Tunisia hosts some of the most old, authentic and mesmerizing Berber villages. Zriba Olia is one of them. Whether for a one-day trip from Tunis or for a weekend escape, Zriba Olia can be a very good destination. 

This Berber village offers you a relaxing break from the hectic modern life and the noisy big cities. Here, time stops when people back in time survived and reconciled with nature. Time stops. Nature speaks louder to your senses. And, your soul is drenched in the quietness of the landscape. 

In this article, Wildyness team unveils the hidden wonders of Zriba Olia and compiles the activities it offers.

Get Ready to Discover Zriba Olia: 

Berber villages rhyme well with adventures. Ruins, abandoned landscape and collapsed old houses are there to offer you something different.  A unique experience full of discovery.  The secrets of this corner of Tunisia offer breathtaking landscapes and a poignant view that leaves no visitor hungry. 

Here, nature testifies the ancestors while remaining virgin to modern inhabitants. This is what makes it special. The air is pure and fresh. The landscapes are rebellious and invasive. 

Zriba Olia is a magical place where you can't get enough of the beauty of its landscapes and the purity of its air. An extraordinary visit awaits you, full of charm, tranquility and discovery.

Discover the Ruins of a Berber Village on Foot

Zriba Olia is the perfect destination for a one-day trip from Tunis. It is located 60km away. Once you reach Zaghouan, you find yourself there in ten kilometers. And, when you see the city name of Hammam Zriba, you know you’re almost in Zriba. 

Founded in the 16th century, Zriba Olia  is built between two rocky peaks of Djebel Zriba at an altitude of 300 meters. It is a small village of almost 2 hectares, from which it is possible to take a walk.Despite the abandoned beauties, such as the great mosque, this small village has kept the ancestral wonders to preserve the charm of Zriba Olia. 

Despite the abandoned beauties, such as the great mosque, this small village has kept the ancestral wonders to preserve the charm of Zriba Olia. 

A Breathtaking View of the Entire Village  

The attractiveness and delicacy of this village stem from its ancient and unique aspect. Zriba Olia preserves, at the present time, an exceptional setting with yellow stone houses. This gives, in fact, an unparalleled  charm to this region.

Walking down the steep main street and up the stairs, you reach the top of a hill that offers a view of the entire village. With four small domes framing a large central courtyard, which is the zaouïa of the Saint of the village, Sidi Abdel Kader Jilani. 

Almost empty, the village hosts 4 or 5 families, be it about twenty inhabitants. This gives it a very calm setting where visitors can enjoy sightseeing without stumbling on tourist crowds or busy local life. It’s not really a given to explore such places when we are used to visiting famous spots or modern cities. And, that’s why, we highly recommend climbing the hill to enjoy the landscape and take a breath far from the madding crowd. 

Take an Easy and Scenic Hike 

The best way to explore a unique Berber village is hiking. A hike of 6 to 10 km is more than enough to explore the landscape and to eventually reach an impressive view of the neighboring mountains like Zaghouan.

In order to fully enjoy the walk, local guides are available to introduce you to the hidden secrets of their village. Here, simplicity is combined with beauty.

The hike in Zriba Olia is accessible to everyone. As it doesn’t need much physical effort, you cannot use any excuse to refrain from taking a walk in the city and its hill. There is nothing more beautiful than walking through the narrow streets of this beautiful Berber village while enjoying a panoramic view from both sides. The landscape of Jebel Zaghouan and the mountain range offer an exceptional feeling that adds a magnetic charm to the region. 

Take Time to Contemplate a Sunset

After a tiring day full of discovery, nothing is more satisfying than admiring the sunset at Zriba Olia. You are here for relaxation, a feeling that we don’t truly experience in all of our trips. But, Zriba Olia has its magic to bring relaxation to your mind and soul. 

It's hard to remain indifferent to the natural beauty of this breathtaking sunset.  On an incredible landscape, in front of a mountain range and farmland, the harmony of a color palette is deeply melancholic and poetic.

And since a little introspection is never too much, Zriba Olia offers you the unsuspected richness of this outdoor show. If you’re into history and old houses, your trip is transformed to a therapeutic session.


A Traditional and Healthy Lunch in the Heart of the Village, Zriba Olia

The organically grown food of Zriba Olia is served in the café-restaurant in the heart of this small Berber village.

In the center of Zriba Olia, a healthy and balanced lunch is available so that you can enjoy the traditional dishes of the region.

Made with love and passion, these dishes preserve the nutritional quality of their production, as they are picked at the last moment to ensure the freshness of the products.

Bonus 1: Go for a Hammam at Hammam Zriba

Hammam Zriba is a hydrotherapy center par excellence. Open 24 hours a day, it uses the ancient therapeutic method cherished and appreciated by the inhabitants of the region.

Indeed, Hammam Zriba is a thermal establishment that preserves energy by using water and the affordable gas. 

The hammam is more than a bath. It ensures physical well-being and treats joint and muscle pain, rheumatism and heart failure. 

To get there, nothing could be easier than following the road to Zaghouan. Following the C28 road, drive to C133 and continue straight to your destination. From Tunis, it will only take an hour and 8 minutes to drive there, with beautiful scenery on both sides all along the way.

Crédit Photo: Makrem Larnaout

Bonus 2 : Observing the Milky Way

Unfortunately, the observation of the Milky Way is not possible in all the places on the globe. But, reaching this region in the world offers you the opportunity to observe it. For photography lovers and nature enthusiasts, the night outing to Zriba Olia allows you to enjoy an extraordinary starry sky in a quiet and peaceful setting. 

Since this wonderful village is far away from lights and crowded cities, the Milky Way is visible almost all year round. If the weather is not cloudy, you will have an exceptional appointment under a surprising sky.  A paradise for photography enthusiasts


Zriba Olia, a Panorama of Mountains, but not only... 

Zriba Olia is an exceptional destination that combines simplicity and beauty in a magical place. This ancient Berber village offers us a brief feeling of plenitude and assured zenitude.

That's why this little wonder is often chosen for the shooting of several films and soap operas like Galb Edhib. Thanks to a unique and calm setting, the psychological contribution that this place brings is non-negligible.

Do not hesitate to savor the charm of this small village next weekend, and you will never regret it.