Going to a festival in Tunisia is a unique experience! If you’re looking for a respite from being on the road or an escape from daily life,  you will undoubtedly have a great time in this selection of top festivals in Tunisia.


What sets these festivals apart is the unique blend of traditional and authentic settings and themes. Each one of them resonates with Tunisia’s cultural heritage and artistic traditions, and reflects the diversity and the identity of each region. As you’re anticipating festivals in Tunisia, below, the ultimate list of festivals to clear your calendar for in case you’re visiting the country on these dates. 



Cultural Festivals 


Ksour Festival – Tataouine 


Ksour Festival – Tataouine

Credits: Hassen Farhat


The Festival of Saharian Ksours, aka Amazigh villages, gives you the opportunity to have a hands-on experience on bedouin and berber life in the old town of Tataouine in the open air. The program lasts 3 days, usually in mid or late March.


It includes traditional parades of folk troops, camel races, art and craft exhibitions, guided tours and excursions.



The Festival of Oases (Festival des oasis de montagne) – Tamarza



In early April, the countdown starts in Tozeur, and more precisely Tamerza and Midès, to host The Festival of Oases, aka “festival des oasis de montagne”. Entirely free, it offers a street show, Sufi trances, and poetry of Djerid. Children are also kept in mind through a program tailored for them to attend artistic workshops.


There is no reason why you would think twice to attend this famous festival and to live memorable moments.



Festival des arts plastiques – Mahrès, Sfax


Festival tunisia des arts plastiques

Credits: Association des Amis des Arts plastiques - جمعية أحباء الفنون التشكيلية


From the end of July to the beginning of August, the International Festival of Visual Arts of Mahrès gathers artists from all the continents, be it Europe or Africa or America or Asia. Through artworks hidden all over the city, Mahrès is transformed into a real open-air exhibition. 


For more information: check their Facebook page here.



Sahara international Festival - Douz 


The Sahara international festival of Douz

Credits: Aimé le désert et Festival DOUZ


For 4 days, The Sahara International Festival comes to brighten the last days of the year, namely the end of December. 


Set in the Henich square surrounded by Bedouin tents, the festival promises a magical experience in the midst of dunes. You can immerse yourself in races and camel fights, fantasias and traditional parades. All this is of course accompanied by popular songs and dances, poetry and fine arts. 


Want to know the program in detail? Here is a direct link.



Dougga International Festival 



The internationally renowned festival of Dougga welcomes every year a lineup of Tunisian and foreign artists to perform at the Roman amphitheater of Dougga. Usually held during the month of August, the festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Tunisia as it always spotlight artists with authentic and original works. 


For more information on the program, contact the Dougga International Festival Association or visit the festival's official website.



Sparrow Hawk Festival - El Haouaria


Sparrow Hawk Festival - El Haouaria



The Sparrow Hawk Festival, also known as The Falconry Festival, is one of the oldest festivals in Tunisia. It consists essentially of hunting birds with falcons, known for their exceptional sight. From June 17 to 20 in El Haouaria, you will also find various exhibitions of the local population and practical workshops of falconry.



Purebred Arabian Horse Festival  - Maknassi 


Festival du cheval arabe de race pure - Maknassi


Do you want to catch the spirit of visiting the UAE? The city of Meknessi in Sidi Bouzid caters for your wish.  Starting from the beginning of September, races of Arabian horses are held. The festival includes shows of traditional cavalry and craft exhibitions, together with knowledge-filled roundtables and scientific days on the breed of horses.



International Ulysse Festival - Djerba


International Ulysse Festival - Djerba

Credits: Festival International Djerba Ulysse


The much revered island of Djerba hosts the Ulysse festival in the municipal theater Djerba Houmt Souk in September. You are at the rendezvous of several musical performances, plays and street scenes. 


Looking for more details on the lineup of the year? Here is the link to the page.



Culinary Festivals



Octopus Festival - Kerkennah Island



In March, Kerkennah Island becomes a festive place with a diversified program of event. In the Octopus Festival, there are parades of folkloric troops, competitions between the inhabitants in order to prepare the best octopus-based meal in the open air.



Orange Blossom Water Festival - Menzel Bou Zelfa


Orange Blossom Water Festival - Menzel Bou Zelfa


During the period of March and April, Nabeul, including Hammamet, are wrapped in the scent of orange blossom. The festival, meanwhile, is usually held from 7 to 9 April and has a primordial economic and traditional importance and significance. It highlights this wealth and contributes to the protection of the customs and traditions. 


The distillation of floral waters and the extraction of essential oils play a big role in the local gastronomy of these two regions, and it is heavily used in the medical field also.  


To update yourself on the program, please follow this link.



Wheat Festival – Béja 



Known by its cereal products, Beja welcomes every year visitors to The Wheat Festival in September. The gastronomy of the city is heavily drawn from the wheat production. There are a few dishes you wouldn’t find elsewhere, namely El ftet, borzguène, ghrayefs and El mbasses. 



Festival of Figs - Djebba


festival fig tunisia


The figs grown in Djebba are truly exceptional and mouth-watering. Every year in August, the Djebbaois organize a festival devoted especially to this famous and flagship fruit. To make it more fun, the festival includes music, theater and exhibitions for local products held in the natural park of Djebba.   


Tempted to go to this festival? You can update yourself via this link.



Pomegranate Festival - Testour


festival tunisia testour


The pomegranate festival takes place on the premises of the House of Culture Hbiba Msika. From October 24 to 27, you can go to explore the city and buy fresh pomegranates. Guided tours in pomegranate orchards are also organized, so visitors can explore the different varieties of this heavenly fruit. 


The association of the festival of pomegranates organizes conferences, meetings with farmers, artistic animations and concerts.



Festival of Harissa and pepper - Nabeul  


In the mesmerizing city of Nabeul, nestled in northeastern Tunisia, the Harissa Festival is an enchanting culinary experience not to be missed. It offers a great gateway to Tunisian cuisine and gives an insightful introduction to this condiment declared as one of the items in the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. 


This vibrant event is meticulously hosted by the Nabeul City Conservation Association, a testament to their dedication in preserving Tunisian heritage and celebrating its culinary treasures.


harissa festival tunisia


The festival offers a delightful marketplace where visitors can acquire a variety of pepper, harissa, and aula products, enabling you to take home a piece of this rich tradition. For those with a passion for culinary knowledge, there are captivating scientific seminars that unravel the artistry of harissa-infused cuisine. And, of course, there are delectable tasting sessions to satisfy your palate and immerse you in the spicy magic of harissa.



To keep yourself updated, follow this link.


The Festival of Dates in Guebeli 


As one of those festivals that displays the cultural, culinary and artistic sides of the desert and the oasis, the festival of dates celebrates the region and its history while promotes it as an incredible tourist destination. 


Usually, it hosts artistic performances from national and local bands, scientific seminars, marketplace where local farmers and artisans present their products and artifacts. 


The festival is held in the early November of every year. 


Olive Oil and Local Products Festival



Annually occurring in late December, the Olive Oil and Local Products Festival takes place in the Teboursouk delegation within the Beja Province.


olive oil festival tunisia


During this event, visitors can explore olive oil exhibitions and partake in a variety of vibrant demonstrations and festive activities.


This festival offers a splendid opportunity to savor the flavors of virgin olive oil and immerse oneself in the rich cultural heritage of Beja.



Music Festivals



International Spring Festival - Sbeitla


music festivals tunisia sbeitla


The International Spring Festival takes place in the theater of Sbeitla in April. It sees the participation of several artists from Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania and Iran. You cannot resist the idea of exploring new beats and music in the splendid archaeological site of Sbeitla.  


The annual program of this festival is usually published only in the official Facebook page.



Malouf International Festival – Testour 


Malouf International Festival – Testour


In June, Testour hosts the international festival of Malouf and traditional music. On the program, you will find a myriad of performances aiming at promoting and safeguarding the  Tunisian classical music. This festival shows the long history of multiculturalism of the region, where the Andalusian and Oriental contributions are clearly omnipresent. 


To keep yourself updated, here is the link.



Jazz Festival - Tabarka


tabarka festival


The Jazz Festival takes place at the Basilica in Tabarka in June and July. The festival has a long history of welcoming internationally-acclaimed jazz singers and produces as the likes of Diana Krall, Claude Nougaro, Lucky Peterson and more.


Jazz lovers are invited to discover the diversity of this genre and discover local and middle eastern singers.  If you are not into Jazz, it would be a great opportunity to discover this world for the first time in the Tabarka Jazz Festival. You will certainly fall under the charm of this kind of music. 


Would you like to know the program of this year? Follow this page.



Mermaid Festival - Kerkennah Islands 



From July 25 to August 3, the Mermaid Festival is held to empower and support young artists. With creative workshops, exhibitions, competitions and games, each year the festival comes back with  a well diversified program that has something for everyone.  


A rich program awaits you every year. Here is the link to discover the program.



A festival, a pure moment of disconnection



Standing in the between lines of tradition and modernity, festivals offer unforgettable experiences and a respite from the routine. It's also a real chance to go beyond your ordinary world and discover the different festivals of Tunisia. Feeling inspired? Go for it! So what are you waiting for?