Exotic vacations are always tempting. The Mediterranean is brimming with stunning islands to explore. The crystal clear water, the unique architecture, the fresh air are all reasons why we love living on an island far away from the mainland. Lebanon, Greece, Croatia or Italy host some stunning islands. But, our focus is on the beautiful yet unknown  islands in Tunisia. 

Whether you want to enjoy the sun and explore the world differently or indulge in a unique culture and a worth-knowing history, Tunisia has it all. 

The attractive charm of Tunisia islands will guarantee a memorable stay and an amazing vacation.  An opportunity to come to this part of the world and see a whole new you recharged with a newfound energy and equipped with good memories. 

WildyNess team unwraps it all for you. Follow this article to discover a selection of beautiful islands in Tunisia. What is their particularity?  How can you visit them? How do you get a permit to go there? Follow the guide along for all the answers !

Discovering the Kuriat Islands, a Tunisian Paradise

Located off the coast of Monastir, people flock to Kuriat Islands to enjoy the summer on the beach.  This Tunisian archipelago covers an area of 340 kilometers and consists of two islands: the large and the small Kuriat. 

kuriat island lighthouse

The Kuriat Islands are part of one of the four marine protected areas of Tunisia, with the archipelago of Galite, Kneiss and Zembra and Zembretta. While the big island is forbidden to the public, the small island is still a summer destination to tourists and visitors. 

You can easily explore the city by resorting to one of the several excursions available on a daily basis. The turquoise water and the sandy beaches will tantalize you to go for a dive. Don’t forget to bring your diving equipment to better enjoy this mysterious world.

Who to Contact to Go to the Kuriat Islands?

It is possible to visit the small island of Kuriat using tourist operators available on the island like the pirate boats. They offer a round trip on a small boat. Lunch on the boat, music and affordable prices cater for a good experience. Don’t forget to discuss with them on the measures they take to minimize the carbon footprint. 

It is important to note that from 3 pm onwards, you will have to leave the island, as it becomes a refuge for endangered species.

kuriat island tunisia

Photo Credit:  Louis-Marie Préau

Several excursions are planned daily on the small island of Kuriat via numerous boats such as the Zodiac, the Sultan and the Phoenician.  While it has layered a historical and cultural heritage, the Kuriat Islands remains a beach destination. The water, landscape and the vibes are unbeatable.  Enjoy a swim in the coast of Monastir as well as a very nice boat ride. A real escape from your everyday life in a wonderful environment!

Enjoy the crystal clear sea and  dive deep in the Med sea.

The Archipelago of Galite, the Northernmost Point of the African Continent

Of all Tunisia’s islands, the Galite or Jalta is arguably the most beautiful and secluded one in the Med. Galite, a Tunisian Island, takes visitors to the most stunning secluded coves. This is where tranquility and serenity are 100% guaranteed.

Tunisian Island Galite

Photo Credit: Hassene nostra

Located off Tabarka, Galite is deemed as a natural reserve. Attached to the delegation of Bizerte, the main island stretches to 5.4 kilometers long and is bordered by huge cliffs. Thus, it combines the uniqueness of nature and the tantalizing aspects of an island. It offers a dazzling landscape and a virgin nature between sea and mountain. 

Apart from the main island, there are also two groups of several islets which are inaccessible: the Galitons, the Fauchelle and the Gallo. All in all, this archipelago hides a sumptuous landscape with great geological characteristics that are almost unique in Tunisia. 

How to Get to Galite & Who to Contact to Get There?

To visit Galite, only one boat belonging to the company Tabarka Loisir is legally authorized to board the island. This company allows you to explore this splendid and unique place away. You will be away from the mundane world and enjoy being in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The company’s fee for a sea baptism in low season is 18 euros and 20 euros for the high season. In case of scuba diving, the prices are respectively 25 and 30 euros for both seasons.

To book an excursion, contact the company at 71 792 815.

tunisian island secluded galite

Photo Credit: Ali Guiza

Please note that at this stage Galite is not accessible to the public. The boat trip takes about 4 hours. We do not recommend it for those who suffer from sea sickness!

Galite, a Natural Treasure in a Secluded Paradise

The protected area of Galite has a rich archaeological heritage as well as an enormous biological and ecological wealth. Prepare yourself to enjoy a breathtaking landscape and a night view that you will never forget. Note that you can only go out to sea when the weather conditions are good.

Unfortunately, we need to repeat this again and again. While in Galite, no one is there for the party. The unique environment and nature need to be respected and preserved. Enjoy this secluded island without annoying its habitat. We highly recommend responsible camping. It will guarantee you an exceptional and original rest. 

The Unforgettable Islands of Zembra and Zembretta 

Located in the North-East of the Gulf of Tunisia, the Zembra and Zembretta islands expand 371 hectares of land. The two twin islands make up a national park brimming with plants and birds considered as rare and endemic species. 

zembra zembretta island unkonwn tunisia

 Zembra, the bigger island, and Zembretta, the smaller, are labeled the Islands of Birds. This is mainly due to the huge number of birds taking the island as a refuge to survive. While you’re on the islands, you are treated to the various species of plants and birds. It is the place to be if you’re a nature lover. 

The archipelago of the Zembra and Zembretta islands has the most important colony in the Mediterranean. For this reason, it is mandatory to have an authorization from the Ministry of Defense and the General Directorate of Forestry to visit. 

Is it Possible to Visit Zembra and Zembretta? Who to Contact to Get There?

Accessible only by boat, these islands are forbidden to the public. However, some clubs or associations sometimes organize cruises there, such as the Club Rando Aventure.


Photo Credit: Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella

In order to discover the richness of these two islands, the price of a cruise is about 100 dt. This price also includes the boat trip from El Haouaria to Zembra and Zembretta. The catering remains at your charge, although please note that the sailboat has a well-equipped kitchen. If you wish to contact this club, call the number 22 270 274. 

Visit The Flat Island at Cap Sidi Ali El Mekki 

Cap Sidi Ali El Mekki in Bizerte hosts a flat rocky island that  reaches 8 meters above sea level. This island is home to a lighthouse and a building of the Tunisian National Navy. 

Far away from the Mediterranean hotspots of the season, Cap Sidi Ali El Mekki caters for a secluded stay on a flat island.  Solitude seekers and beach lovers can enjoy a pristine landscape, turquoise sea and moments of true disconnection in this Tunisian island.

cap ali mekki bizerte

Photo Credit: @Sarrazine_TN

Visiting an island comes with outdoor activities. For Cap Sidi Ali El Mekki a swim  in the middle of a calm environment is more satisfying than any other swim. 

The breathtaking landscapes of this island are really worth the detour. All you see is the sea surrounding you as far as the eye can see. This will bring you serenity, well-being and peace. A unique adventure not to be missed !

How to Visit the Charming Flat Island?

The flat island is only accessible to the public by boat. That's why it is recommended to contact a hiking or camping club or association that can arrange the trip for you.  For example, hiking, sightseeing and camping clubs organize some activities on the island from time to time.


The price of an excursion on the flat island is 45dt per person. This price does not include lunch. It is advisable to bring some food with you in order to fully enjoy this enriching experience in the heart of a deserted island. This experience will bring you nothing but peace, a trip far from the stress and bustle of everyday life. 

If the weather conditions are nice, you can even schedule a camping trip on this incredible island. In order to enjoy the stars at night and the campfires, it is advisable to go in a group with a club or a professional association. 

Discover the Heavenly Islands of Tunisia

Tunisia is home to many heavenly islands far from the crowds. If you dream about the Mediterranean, you’re seized by the desire to swim in the turquoise waters, get sun kissed on beautiful beaches and disconnect from everything. From Galite in the north to Djerba in the south, the landscapes offered by these islands are truly breathtaking. 

If you are in search of originality and new adventures, nothing beats a stay in the islands mentioned above. The Kuriat, Galite, Zembra and Zembretta islands and the flat island are full of wonderful activities to do. You can enjoy scuba diving to discover the marine treasures, but also practice fishing, camping or simply enjoy a nice relaxing swim on a private beach. 

Please note that it is necessary to obtain an authorization to visit certain islands, in particular if you wish to fish on it. The respect of the environment and biodiversity is an important point that should never be neglected or underestimated. Do not hesitate to schedule a boat trip to discover the charming islands of Tunisia!