A missed weekend is worse than a Monday. That’s for sure! But, we usually think that having a good weekend requires hours of preparation. Let’s debunk this: if you're in Tunis, just keep yourself updated with the activities available, buy your tickets and forget about the housework.  


Resting and relaxing is good. Making the most of your weekends is better. Weekdays swing between work responsibilities and the complexities of personal life. We all need some time to devote to our well-being and fulfillment. Weekends are supposed to be made for this. 


Start planning your weekends now! 


Learning Workshops: 


Learning new skills is always a good idea. Say goodbye to the deadly routine and step out of your comfort zone with interesting learning activities.  


WildyNess recommends a few workshops for you and your children, if you have any. 


Sculpture Workshop


Translating an idea to a sculpture is an art. Making your first sculpture can be life challenging, but also satisfying. To proceed as smoothly as possible, attending a workshop can help you quickly understand the basics of this art.


pottery workshop tunis


Not far from Tunis, you can book two hours of sculpting at Sodfa Lifestore and learn the art of creating your own 3D decorative items. 


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Pottery Workshop in La Medina

Getting your hands in the dirt may, or not, validate your interest in learning about modeling and pottery. Until you learn then try the basic techniques, you can't hold judgment toward this art. 


pottery workshop tunis la medina


As it changed the lives of our grandparents, this ancestral art can change ours even after centuries of modernization. In the heart of la Medina, meet your mentor, who is also the founder of an association dedicated to the ceramic art, and let her guide you through this art and its history. 


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Initiate yourself to Calligraphy


Are you interested in calligraphy, an art that transforms your writing while teaching you the art of communication? Calligraphy workshops are perfectly adapted to your skills so that you can have fun while discovering. 


calligraphy tunis workshop


How about two hours of calligraphy lessons in the Medina of Tunis? Come and learn this special art in the heart of the patio of a fabulous house "Dar Belgacem".


As usual, a professional of this art will guide you so you can go back home clutching your piece of art!


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Take Calligraphy Classes for All Levels In Lac 1: 


Are you more serious about your calligraphy skills and want to hone them from one level to another? Sodfa Lifestore gives you the opportunity to book more than one initiation session, so you can learn calligraphy in a more consistent way and level up from one session to the other. 


workshop calligraphy initiation


Located in Lac 1, the place is few kilometers away from any part of the Banlieue Nord, meaning you don’t need to worry about transportation. 



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DIY Workshops (Do-It-Yourself)

Crafting combines passion, skill and freedom. If you lack the know-how, creative workshops are there to help you pursue your passion and achieve the personal fulfillment you seek.  


At first it may seem difficult and complex, maybe uninteresting and unattainable too. Once you get your hands in the pasta, you'll find out that it's totally the opposite: simple, fun and original. These creative arts help you get out of your comfort zone and channel your creativity. 


WildyNess recommends some creative DIY workshops where you can be equipped with the right materials and guidance to facilitate your initiation.  


Transform Glass Bottles into Unique Creations


If there is one reality about the world we’re sure of, it would be the impact of waste on our planet. Glass bottles are not an exception. While glass, as a material, is 100% recyclable, the right measures to turn all glass into recycled items are not fully implemented. 

bottle cutting workshop tunisia


If you care enough about this, you will be happy to hear about this workshop that enables you to turn your glass bottles into unique creations. Instead of throwing your wine, beer or water bottles, give them a chance to have a second happy life.


Learn how to cut the glass and make decorative items out of glass bottles with the help of Indinya, a business whose mission is to teach new skills in reducing waste. 


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Make Your Own Eco-friendly Customized Candles


We love the smell of a candle in our room. We also like to take a shower while a candle is lit to infuse our bathroom with amazing scents. It’s relaxing, calming and enjoyable.


candle making workshop


How about making homemade candles from scratch? This workshop is the right place to start with candle making at home. 


It’s time to switch your consumption from the “buy” mode to “create” mode! Indulge in an activity that stimulates your brain while getting you some time off the daily routine. Remember, we make sure you’re making your candle while re-using and recycling some existing materials. 


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Atelier de Parfum at La Medina


Discover the perfume-making workshop in Tunis, run by artisan Zouhair Ghorghar, a passionate master perfumer. In this workshop, you'll learn the techniques of perfume creation, from fragrance identification to the subtle blending of ingredients.


atelier parfum tunisie


Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, this workshop offers a personalized experience tailored to your level. You'll delve into the history and significance of perfumes, discovering the craftsmanship of the Medina of Tunis. The small group size allows for intimate exchanges and tailor-made advice, guaranteeing an immersive and enriching experience.


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Cultural Tours


WildyNess has plenty of ideas to share with you so you can enjoy taking a tour in the alleys of La Medina and discover its history, traditions and culture. 


Cultural Tours in La Médina


The Medina of Tunis, this place loved and cherished by every visitor, offers a unique setting and allows us to get lost in its alleys without getting bored. 


Getting lost alone is good. Getting lost while listening to historical facts and discovering urban tales and legends is better.


guided tour medina


Behind every door, window, and street corner, there is a captivating story that bears witness to both the past and the future. 


WildyNess recommends you try the cultural tours of the Medina of Tunis, guided by the famous Jamel Ben Saidane. Also known as Wild Tunis, he knows La Medina inside out and will relate to you everything you don’t know about the heritage, history, and fairy tales of the Medina.


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Souks and thrift shops:


A weekend in Tunis is dedicated to discovering the souks and thrift shops, offering a fascinating immersion in local culture and commerce. Offering an incomparable sensory experience, visitors can lose themselves in a maze of colors, flavors and textures. Whether you're looking for fresh produce, vintage treasures or simply an immersion in local culture, these destinations will charm and enchant you.


Souk El Kram 


Nestled in the heart of Le Kram, the Souk El Kram is a treasure trove for fresh produce lovers. Stalls brimming with juicy fruit, colorful vegetables and intoxicating spices create a vibrant atmosphere. It's the ideal place to lose yourself in the flavors and aromas of authentic Tunisia.


souk fripe tunisia


Souk and Friperie Bousalsla La Marsa 


Every Sunday, visitors are invited to discover the Friperie de Bousalsla in La Marsa. This thrift shop offers an impressive selection of vintage clothing and accessories, as well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This souk is full of hidden treasures.


Stalls brimming with vintage clothing, unique accessories and handcrafted jewelry captivate visitors. The lively atmosphere and unique finds make this thrift store a must-see destination for bargain hunters.


frip tunis weekend


Beb El Falla souk and thrift shop 


This picturesque souk is renowned for its lively ambience and friendly atmosphere. The narrow streets are packed with colorful boutiques offering a variety of shoes, handbags, dresses and pants. The eclectic atmosphere and diversity of items make it a must for fashion enthusiasts.


Souk Al Hafsia 


Renowned as the largest second-hand store in Tunis, Friperie Hafsia offers a unique shopping experience. Visitors can find quality clothing at unbeatable prices. From elegant dresses to trendy accessories, this second-hand store offers an impressive selection to suit all tastes.


Nearby Spots for Hikes: 


When thinking about hikes or tours, we tend to postpone any plan and wait for long weekends. Let’s debunk this: this is a mere excuse based on no logic. Sorry not sorry. While you’re around Tunis, there are a few hikes you can go for nearby as well as interesting archeological sites you can visit. 


The best part of it: no need to have a car. All of these regions are accessible via taxis and trains.  



Climb Djebel Ressas: 


The djebel Ressas is a famous limestone in Tunisia. Nestled between Boukornine and Jebel Zaghouan, this mountain caters to the best climbing experience you can have. 


Hiking in Djebel Ressas includes a two-hour pedestrian ascent before starting climbing to the summit. 


If you’re interested in a guided hike in Djebel Ressas, contact us to make your experience as safe and smooth as possible. 


Guided Tour to Uthina Archeological Site: 


16 km from Mornag and 28 km from Tunis, Uthina Archeological Site is an interesting site to visit.  A staple for Roman Era, Uthina stands as a living testimony for many historical events that happened in Tunisia.


uthina guided tour


You can explore the remnants of World War II history juxtaposed with the genius architecture of the Romans. 


Uthina Archeological site is the place to be during the weekend if you want to visit more archeological sites than you think you’re able to. 


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Guided Tour to Carthage Archeological Site: 


If you want to impress any Tunisian, talk to them about Carthage, Hannibal and Elissa. In case you want to flex on your non-Tunisians friends, time to talk about this part of history and geography.


Testifying for 3,000 years of history, Carthage is better explored with a local guide or a guide notebook. This way, you’re sure you know about the Punic, Roman, Byzantine, and Crusader eras.  


carthage tour tunis


What better can you do during a weekend other than exploring the Antoninus Bath, Roman villas, Malaga cisterns, Byrsa Hill? 

The best thing you can do to get the most out of your tour is to design your itinerary and time with the help of a well-invested guide. We help you book the best tour adjusted to your interests.


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Culinary Experiences


Tunisia is one of those countries that have a strong culinary heritage, sometimes hidden in the alleys of the cities and in the kitchens of grandmothers. In Tunis, we were not looking for gastronomy only, but for discovering the hidden history of a cuisine that is not known for everyone. 


Without moving to other cities, La Medina offers you the opportunity to discover the culinary art and food secrets of the country. 


WildyNess suggests some addresses that will make you happy. 


Yoga and Brunch in La Medina, Tunis: 


On lazy Sundays, we do yoga and eat delicious Tunisian brunch. Sundays always remind you to that it’s not too late to refill your battery before Monday. 


yoga brunch weekend tunis


This yoga and brunch morning allows you to have a stroll in la Medina, get tantalized by the smell of Tunisian food coming from the kitchen windows, and then move your body smoothly in a typical Tunisian house and spoil your taste buds with a great brunch. 

If you are into lazy Sundays done differently, this is your call. 


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Take the most out of your weekends in Tunis:  


That's it! WildyNess has done the trick! Our beloved capital Tunis is full of cultural and fun activities to do on weekends. However, because of the routine of life, we sometimes forget to spend time on ourselves to enjoy and learn. 



Now that you know where to find inspiration for activities to do around here, it's up to you! Have a great weekend!