Carpet Weaving Workshop in The Heart of La Medina Of Kairouan

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In the heart of Tunisia, Kairouan invites you to the finest Tunisian craftsmanship. It’s your golden opportunity to immerse yourself in this age-old tradition of carpet weaving from A to Z and get a glimpse of the cultural life of this enchanting city.


Our carpet crafting workshop makes sure you have an authentic and memorable experience while getting the most of your trip to Kairouan. 




About this Experience in Kairouan : 


Located in the Heart of La Medina, Kairouan


For an extra dose of authenticity, the atelier is nestled in the historic Medina of Kairouan. You will be stepping into a world of creativity thanks to the charming traditional space adorned with vibrant textiles and wooden looms. 


Led by Master Artisans


This is a personalized carpet crafting workshop that keeps in mind your level of knowledge and expertise. The artisans, with years of expertise under their belts, have extensive experience in teaching and guiding people from all walks of life and with different learning purposes.


Your assigned artisan will walk you through the secrets of selecting the finest wool, the intricacies of traditional loom set-up, and the symbolism woven into each pattern.



Hands-On Experience



This is a carpet crafting workshop where only watching is not an option. You will scrutinize the artisans behind the loom as they pick the wool, frame it and then weave it, while making sure you grasp most of the steps and their significance. 


Then you will be invited to take the lead and unleash your hidden weaving skills by feeling the softness of the wool between your fingers, enjoying the rhythmic beat of the loom, and creating a shape out of the colorful threads. 



Cultural Insights Through Tunisian Patterns 


Beyond the loom, absorb the cultural significance of carpet weaving in Tunisian society. In this workshop, you are guaranteed insightful discussions about the historical context, stories behind the patterns, and the role of carpets in local traditions.


From geometric shapes representing cultural symbols to vibrant color combinations, you'll know a bit about the rich tapestry of Tunisian design.


Create Your Masterpiece


During the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to create your own small carpet, a concrete memory of your journey into the world of Tunisian craftsmanship. This unique piece will serve as a cherished reminder of your experience.


For Whom? 


- Artistic Explorers: This weaving workshop in Kairouan is specially curated for those who find joy in the tactile world of craftsmanship. If you have a penchant for exploring traditional arts and crafts, this workshop invites you to delve into the intricate world of Tunisian weaving.



- Eco-Conscious Travelers: Beyond traditional tourism, this workshop is made for those who are looking to foster deeper connection with local culture. Weaving is one of the sustainable practices our ancestors strove to maintain and hand from one generation to another. 



- Cultural Seekers: For those who travel to get informed knowledge about the new destination, this workshop invites you to know more about Kairouan's rich weaving heritage while making your first baby step into this art. 



- Solo Adventurers, Friends, and Families: This workshop caters for all types of travelers. Whether you're embarking on a solo adventure, exploring with friends, or seeking a unique family experience, this workshop makes sure you have an enjoyable experience in Kairouan. 


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Enjoy the experience!

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