arthritis. 


As we are sure you cannot get enough of the fresh and clean air nor the natural landscape stretching in front of you, we recommend staying overnight there. Many guesthouses are available in Korbous to host you in the best conditions. 


Day 2 : Discover Rtiba and Kef Ghrab's forest and beach 


A new day in Tunisia means another exciting time filled with adventures and sightseeing. To start the day on a perfect note, we recommend that you have a typical breakfast in Korbous at the Chalet or at Dar Dallaji. After your meal, head to the forest and the two beautiful beaches of Rtiba and Kef Ghrab for some serious wanderlust. Rtiba’s beach is a mere 50 minutes away from Korbous and Kef Ghrab is 57 minutes away. 


Recharge with this green and nature-filled getaway. This destination is ideal during the summer months. Take a stroll in the forest or a revigorating swim at the beach and enjoy all the beauty that Rtiba and Boukrim have to offer. 


For lunch, we recommend you check out Carponti, a nice restaurant located between the mountain of Korbous and the beach. A great quality-price ratio where you will enjoy fresh fish, sea bream, sea bass or other local specialties.


If you lust after turquoise waters, fine sand, calm and serenity, you will surely love these two beaches. They also offer breathtaking views of the islands of Zembra and Zembretta. Our best advice? Make sure not to miss the sunset ! It is spectacular from that point of view. 


For dinner, head to the restaurant “La Source”. Located 7 kilometers from Sidi Daoud, it is the best place to end this perfect day.


Day 3 : Head to El Haouaria for a gorgeous hike 


Wake up with the sun for another adventure-filled day. After breakfast, go for a hike in El Houaria, a beautiful and memorable place filled with hidden wonders.


The hike starts in the city of El Haouaria, via the main street and towards the sea. The walk is about 3 to 4 hours long, with a difference in level of 350 meters. It might require a little technique so make sure you’re not too out of shape. The sea-side is wonderful and a true must-see. If you can, go and explore its depths by scuba diving.


capbon itineraire


When you get to the end of the Cape, continue the climb to the gallery-carved mountain. These caves are extremely famous, do not hesitate to go exploring ! However, be careful of the many bats that populate them.


Once you reach the summit, a breathtaking panorama awaits. From there you will have a dazzling view of the Zembra and Zembretta islands. This serene landscape, nestled between the mountains and the sea, is breathtaking. 


For an even more impressive view, make sure not to miss the sunset. This magical and ephemeral moment is worth the hike alone, and will stay with you for a long time. 


Before it gets dark, we advise that you follow the road for the descent to arrive quicker at El Haouaria, where you can spend the night. For a safe and swift descent, make sure to pack light torches and good hiking shoes.


Day 4 : Buy fresh fish from the port of El Haouaria


The next morning, wake up and enjoy the fresh air after the previous day’s exertion. Morning coffee is a well-loved tradition in Tunisia and a must to kick-start your day.


About ten kilometers south of El Haouaria, discover the small fishing port of Sidi Daoud. There lies the best and freshest fish of the entire region. Take advantage of the markets to buy fresh fish, but be there at dawn to meet the early fishermen returning to port. 


Haouaria tunisia


After that feast, head over to the most precious archaeological site of Tunisia: Kerkouane. Located about 25 minutes away from El Haouaria and Kelibia, this Punic site is the perfect blend of Carthaginian and African - ancestors to the Berbers-history and architecture. At the site’s entrance is the museum of Kerkouane, a worthy visit as it hosts a lot of the site’s relics.


At the end of the afternoon, continue towards Kelibia and spend the night in a lodging or a guest house. Take advantage of the late afternoon to enjoy a tea in the shade. You deserve it.


Day 5 : Discover Kelibia and the Mansoura- El Borj beach 


Early mornings here are like nowhere else, and hold a mystical beauty that symbolizes the beginning of a new day, full of joy and happiness. After this serene morning, explore the day’s newest destination: Kelibia

Kelibia is a little piece of paradise crowned by superb beaches of fine sand. You’ll not want to miss a visit to El Mansoura beach and its turquoise waters, certainly one of Tunisia’s most beautiful beaches.


Klebia cap bon experience

Credit: Zakaria Damergi


In this wild and natural setting, you will enjoy a moment of conviviality with friends or family. 


Kélibia is a tiny tourist town that you must visit during your trip in Cap Bon. In Roman times, Kelibia’s perfect geographical position made it a prime maritime military base. Vestiges of these times can be seen throughout the city, an example being the 150 meters height fort that overlooks it.


At the end of the day, take a refreshing break in the fort’s cafe and relax in this spectacular setting while enjoying the city views. For the most perfect night, book the Dar Kenza guest house. This idyllic place is the perfect background for your dreamy escape, and even has a traditional hammam. 


Day 6: Korba, passing by Lebna and Tazarka 


After a wonderful day in Kelibia, time to head towards our next destination: Korba. This charming village is located 52 minutes away from Kelibia, but there is plenty to see along the way ! Make sure to plan a stop at Lebna and Tazarka for a new day of sightseeing. 




Renowned for its beautiful beach, Lebna is definitely worth a visit. Crystal clear waters and fine white sand make this the perfect spot for a little break. Pack a picnic and spend the late morning on this gorgeous piece of sand. 

A little further lies Tazarka. This south-estern town also boasts a gorgeous beach that attracts locals and tourists alike. 

Finally, you will arrive in Korba, where you can spend the night in this stary city, whose big mosque El Jemaa is a gorgeous example of its hafside style. 


Day 7: A perfect ending with a visit to Nabeul


This morning is perfect. It is your last day, so let’s make the most of it and end this trip with a bang! 

The main city of Cap Bon, Nabeul is the last destination on this itinerary. This fantastic city is famous for its handicrafts, pottery, rush mats and flower essences. 


In Nabeul, stroll through the souk surrounded by arcades and stores. This charming city, filled with the smell of flowers and spices, is a dream. Linger and admire the traditional carpets or multicolored ceramic vases, and shop for unique souvenirs.


After a wonderful day strolling through Nabeul, it is time to return to Tunis and get back to your daily life. This special getaway and great itinerary will leave you feeling recharged and relaxed.



Cap Bon, your dream vacation


From Korbous to Nabeul, Cap Bon is an ode to the Mediterranean. Visiting Cap Bon means discovering sumptuous landscapes at every corner, scenic plains and plateaus, paradise-like beaches and a dream region filled with orange and lemon trees and vineyards. Your perfect espace and ideal getaway lies in Cap Bon.