Whenever you think of Tunisia as a travel destination, results about the white and blue city of Sidi Bou Said, the island of Djerba, and photos of the desert and camel drivers will pop up first. But, along with all these beautiful attractions, there are numerous destinations where outdoor adventurers, especially hikers, can enjoy trekking while creating memorable moments.


Hiking in Tunisia is a rewarding experience where enthusiasts can explore the diverse landscape and immerse themselves in the ultimate physical, cultural, and historical journey.


To make the decision less difficult, the WildyNess team has compiled a list of hikes in Tunisia worth trying.


Hikes Around Tunis


Boukornine Hike


Located 20 kilometers away from Tunis, Boukornine Mountain caters for an enchanting journey suitable for both dedicated hikers and beginners. As the northern culmination of the Atlas range, the mountain beckons a summit soaring to 576 meters and a base nestled at 10 meters. 


Adorned with two majestic peaks and spanning 1939 hectares, the mountain and its national park is home to an array of plant species, some of which are rare. This is a great mountain for those willing to do their favorite hobby while discovering the natural ecosystem of the places they want to visit. 


Boukornine hike


There are two options for hikers to choose from, depending on their stamina and physical performance. To enter the mountain, you need to pick one of the two entry points: one bustling near the renowned Le Chalet Vert restaurant, and the other on the side of Ain Zargua, a source of refreshing freshwater. 


The two enticing circuits include a loop that winds through the Ecomuseum, summit, and Ain Zargua, as well as a linear route taking you from the Ecomuseum through captivating caves to Ain Zargua. 


Both circuits, the easy and difficulties ones, promise a memorable hiking experience enabling you to enjoy the diversity of the landscape and the grandeur of nature. 



Djebel Ressas Hike


Djebel Ressas, literally translated into “lead mountain”, is not for the faint heart. The majesty of Djebel Ressas lies in its towering mass of Jurassic limestone soaring to a height of 795 meters. Nestled between Boukornine and Jebel Zaghouan, this hiking mountain is for those who are familiar with difficult hikes as the elevation is exceptionally difficult.  



From the village on the north slope, we highly recommend splitting your hike in two phases: an initial climb of 300 meters (Phase A), followed by an additional 345 meters (Phase B). Upon reaching the summit, you will forget all the sweat as the landscape unfolds, offering a sweeping view of Greater Tunis and the commanding silhouette of Boukornine against the horizon.


After enjoying the mesmerizing landscape, it’s time for a 2-hour descent that will conclude your hike and allow you to sense the nature's grandeur on those who traverse its trails.



Zaghouan Mountain Hike


From the vantage point of Jebel Zaghouan National Park, the Djebel Zaghouan Park beckons with its mesmerizing beauty, inviting hikers on a rewarding itinerary that includes key landmarks such as the Water Temple, Kef el Blidah, the marabout of Sidi Salah Bou Gobrine, and finally, the summit.


zaghouan mountain tunisia


Djebel Zaghouan is more than a hiking trail, it expands itself as a historical landmark encompassing an important significance immortalized in 130 AD by Emperor Hadrian who led the construction of a water temple— known as the Zaghouan Water Temples today. 



Serving as a perfect starting point and a gateway to captivating hikes, this temple marks the first step of exploration into the natural wonders of one of Tunisia's soaring peaks, reaching a height of 1295 meters within the Tunisian mountain range.  The height of the mountain coupled with its rocky terrain offer a thrilling experience for the well-invested hikers. 


Hikes in North Tunisia


Sadjenane Hike


Situated in the northwest of Tunisia, Sejnane is an interesting region to explore due to its proximity to the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean climate contributed to make it a heaven of green forests where you can explore a mix of indigenous flora, including various tree species, shrubs, and others.


beja tunisia


Nestled in the heart of Sejnane, the incredible forests offer a memorable experience for both the strollers and avid hikers. The hike in the forest spans a 10 km hike, which makes it perfectly suited for nature enthusiasts of all levels.


With comfortable shoes and good physical fitness, you'll traverse an easy but rewarding trail. We highly recommend a guided hike as locals know the forests better and professionals can proudly share captivating stories about El Guousmia and Ain Elloumi. The latter will add depth to the experience, offering insights into the region's flora and fauna


This is a great experience for those who travel to truly disconnect and unplug. The towering trees and the rich wildlife guarantee an immersive escape where nature is the only queen.



Jugurtha Tabland Hike in El Kef



One of the unmissable spots for hikers, The legendary Jugurtha's Table in El Kef, a massive mesa rising to 1,271 meters above sea level, offers an exhilarating hike. Spanning nearly 80 hectares, this archaeological site is named after Numidian King Jugurtha, who strategically used the mesa in a historic battle against the Roman legions in 107 BC. 


The highlight of this hike doesn’t content on the Jugurtha Tabland only. From the moment of departure, the green surroundings of Sidi Amor mountain and the breathtaking silhouette of Jugurtha's Table on the horizon amount to a thrilling teaser to the landscape you will be exploring on your hike. 


jugurtha table kef


Once you reach your point, you are welcomed with 136 steps to ascend the mesa. The summit reveals a plateau with a panoramic 360° view stretching into eastern Algeria. Explore ancient remnants of habitat and witness the carved sheer rock, marking the steps of Jugurtha's soldiers. After descending, we highly recommend a nutriment-filled snack or lunch break with a view of the mountain of Sidi Jabeur, rumored to conceal King Jugurtha's treasure.


Jugurtha's Table, a significant part of Tunisia's geological, historical, and natural heritage, promises hikers with tales of rich history along with awe-inspiring landscapes.


Djebel Eddir Hike in El Kef


Nestled in the northwest of Tunisia in the state of Kef, just northeast of the city of Kef, the breathtaking Mountain of Eddir (Jebel Eddir) stands as a unique place for hikers to explore.  At an elevation of 1084 meters, this mountain offers hikers a captivating journey through its lush green landscapes and pure air.


The Ottoman fortress of El Kef, perched atop the mountain, serves as a historic backdrop with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains' powerful reliefs. This fortress, built in the 1600s, has withstood the test of time, remaining a shining jewel and a guardian angel over the city of Le Kef. The citadel hosts various cultural and artistic events, adding a vibrant touch to the serene mountain surroundings.


For hikers seeking both natural beauty and historical richness, Jebel Eddir is an ideal destination. As part of the larger region of Le Kef, this mountain provides a unique blend of landscapes and cultural heritage that make it a must-visit for those looking to immerse themselves in the charm of Tunisia's Atlas mountains.


Ain Drahem Hike


Nestled in the northwestern part of Tunisia amid the picturesque Kroumirie Mountain range, Ain Draham boasts stunning landscapes and unique cork oak forests making it a popular spot for hikers and campers. Situated approximately 30 km inland from Tabarka, this enchanting destination is celebrated for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure amidst natural beauty.


ain drahem hike


If you are into hiking and nature - and we bet you are- Ain Draham is the perfect region for you to reveal the mesmerizing gifts of nature. The cork oak forests, in particular, provide an exceptional setting for exploration. The region's pleasant climate, coupled with its rich biodiversity, cultural encounters, and tranquil ambiance, adds to Ain Draham a special allure for those seeking a genuine and profound connection with nature.


ain drahem tunisia


To enhance the experience sustainably, local guides are available, promoting eco-friendly exploration and facilitating connections with the local community. These guides offer valuable insights into the natural and cultural heritage, ensuring responsible navigation of the trails and a truly enriching adventure in Ain Draham. 


If you want to camp in Ain Drahem, there are a few campgrounds with international standards, offering private tents, sleeping bags and other budget


Read more about things to do in Ain Drahem


Bargou & Serj Mountain Hikes


The northwestern region of Tunisia hides some of the most intersting hiking gems in the country, notably the mountains of Siliana, Bargo Mountain and Serj Mountain. Both mountains offer thrilling experiences for hikers.


serej mountain tunisia


Bargo Mountain, standing at 1266 meters, boasts stunning scenery and is accessible by car or public transport from the city of Bargou. Known as Tunisia's most beautiful mountain, the challenging hike rewards adventurers with breathtaking landscapes. For an enhanced experience, a local guide can lead you through its plateaus, providing opportunities to rest or camp.


mountain hike siliana


Jebel Serj, located 140 km from Tunis, is easily accessible by public transportation. Named for its distinctive saddle-like shape, the mountain is located in the surrounding of the national park, showcasing a diverse flora including Montpellier maples, Aleppo pines, and Barbary cedar.  


In the Serj Mountain lies the longest cave system in Tunisia, Ain Dhahab. What makes this cave a great place for caving enthusiast is the rock formations as well as  the long "soda straw" speleothems, some of which reach lengths of 4.6 to 5 meters.



Hikes in Southern Tunisia


Dahar Hikes


The Dahar Massif, or Djebel Dahar, in southern Tunisia, captivates with its rugged terrain and limestone plateaus. This region boasts traditional Amazigh villages amidst olive groves and date palm plantations, offering a unique blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Historic sites and diverse landscapes beckon explorers seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.


dahar hike experience


Hiking in southern Tunisia is one of the unique experiences in one’s life. Known for its Amazigh villages and arid regions, the region caters for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. 

A chain of mountains known for its rugged terrain and limestone plateaus, known as the  Dahar Massif, or Djebel Dahar, offers an array of options for those looking for hikes in Tunisia. 


Promising an immersive hiking adventure, the Dahar Massif has an array of captivating trails that connects Amazigh villages, guaranteeing a rich cultural and natural experience. As there are a lot of options, some examples can better illustrates the diverse hikes travelers can opt for. 


toujane view from dahar trail


From Tamezret, you can hike to   Ghomrassen's enchanting Ksour traversing the mesmerizing "Dinosaur Trail". The adventurous with good physical condition can tackle the challenging Zmerten to Ksar Hallouf hike, a thrilling journey through rugged landscapes. Alternatively, some of the options are perfect for those preferring moderate difficulty. One of these hikes is the Tamazret-Matmata-Beni Zelten trail, covering approximately 33 km of diverse terrain.


zammour trail


An intermediate challenge can be embraced by option for a hike from Ksar Hallouf to Ksar Jouemaa, passing from Zammour. In the span of 25 km and after miles of walking, hikers can delve deeper in the abandoned Amazigh villages and be transformed back to an era when people have to go through this path daily. 


If these examples make you visualize the unique blend of cultural exploration and natural wonders in this mesmerizing region, the Dahar hikes will be one of your favorite hikes. Don’t forget your water bottles, though. 


Douiret & Chennini Hike


The first thing popping to anyone’s head when south of Tunisia is mentioned is the Amazigh villages scattered along this part of the map. The idea of hiking from one village to another is very tempting, and also possible. The Douiret and Chenini Hike makes your dream becomes true with an enchanting adventure for hikers seeking a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Nestled in the heart of southern Tunisia, Douiret and Chenini are ancient Amazigh villages perched atop rocky hills.


douiret & chenini hike


The well-worn paths unfold the timeless charm of Douiret, known for its distinctive troglodyte architecture, seamlessly integrated into the mountainous landscape. On the other side of the hike, Chenini, with its ancient granaries and white-washed structures, promises hikers with history filled experience. 


As hikers traverse the landscape, a sensory delight is guaranteed, with panoramic views stretching across the arid landscapes. Hikers can marvel at the ancient olive trees, witness the cultural heritage embodied in the architecture, and enjoy the tranquility of these ancient villages.



To make the most of your adventure, consider exploring the villages' narrow alleys, visiting the troglodyte dwellings, and cherishing the breathtaking vistas from the hilltops. Beyond the physical benefits, The Douiret and Chenini Hike extends its impact to reach a total cultural and historical immersion. It’s the experience you need to opt for if you are seeking a harmonious blend of nature and heritage in the heart of Tunisia's southern landscapes.


Guermessa Hike


Nestled in the central Jebel Dahar mountain range, 15 km southwest of Ghomrassen in the Tataouine Governorate, Guermessa stands as an exhilarating hiking expedition. The ghostly Amazigh village of Guermessa is accessible through easy foothills terrain and paved roads, offering a low-impact uphill hike of around 250 meters on a marked path. 


guermessa hike tunisia south


The name of the village stems from Star Wars, as it is the name of one of Tatooine's moons. As hikers ascend the mountain, they discover the fortified granaries, an original troglodyte settlement, and a brilliant white mosque amidst the dusty landscape. Founded in the 12th century as a defensive response, Guermessa's split hilltops connected by a 'saddle' offer a haunting yet insightful glimpse into Amazigh history. 


The mosque, attics, and the panoramic views make Guermessa a must-visit for hikers looking for a historical and cultural trek through the landscapes of southern Tunisia.


Bouhlel Hike



The Bouhlel Canyons promises a captivating hike for both outdoors adventurers and movie buffs. In case you need this piece of information to take your final decision, the bouhlel canyons is a filming location for some of the most famous movies in the likes of Star Wars, The English Patient, and Indiana Jones. We bet this information will add a thrill to your upcoming hiking experiences. 


bouhlel hike


The often-overlooked Bouhlel region is located near Tozeur, precisely in the Deguech area. In the midst of its canyons there is a recently launched hiking trail that seamlessly blends nature and history. The majestic and deserted valley includes marine fossils and stratified rocks dating back millions of years.


With every step, hikers are invited to unveil the breathtaking landscape of Bouhlel and enjoy a sensory journey into the fantasy world we all love. As you traverse the trail, set your sights on the sunset, a magical spectacle best enjoyed atop the summit. 


For those seeking guidance, WildyNess provides local hike guides to enhance the experience.


Alternative Spots to Hike in Tunisia


Hikes in Mides 


Mides is a charming oasis village hidden in the north of Tozeur and near the Algerian border. Its distinctive location makes it a captivating region for hikers and adventurers. In your trip to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Mides Canyons, there are a few hikes you can opt to for an immersive experience in this part of Tunisia. 


mides tunisia


Taking Mides as a starting point, hikers can embark on a captivating 4.5 km hike to the neighboring village of Tamerza, where they can enjoy the stunning gorges and canyons. We highly recommend doing these hikes with a knowledgeable local guide to better explore the topographical wonders and get insights into the local lifestyle. The 4.5-kilometer trail connecting Mides and Tamerza allows trekkers and hikers to discover the picturesque three-kilometer gorge and cherish the scenic terrains.


Korbous - Ain Kanessira - Robinson’s Creek



For those who prefer hikes near the golden beaches and the coastal side, the Korbous to Ain Kanessira to Robinson’s Creek trail is for you. Covering approximately 3.5 miles, this rocky terrain demands skill and patience. For over seven hours to complete, the hike includes hot baths, intriguing rock formations, and diverse landscapes. 


krobous tunisia hike


Begin in Korbous, renowned for its thermal springs, providing a soothing start to your journey. Move on to Ain Kanessira, a nature-rich locale surrounded by lush landscapes. The trail promises not just long hours of walking but also a delightful exploration of varied natural wonders along the way. The lack of great heights is compensated by the abundant panoramic views of the route, notably from the rocky vantage points. Combining difficulty and scenic beauty, this trail promises a rewarding experience for the most experienced hikers. 



Lake Ichkeul 


For those who have a knack for the national parks and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this hike is the best fit.  Located 30 km southwest of Bizerte and nestled within the Ichkeul National Park, the adjacent Jebel Ichkeul mountain is an excellent starting point for hikers, providing a scenic base to explore the lake and appreciate its rich wildlife. 


Renowned among birdwatchers, Lake Ichkeul is a sanctuary of numerous migrating bird species during the fall and winter months, offering a captivating spectacle of nature's diverse avian inhabitants. This is an immersive experience where tranquility is guaranteed. 




El Haouaria


Another incredible hike on the coast side, El Haouaria, situated in the Cap Bon region, is a great place where you can move your body and find inner peace. Famous for its cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, El Haouaria guarantees a captivating hike, especially nearby. Much like Ichkeul, El Haouaria is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts, attracting numerous migrating birds during the spring. 




Beyond its natural allure, El Haouaria offers the unique possibility of a spiritual hike with a dedicated spiritual guide. This once-in-a-lifetime hike will allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty and cherish the tranquility of this region away from the bustling cities. 


Tunisia's Hidden Trails: A Haven for Adventurous Hikers



Despite being an overlooked destination for those adventurers seeking authentic and unparalleled hiking experiences, the list of hikes in Tunisia reveals what the country has to offer. From the forests of the northwest to the abandoned Amazigh villages in the middle of nowhere, every hike is an incredible blend of nature, culture, and history.