The Bouhlel Hike

Bouhlel, Degache

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9 kilometers



4 hours



487 meters



487 meters





The Bouhlel Hike is the must-do hike for movie buffs who love Star Wars, The English Patient and Indiana Jones or grew up watching them and cannot forget about them. Apart to the movies, the hike is also so scenic and offers an amazing landscape experience in the whole region.

If you are planning your southern Tunisian tour based on your favorite cult movies, don't hesitate to add this hiking tour to your itineraries. Already in Tozeur and want to explore the city differently? An easy hike can add adrenaline to your stay while bringing you into the fantasy world we all love. 


About Bouhlel Hike

The Bouhlel Hike is a well laid out hiking trail where you can go in a group to enjoy the breathtaking location and majesty of nature and history. Enjoy this majestic and deserted valley and observe marine fossils and stratified rocks that date back millions of years.

To enjoy your hike, try not to miss the sunset. Following the GPS on the hike, you can use the table set in the summit to watch the sunset while snacking on something. 

If you're not sure about going on your own without a guide, WildyNess provides one of our local hiking guides. Contact us, so we give you more details about their availability and contact information.


The Best Time to Hike Bouhlel Canyons

Bouhlel Hike is best done in the fall and spring when it is not hot and avoid the heat wave. 

That means, the best time of the year is from October to April.


Access & Directions

The direct GPS hiking address is now accessible via Google Map. This was done in the context of the development and marking of this circuit by the WildyNess team and its partners. 



How to Get to Bouhlel

Here are some directions that can help you: 

From Tozeur, take the direction of Chott el Jerid. 

On the road, you will find a sign where "Dghoumes" is indicated. Turn left, go straight for 2.1 km then left. 

After a few minutes, you will see the house of the marabout Sidi Bouhlel. This is how you know you reached your destination. 



How Long Does It Take to Get to Bouhlel?

From Tunis to Tozeur: about 7 hours by car 

From Tozeur to Bouhlel: about 20 minutes 



Practical information

Duration (on average) : 2 to 4 hours. It depends on your pace and the part of the hike you would like to take.

Distance : from 4 to 9 km

Path: Rocky. Hiking shoes or good sneakers are a must!

Technique: Relatively easy

Itinerary : Circular hike


Local Guide
Snacks and Food



What clothes should I bring?
hiking boots, hat, backpack
Do I need a hiking gear?
mini-pharmacy, a camera or your phone to keep a souvenir of the excursion.

Hike Location

Bouhlel, Degache


Based on 2 reviews
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Sarah Lafon

Sarah Lafon

20/02/2024 13:10

Bouhlel Hike

Today was also good, though a little shorter than expected... only about two hours, The guide was super friendly, and overall a good experience, thanks very much for organizing, I wouldn't have known who to call down here on my own
Nadia Tarhouni

Nadia Tarhouni

12/10/2022 02:40

Des paysages à couper leSouffle 🙏

A perfect place to discover 🙏 The view is amazing , an unforgettable sunset … It was perfect ! THANK you wildyness ♥️
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