Yoga is more than a trend; it's a lifestyle choice gaining momentum in Tunisia, with the wildyNess team at the forefront, championing movement and a return to roots. As the year of yoga unfolds, we're excited to guide both locals and tourists to the best spots for practicing yoga across the country. 


Whether you're aiming to maintain your fitness routine while exploring Tunisia or looking to integrate yoga into your free time,, our curated list of top yoga places offers something for everyone. From serene studios in Hammamet to vibrant classes in Tunis, this guide ensures you stay connected with your practice, embracing its numerous benefits from stress reduction to enhanced flexibility.


Studios Yoga in La Marsa 


For La Marsa, you need to put in a bit of effort to find yoga events. Daily yoga practice is a bit hard anyway. And while some gyms offer yoga classes tailored to different levels and interests, most of the yoga sessions and trainings are held by private yoga teacher in unique settings such as beaches, parks, and guest houses or private one, meaning their houses. 


yoga studios tunisia


These events offer a distinct and immersive experience, transforming the practice into something truly special. These events, often curated by yoga teachers, aim to blend the physical benefits of yoga with the healing aspects of nature and serene environments.


To ensure you're always up-to-date with the latest yoga events, consider joining Facebook groups dedicated to yoga in the area. Groups like "Yoga et Méditation en Tunisie" and "Yoga for Charity" are excellent resources, frequently sharing information on special events and connecting members with private yoga instructors. These communities are not only great for finding yoga classes, but also for fostering a sense of belonging among yoga enthusiasts in La Marsa.



Espace Regaïa 


Address: 3 rue victor Hugo , La Marsa, Tunisia

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities: Ayurveda, self-connection, massotherapy, deep self-care, safe feminine circles, breathwork 


Espace Regaïa transcends the traditional yoga studio model to offer a sanctuary specifically designed for women. Under the guidance of its founder, Cyrine Kharrat, a passionate advocate for sacred knowledge, health education, and the creation of safe spaces, this studio is dedicated to the empowerment and well-being of women.


regaia yoga tunis


Cyrine Kharrat's vision for Espace Regaïa is clear: to provide a nurturing environment where women can safely explore their vulnerabilities, strengthen their connection to their true selves, and embark on an inward  journey of self-discovery and healing. It's more than a place for physical exercise; it's a community where women can find support, empowerment, and the tools they need for holistic well-being.


At Espace Regaïa, the practice of Pilates is just the beginning. The studio offers a holistic approach to wellness with activities such as Ayurveda, self-connection practices, massotherapy for deep self-care, safe feminine circles, and breathwork. These offerings are crafted to support women in exploring their inner selves, addressing deep-seated fears, and fostering a profound understanding of their bodies.



California Gym La Marsa 


Address: 2ème étage, centre commercial Zephyr, Av. Habib Bourguiba, Marsa 2070

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities: LesMills ( bodypump, RPM, bodycombat …), CG ( yoga, zumba, abdos fessiers ) et training CG ( cross training,TRX, HBX-Boxing)



Whether you want to practice yoga and pilates or you want to diversify their workout routine, California Gym is the place to be. As a local chain of gyms, California Gym has succeeded in building a positive reputation and attracting people with different interests and levels in a vibrant and supportive environment.


california gym tunisia


From LesMills classes like bodypump, RPM, and bodycombat to CG-specific offerings including yoga, zumba, and targeted strength training, as well as intensive training options like cross training, TRX, and HBX-Boxing, California Gym La Marsa is the go-to place for those looking to challenge themselves and take their fitness to the next level.



Studios Yoga in Tunis 


Houdou Yoga Space - La Soukra 


Address: 77 bis avenue Fattouma Bourguiba, La Soukra, Tunisia

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities: sonotherapy, Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga 


Houdou Yoga Space in La Soukra emerges as a serene retreat for those seeking harmony and wellness in Tunis. Beyond offering Pilates, this intimate studio is a sanctuary for sonotherapy, Qi Gong, and Hatha Yoga, embracing practices that nurture both body and spirit.


houdou yoga studio tunis lac


The decor at Houdou Yoga Space is genuinely authentic, designed to inspire your yoga practice, invite deep relaxation, and cultivate positive energy. Each element of the home studio has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance the yogic journey, making it a perfect escape for anyone looking to find inner peace, balance, and a sense of community in their wellness routine.



Yoga the Loft - Lac 


Address: The LOFT 12 rue du lac Turkana les berges du lac 1, Tunis, Tunisia

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities: sound therapy, dance, meditation practice,  Air Yoga,  Ashtanga Yoga, Salsa dance, and more.



Whether you're a seasoned yogi, a dance enthusiast, or someone curious about the transformative power of sound therapy and meditation, Yoga the Loft - Lac is the place to be while in Tunis. A haven for people preoccupied with their mental and physical health, It's a place where every activity is an opportunity to explore and enhance your well-being, surrounded by a community that values good habits, mental health, and the sheer joy of movement.


If access is an issue, their special events, built on spiritual concepts and guaranteed to uplift, are accessible through their social media pages, ensuring everyone can join in the good vibes and holistic wellness journey.


FitYogaProf - Menzah 


Address: 5 rue de jeune foyer el menzah 1, Tunis, Tunisia

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities: fly yoga, professional training for trainees,  astrology jyotish, kurunta yoga, and more 


FitYogaProf, nestled in El Menzah 1 near Ariana region and down town, stands out as a pioneering yoga center in Tunis, not only offering Pilates but also specializing in an array of unique practices. As the premier center for both ground-based and Aerial Yoga (AIR Yoga) in Tunisia, FitYogaProf caters to those looking to enhance their health, performance, and mental clarity. 


fit yoga fly yoga tunisia


The center is also renowned for its professional training programs for yoga instructors, in collaboration with the Yoga Alliance Americaine, making it a beacon for serious practitioners with years of experience and those aspiring to teach. Alongside, it delves into the spiritual with astrology jyotish, and the dynamic kurunta yoga, among other activities, providing a holistic approach to wellness and personal growth.


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Yogini Box


Address: 7 rue abou atahia, Tunis, Tunisia

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities: fly yoga, yoga for beginners


Yogini Box, located in Mutuelle Ville is a welcoming haven for both budding and seasoned yogis. Offering Pilates and specialties like fly yoga and beginner-friendly yoga classes, this cozy studio is the perfect spot for anyone looking to dive deep into their yoga practice while forming meaningful connections. What truly sets Yogini Box apart is its friendly staff, who create an inviting atmosphere that encourages growth, learning, and camaraderie.


yoginibox tunisia yoga spots


Ideal for those serious about their yoga journey and eager to be part of a close-knit community, Yogini Box promises an enriching experience where making friends is as integral to the practice as the poses themselves.




Be Yoga, Sidi Bousaid 


Address: Sidi Bou Said, 2026

Pilates : No 

Other activities:  Iyengar Yoga, Hata Yoga, Yin Yoga and more


Be Yoga, nestled in the picturesque Sidi Bou Said, is more than just a studio; it's a sanctuary where every day of the week is dedicated to the exploration and practice of yoga. Be Yoga focuses on a rich variety of yoga styles including Iyengar Yoga, Hata Yoga, and Yin Yoga, catering to practitioners of all levels and ages. 


The studio goes beyond general classes to offer specialized sessions such as therapeutic yoga for back pain and stress relief, yoga for seniors, children, and teenagers, as well as meditation practice and pranayama practices, and the deeply restorative Yoga Nidra. Be Yoga is a welcoming space for everyone seeking to deepen their yoga practice in a supportive and serene environment.


Yoga in La Medina 


Morning Yoga Session & Brunch


Address: N/M but in one of the Medina’s guest houses 

Pilates : No 

Other activities:  healthy brunch



Yoga and Brunch in La Medina, Tunis, offers a refined approach to Sundays by integrating the serenity of yoga with the depth of traditional Tunisian cuisine. This distinctive event is not merely a gathering in a conventional studio but an immersive cultural experience set within the historic ambiance of a Tunisian residence. As you navigate the storied pathways of La Medina, the aromatic allure of Tunisian dishes invites you from the homes you pass, setting the stage for a morning of gentle yoga practice followed by a meticulously prepared brunch.


yoga la medina


To partake in this exclusive event, prior reservation is essential. This prerequisite ensures a bespoke experience for each attendee, facilitating a tranquil yoga session and a relaxed brunch in the unique setting of La Medina.


For those seeking an alternative Sunday activity that combines mindfulness with culinary delight, Yoga and Brunch in La Medina represents an ideal opportunity. Advance booking is required to secure your experience in this harmonious blend of cultural enrichment, physical wellness, and gastronomic pleasure.


Yoga Studios in Sousse 

The YOGA Studio 


Address: Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa Port El Kantaoui, El Kantaoui، Sousse 4089

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities:  Pilates Air, Yoga Anti stress 


Nestled in the picturesque setting of Sousse, this yoga studio not only offers a chance to engage in physical activity but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in a peaceful environment, conducive to personal growth and relaxation. Whether you're looking to maintain your practice or embark on a new inward journey, The YOGA Studio provides the perfect setting to do so, complemented by the expertise of its instructors and the natural beauty of its location.


yoga sousse


With a diverse range of classes including Pilates, Pilates Air, and Yoga Anti-stress, the studio caters to a variety of preferences and needs, all aimed at promoting stress relief and physical well-being. The instructors at The YOGA Studio are well-versed in Hatha, Iyengar, and various Pilates styles, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience for each participant.



California Gym, Sousse 


Address: Centre commercial Tej Marhaba Sousse، 4000

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities:  LesMills ( bodypump, RPM, bodycombat …), CG ( yoga, zumba, abdos fessiers ) et training CG ( cross training,TRX, HBX-Boxing)


California Gym in Sousse is a vibrant fitness hub located in the bustling Centre commercial Tej Marhaba. Known for its comprehensive approach to wellness, the gym offers a wide array of activities, ensuring that every visitor finds something to suit their fitness journey. Among its diverse offerings, Pilates stands out as a core activity, perfect for those looking to strengthen their body and improve flexibility in a focused, low-impact way.


yoga sousse gym


The center also caters to the needs of those looking for high-intensity options with its CG training programs. These include cross training, TRX, and HBX-Boxing, offering dynamic ways to build strength, endurance, and agility. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to Sousse, California Gym provides a comprehensive and welcoming environment for everyone to explore a range of fitness and wellness activities, all under one roof.



Yoga Studios in Hammamet 


Yoga Hammamet


Address: N/M exclusive on WildyNess

Pilates : No 

Other activities:  Meditation practice


Positioned in a tranquil setting with views of the Mediterranean Sea, the yoga classes in Hammamet cater to all levels under the guidance of a dedicated yoga teacher, ensuring an enriching experience regardless of your expertise.


yoga hammamet retreat


Ideal for both individuals and groups, this venue serves as a sanctuary for meditation and serenity, where you can deeply connect with yourself in a peaceful environment. Following your yoga practice, which promises to replenish your soul and ease your body, the experience extends to a café located just downstairs. Here, you can conclude your session with a healthy brunch, perfectly complementing your inward journey of relaxation and wellness.


This unique blend of scenic beauty, expert guidance, and wholesome nourishment in Hammamet creates a holistic experience, inviting you to embrace tranquility and well-being amidst your Tunisian adventure.


Connect + Hammamet Nabeul 


Address: Avenue hedi nouira diar skander 8050 Hammamet, Tunisie

Pilates : Yes 

Other activities:  Zumba, Afro Dance, Oriental Dance, Les Milles Trainings 


Situated in the picturesque locale of Hammamet, Connect+ provides both locals and visitors with an opportunity to connect with others, explore new forms of movement, and maintain their wellness routines in a welcoming and inspiring setting.


yoga hammamet


This fitness and wellness center offers a sanctuary for those looking to engage in Pilates, renowned for its effectiveness in enhancing flexibility, core strength, and overall body awareness in a mindful, controlled setting. No free time with this Gym. Beyond Pilates, Connect+ is a vibrant cultural hub, offering a diverse array of activities that cater to a wide range of interests and fitness levels. Participants can immerse themselves in the rhythmic energy of Zumba, explore the expressive movements of Afro Dance, or embrace the grace and tradition of Oriental Dance, each class contributing to the studio's dynamic atmosphere.


Yoga Events in Zaghouan 


Yoga & Wellness Special Event in Zriba Olia


Address: Zriba Olia

Pilates : No 

Other activities:  Meditation practice, sound therapy, hike


The Yoga & Wellness Special Event in Zriba Olia offers an extraordinary journey back to roots, set within an Amazigh village known for its rich heritage and natural beauty. This event is not just a yoga gathering; it's a deep dive into the essence of tranquility, connecting participants with the ancient land and its traditions through yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and hikes.


zriba olia zaghouan yoga


Zriba Olia, with its Amazigh roots, provides a uniquely authentic backdrop for this wellness retreat, inviting attendees to explore Tunisia’s indigenous culture while engaging in practices that nurture body, mind, and spirit in the most natural and profound ways.



Don’t miss the chance of practicing yoga wherever you are


For those living in Tunisia, the variety of studios and gyms across the country offer a consistent and diverse practice, integrating traditional yoga with modern fitness trends like Pilates. Meanwhile, visitors will find that yoga events, particularly those offering on-demand classes in unique locations like La Medina, serve as an exceptional choice. These special sessions not only provide flexibility and a chance to practice yoga, but also an opportunity to immerse in Tunisia's culture and landscapes. Whether you're seeking a regular class or a one-time event that connects you with the local vibe and extraordinary circumstances, Tunisia's yoga scene ensures a holistic and enriching experience for everyone.