Zaghouan a été désignée capitale du tourisme alternatif pour plusieurs raisons. Libérez-vous du stress de la vie quotidienne et profitez d'un séjour original, fabuleux et extraordinaire à Zaghouan, votre nouvelle destination préférée ! 


Le calme et la tranquillité sont garantis si vous choisissez Dar Aida comme lieu d'hébergement. Cette maison d'hôtes exceptionnelle vous propose une cuisine typique de la région de Zaghouan et se situe au cœur des montagnes.

How to Get to Zaghouan?

Zaghouan is located about 50 kilometers from Tunis on the northern slopes of Djebel Zaghouan. By car, it takes about an hour to get to the city. To get there, take the road of the Military Hospital in the direction of the intercommunal South. Then drive on the RN3 towards Ben Arous, El Mourouj, Mohammedia and Djebel Oust then take the C133 road towards Rue el Ouard in Zaghouan center. 

To take full advantage of the breathtaking views, don't hesitate to take the train from Tunis Station to Zaghouan. The journey takes only one hour and allows you to observe the beauty of the landscape throughout your comfortable journey. It is also good to know that there are two trains a day from Tunis Station to Depienne. You can then take a cab directly to Zaghouan.


There is also a bus that allows you to enjoy the exceptional landscape along your route. From Beb alioua, a bus to the city of Zaghouan is always available. Once you arrive in the city after a 50 minute ride, you can start discovering the treasures of this destination.



Getting Lost in the Streets of the Andalusian Medina: 

To visit Zaghouan is to enjoy a bucolic day in the heart of a superb city that preserves its Andalusian heritage jealously . At the beginning of the 17th century, the Andalusian community built a beautiful Medina filled with handsome residences and narrow streets. 

One cannot talk about the Medina of this admirable city without mentioning the Great Mosque of Zaghouan. This religious monument rises in the center of the Medina and is accessed by a staircase in the street Sidi Ali Azouz. 

Enjoy the Many “instgrammable” Palces in the City

Zaghouan is full of beautiful places and exceptional settings for photography lovers. Let's mention in this regard the entrance of the zaouïa Sidi Ali Azouz. Recognizable by its pyramidal dome with green tiles and its richly decorated door, this mausoleum is distinguished by its walls decorated with beautiful earthenware in bright colors. It is located right in the middle of the Medina.  

While walking in the area, you will also find colorful stairs with a unique look. In different alleys such as Nahj El Koucha, you will also find colorful umbrellas attached to cables for an original and unique decorative touch. 


In the street Sidi Ali Azouz near the mosque, a visit of the Umbrella Sky is essential. This perfectly instagrammable place is characterized by its umbrellas of all colors suspended from cables above your head. This art project is called Umbrella Sky and brings a lot of charm to the area, especially at night.



Drinking a Coffee in the Old Charming Café de Riadh El Andalous


In the street Sidi Ali Azouz, there is a café that’s famous for its hookahs. After 400 years of history in the authentic Andalusian quarter, this traditional café offers tasty coffees and mint teas in a very special and original setting.

Try Zaghouan's Specialty: Kaak Ouarka Bennesri

Head to the city’s heights, where you will find rosehip flower distillers, a widespread tradition in Zaghouan. The water of the rosehip pleasantly perfumes delicious local pastries such as the kaak Ouarka. You will find this pastry everywhere in the souks and houses of this wonderful city. Many people make a special trip to enjoy Zaghouan's exceptional kaak Ouarka. 

Useful and Practical Tips to Enjoy an Exceptional Stay:

Zaghouan is one of the most beautiful destinations in Tunisia. Its geographical location near an extraordinary mountain range gives it a unique and Andalusian aspect. It dominates a vast agricultural plain and is established on the slope of the Djebel Zaghouan. Because of this, we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers, as it is known as the city of stairs. 

The Different Water Sources of Zaghouan:

The fascinating history of Zaghouan and its water goes back more than 2000 years. One can admire the famous Roman aqueducts called the arcades of Hnaya in town. At the time, these gigantic constructions were intended to lead water from the city's springs to Carthage. This destination attracts more and more tourists from all over the world mainly through its natural resources and its hammams, such as the famous Hammam Zriba. 


Two kilometers away from the city, you can visit the Temple of the Waters built by Hadrian around 130 AD at the mainspring of Zaghouan. Embedded in the mountain, this construction is filled with clean drinking water fountains, which are open to the general public.

Dar Aida: a Guesthouse like no other!

Dar Aida is a guest house in the heart of Zaghouan located at 9 Rue Hedi Chaker. Discover this little marvel nestled at the foot of the mountain, and live a unique and enriching experience by tasting the specialties of the region. Located a few meters from the Mausoleum of Sidi Ali Azouz, Dar Aida offers a warm atmosphere and exceptional service. 

Built in stone, its hosts prepare a delicately perfumed cuisine. If you love forest walks, nature, archaeological sites and Berber villages, you are at the right address to spend a memorable stay. 

Zriba Olia : a Very Special and Ancient Berber Village

At the foot of Djebel Zaghouan, Zriba Olia is one of the most popular cities for travelers looking for an adventure. This magical place, with its breathtaking landscapes, offers you a poignant and beautiful view. Located about three kilometers south of Hammam Zriba, this Berber village is renowned for its architectural richness that remains engraved on the rocks. 


Zaghouan : A visit Full of Adventure and Enrichment

The landscapes and nature of Zaghouan make it a dream destination. In a very original setting, this small village contains many treasures that will seduce visitors from all over the world. Don't hesitate to visit its Andalusian Medina, Nahj El Koucha, to discover its multicolored umbrellas, to try Kaak Ouarka and to taste the waters of the pure springs that are hidden everywhere in Zaghouan.  Finally, in order to fully enjoy your stay, head to Dar Aida, which welcomes you with joy and will allow you to spend a pleasant moment in this magnificent city.