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Hi, I'm Ghazi

Ghazi is a Math Teacher. Raised and born in Kerkennah, Ghazi is a true sea-lover and cannot spend too much time away from it. He owns a traditional fishing boat in Kerkennah, with which he usually goes fishing around.

Reviews from guests

Caroline Gluck

Caroline Gluck

27/07/2022 16:56

Learn Fishing Techniques in Kerkennah

What a fantastic morning, spent in the company of fisherman, Ghazi, as he explained traditional fishing techniques of Kerkenneh Islands and life in general on the island. While it was a struggle to wake up so early, the amazing light and beautiful calm of the sunrise made it so worthwhile. Ghazi also works as a teacher and is patient and friendly as he explains the traditional fishing culture on Kerkenneh, which is a historic cultural intangible practice. We went fishing for mullet but also caught sbaras (small fish) and crab. (He also explained that one crab, which originated from outside Tunisia is known as "daesh" (ISIL) as it eats/kills many fish who would normally have their grounds on the waters around Kerkenneh. If you want to really understand the culture and lifestyle of Kerkenneh, this tour is a must. Highly recommended! (Just make sure you organise transport to the meeting point...not easy at that time of day, and not easy in general on the island, where there are few transport options).