After being stuck in one lockdown to another, we’ve grown aware of the importance of being outdoors and keeping ourselves active.  Outdoors activities are great for locals as for tourists. Discovering Tunisia while indulging in interesting activities comes as the core mission of WildyNess. That’s why, we show you in this article some outdoor activities you can do in Tunisia. 

Whether you’re looking for a chance to disconnect completely from reality or an opportunity to replenish your soul, we’ve compiled a list of activities for every taste. 

In a nutshell, diving, climbing, caving, kayaking, tilting and zip-lining are the most popular activities. 

Let’s guide you through some of this.

Caving, Discovering the Underground Treasures

As a trill seeker, caving is a very rewarding activity. Even Though caving is not the most popular activity in Tunisia, there are several caving sites : caves, chasms and mine.  This enables you to explore caves and try these sports in a very unique setting.

caving tunisia

Photo Credit: Mabrouk Haoues

Caving in the North of Tunisia: 

In the northern part of the country, you can easily plan for caving. Some of the caving sites come two or three hours away from Tunis. You can, thus, plan for a weekend trip to some of these parts of the country and enjoy caving.Here you can  spend an exceptional day a few meters below the ground (the way Wildyness team did):

  •  the mine of Hammam Zriba (Zaghouan)
  • the cave of Ain Dhab (Siliana)
  •  Ichkeul (Bizerte)
  •  Nefza (Beja)
  • Damous El Karma (Kef) 
  •  Joumine (Bizerte).

Caving in the South of Tunisia: 

If you’re in Southern Tunisia, you may know by now that caving is not synonymous to opting for the cave-like houses in Matmata.  While living there in a house dug underground is one of those indelible experiences, we highly recommend giving caving as an exploring activity a try there. 

Ask your hosts or the locals in the region you’re in for the nearest mine or cave and have fun! 

Usually, Tozeur has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities. Caving can be lost in the midst of other tours and activities. If you want to go out of the box and try something unusual, We highly recommend  the iron mine in Temerza.

Equipment and Precautions for a Safe Experience:

Obviously caving needs some preparations as the underground environment comes with many natural hazards. For instance, darkness, cold and deep water are  very common in caves and mines. That's why careful planning, proper clothing and equipment are essential to ensure your safety.

The list of the items you need to have with you may include: a helmet, some ropes, lighting, a harness, a special caving suit and canyoning boots or shoes. These are the essentials to have to make sure you’re ready and safe. 

Many specialized associations and professional clubs offer caving as an outdoor service. Usually, these entities are trained to perform such activities with risks. So, we highly recommend resorting to them to be 100% safe. 

It goes without saying,  claustrophobic people beware! There are a lot of other outdoor activities you can do without intriguing your phobia. 

Climbing, a Rewarding Sport for a Mind of Steel


Usually considered as an outdoor activity for the bold hearts, climbing is above all an art and a state of mind. When you climb, you surpass yourself and you train your brain to concentrate and work in correlation with all parts of your body. Indeed, a successful climb requires a continuous effort and an ability to align short and intense movements. 



If you’re already an active person to whom workout is a part of every week routine, you will enjoy trying climbing. This sport works out the whole body and strengthens the muscles of the arms, back, torso, shoulders, abdominal muscles, thighs, buttocks and calves. 

Climbing in the North of Tunisia: 

In Tunisia, climbing is a popular activity in the northern part of the country, known for its rocky mountains. For an extraordinary adventure, we recommend choosing Djebel Zaghouan and Djebel Ressas. 

Zaghouan hosted the first rock climbing club in Tunisia, created in 2012. 

The climbing Equipment Needed for a Safe Climb:

To start climbing, you need to have the right equipment for the activity. The essential items for climbing would be: climbing harness, shoes, chalk bag, climbing pants, t-shirts, a helmet and belaying equipment. Having all of these equipment will ensure the best conditions for your outdoor activity  

If you are sensitive to vertigo, this outdoor activity is not for you. On the other hand, if you wish to confront your fear and go beyond your limits, you can try it with the help of an expert at your side. Do not hesitate to contact professional Tunisian associations to ensure a successful and safe climbing.

Kayaking, a Symbiosis between Pleasure and Fitness in a Natural Environment

Discovering landscapes through kayaking is the best activity for the adventurous and nature lovers. Kayaking in the lakes or the sea can open up opportunities to discover landscapes inaccessible from land.  

In case you’re not into Kayaking, it is good to know that it is a low-impact activity. It targets your fitness, strengths and flexibility. This makes it a tempting outdoor activity especially while you’re in Tunisia. 

Kayaking in Northern Tunisia:

 Tempted by Kayaking in Tunisia? Wildyness team recommends the northern part of Tunisia as a perfect kayaking sites. 

Depending on the weather, we recommend heading to the islet Chikly in the northern part of Tunis Lake. Kayaking in the lake of Chikly can come in a whole plan of spending the day there exploring the Fort and enjoying the scene of wild birds flying high and low. If you’re lucky enough, you will witness planes landing near the main airport and birds intermingling. A scene of modernity, antiquity and nature. 

If you prefer heading to the north east, we recommend Bouhertma, Jendouba, near the dam. The camping center of Bouhertma Outdoors offers kayaking activities which cost about 10dt for 20 minutes. You can also plan for a day trip or a weekend stay in that area to discover it.

If you prefer kayaking in the sea, the nautical clubs of Sousse, Kélibia, Bizerte and Mahdia cater for your needs and preferences. 

The Necessary Equipment for a Safe Kayaking Outing:

On the water, everything is different. Simple and accessible, kayaking is an outdoor activity suitable for adults as for children. However, a life jacket is a mandatory piece of equipment when practicing kayaking. Do not go without it, because you risk falling in the water and the currents can be very strong.

When you opt for professional clubs providing kayaking activities, life jackets are offered for free. 

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Discovering the Marine World Differently

Snorkeling is an activity that allows you to discover the richness of the sea and to explore the marine world in a simple way. While you’re in Tunisia and you’re out of ideas about outdoor activities, snorkeling is a good go-to activity. The crystal clear water and mesmerizing reefs offer you a memorable experience. 

scubadiving tunisia

Photo Credit: Ahed Photography

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean: 

In Tunisia, the best destinations for scuba diving are: the tip of the island of pigeons in Monastir, Africa in Cape Mahdia, Haouaria, the Rock of groupers in Tabarka and the rocks of ras turgueness in Djerba.

The necessary Equipment for a Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:

Unlike scuba diving, which requires proper equipment, snorkeling requires only a mask, snorkel, fins and a wetsuit. Add to that an oxygen tank if you wish to scuba dive.


Pesca Tourism, an Original Adventure Combining Fishermen and Tourists

Tourist fishing or pesca tourism is a recreational activity that offers the possibility to discover the traditional fishing trades. This activity gives you the opportunity to embark on a fishing boat with professionals. 

Generally lasting a few hours, this activity gives you the opportunity to see the working conditions of the fishermen and the fishing techniques they adopt in order to value and preserve the marine environment.

The fisherman is the only master on board. It is important to follow his instructions to ensure your safety. Similarly, wearing integrated floating clothes is essential. 

Pesca Tourism in Tunisia:

In Tunisia, the absence of a legal framework around this activity is a major obstacle to its development. On the other hand, the WWF organization in Tabarka offers you the possibility to discover these jobs and to spend a day in the skin of a marine fisherman. 

Horseback Riding, Discovering Beautiful Landscapes 

Horseback riding is an activity that everyone enjoys. In Tunisia, horse riding is usually done either in equestrian clubs or in certain touristic areas. In the Sahara or on the beach, this outdoor activity guarantees a satisfying feeling of reconnecting with nature. 

Horse ride tunisia

Horseback Riding in Tunisia: 

You can easily find where to horse ride all over Tunisia. In southern Tunisia, this activity is particularly beautiful and enjoyable. 

Here is where you can enjoy this activity: 

  •  the Sahara
  • the Ksours 
  •  the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental 
  • the Chotts 
  • the mountain oases. 

These horseback riding tours in southern Tunisia are very well known and allow you to cross the spectacular desert dunes. 

This activity is also practiced in the Nefza Basket, Chebeika and Djerba as well as in other magical places. 

Do not hesitate to contact associations and hiking clubs to find out about the next horseback ride. You won't regret it!

Paragliding, a Breath of Freedom and Magnificent Views

Want to discover the magic of flight? Paragliding is one of the most popular and adventurous outdoor activities in Tunisia. To be able to practice it, you only need to pull together your guts and unleash your adventurous side.  

Accompanied by a professional pilot, paragliding guarantees you a feeling of freedom. 

Paragliding Tunisia

Photo Credit: Flying Tunisia

Paragliding in Tunisia: 

In Tunisia, you can do this outdoor activity in many places. In the coastal side of the country, you can check the beaches where paragliding is provided. You can find it in Cap Angela Raf Raf in Bizerte. 

If you want to do paragliding far from the sea side, Zaghouan and Tozeur are the places to be.  Intense sensations and breathtaking await you. 

Bungee jumping,  a Guaranteed Adrenaline Rush

Another outdoor activity you can enjoy in Tunisia: bungee jumping. But, it’s important to note that you need an expert to do it. So please, never do this activity alone. This allows you to enjoy an exceptional experience in complete safety. 

Bungee jumping Tunisia

Taking flight with the help of a tight and rigid rope is one of those activities you do at least once in your lifetime. 

To do this outdoor activity, you only need to have the required weight: between 45 kg to 100 kg. 

Bungee jumping in Tunisia: 

In Tunisia, you can practice them in Cap Angela, Djebel Zaghouan and Djebel Chaanbi. You can contact the caving and climbing association of Zaghouan to enjoy moments full of adventures and high emotions, in complete safety.

Zip-lining, an Affordable Pleasure for Everyone

Zip-lining is an outdoor activity that is usually practiced between two mountain peaks. It’s one of those activities where you feel you’re bird free. You may have your reservations. You may be scared or hesitant. But, remember, never judge before experiencing. 

zip linning Tunisia

Photo Credit: Zammour Trekking

Zip-lining in Tunisia: 

In Tunisia, this activity is often practiced in Djebel Zaghouan in Sidi Medien. You can also do zip-lining in Testour, Siliana and Tozeur.  All equipment are provided by the organizer so you only need a comfortable outfit.

This activity is suitable for everyone, depending on the destination. For a safe activity, don't hesitate to contact a zip line club in Tunisia. 

Cycle Tourism, Enjoying Natural Wonders while Being Active 

Being an athlete or an active person comes with a lot of blessings especially when you travel. Your mindset and body are aligned with the idea of combining sports with tourism. Cycle tourism is a unique way to discover new landscapes.

Biking Tunisia

While you’re in Tunisia, cycle tourism is the activity you want to do. The country is abundant with unique landscapes and regions. You can easily create your own itinerary, prepare yourself and enjoy biking and discovering. 

Cycle Tourism in Tunisia: 

In Tunisia, you can contact the cycling club in Sousse which offers various activities. Among the known itineraries we find the circuit of Douz towards Ksar Guilane and the circuir of Toujene, Matmata towards Gabes.

The equipment Needed for this Outdoor Activity:

The choice of the bike, with which you will go on a trip, must be adapted to such an activity.

For this, choose special bicycles with large wheels depending on the type of route you will take. For a safe and rewarding adventure, it is important to bring with you the appropriate equipment: a GPS, 2 air chambers in case of a puncture, a repair kit, a frame pump, a pocket knife, a wrench and a cloth. In addition, it is essential to wear the appropriate clothing taking into consideration the meteorological conditions. 

outdoor activities Tunisia

Outdoors Activities to Reconnect with Nature

Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular as they offer a lot of advantages. By adopting this kind of activity, you will reduce your everyday stress and enjoy some much needed adrenaline. 

For an unforgettable encounter with nature, people practice outdoor activities in the mountains and forests in order to benefit from fresh air. Nature is a source of motivation and well-being, especially for those who give up easily! We recommend that you contact specialized associations and professional clubs in order to enjoy these unique experiences in complete safety.