Concept stores guarantee a unique shopping experience where creativity and tradition converge. With our curated list, explore the fusion of contemporary design and authentic craftsmanship, with spaces offering everything from exclusive costume jewelry, personalized baskets, and haberdashery to stunning raku sculptures, drum paintings, and premium leather goods. Immerse yourself in the world of recycled textile creations, empowering artisans, and indulge in the beauty of traditional pottery reimagined in innovative forms.


WildyNess team has compiled a list of concept stores across Tunisia, so every traveler and local can shop while immersing themselves in the world of recycled textile creations, and making a positive impact on local artisans.



Concept stores in Tunis 


Eddoken - La Marsa 



Established in December 2017, Edokken is a boutique that blends modernity and authenticity in a harmonious and compelling way. Driven by a relentless commitment to supporting artisans through providing marketing services via their store, marketing agency and online platform.  


eddoken concept store la marsa


The product selection is extensive and caters to various occasions, ranging from everyday items to thoughtful gift ideas and precious pieces. The store presents a diverse array of brands by young creators, such as 'Atfa Art's' baskets, 'Lydée Déco's' home linens, 'El Bazar's' notebooks and decorations, accessories crafted by the talented Hajer Ghabba el Hadded, and 'Ça va de soie's' bags, pouches, and baskets. 


The store also showcases tableware from 'Zitoun' and elegant collections from various prestigious brands.



XYZ Concept Sotre - La Marsa 



In the heart of La Marsa, NYZ Concept Store is one of the pioneer boutiques in Tunis, and indeed in Tunisia. They took it upon themselves to showcase contemporary crafts and promote the young Tunisian creatives. 


XYZ concept store


But aside from spotlighting some of the country’s most innovative designer names, authentic talented artisans, and funky artist, this concept store has its own local brand. With a varied and well-thought-out catalog, you can find ceramic items and ready-to-wear pieces. 


From palm cushions, hand-embroidered babouches, to decorative ceramic bowls and traditional tunisian Djeba, you can shop your souvenirs and gifts without worrying about the quality



Nejma et Hlela - La Marsa 


Located in Zephyr mall in the heart of La MarsaNejma et Hlela is one of the first stores to embrace 100% eco-conscious approach. The store is a marketplace of ethical and eco-friendly brands with a mission to reduce waste, upcycle and repurpose materials. More than a store, this is a place where Tunisian artisans and conscious shoppers could come together.


nejma & hlela concept stores


Every piece is hand-picked by the store in order to make sure it falls into these descriptions: vegan, recycled, eco-friendly, ethical, and artisan-made or local. From repurposed bags, zero-waste cosmetic products to leather-made shoes and linen-sourced coats, you can find everything you need in your daily life. 



Sodfa Lifestore - Lac 2


Sodfa Lifestore mingles two concepts in one place. The store offers a wide range of products for those who want to shop ethically and locally, and many workshops for those who want to take their eco-friendly and slow lifestyle to the next level. 


sodfa lifestore concept store tunisia


Also catering to men and children, Sodfa Life Store provides quality clothing, accessories, and educational games for a stylish and unique family experience. Through a curated collection of fashionable clothing and accessories, elegant home decor items, a range of 100% natural and organic beauty products, it’s a great destination for those who live around Lac 2. 


As for workshops, the store offers workshops for those who want to delve into ancestral skills like pottery, calligraphy, embroidery and more. 


Super Souk - La Soukra 


Located in La Soukra, where streets are brimming with fast fashion stores, Supersouk offers an alternative for those seeking eco-friendly and original pieces for their home or wardrobe. Through combining furniture, paintings, drawings, photos, jewelry, beauty products, decor items, clothing, leather goods, and lighting, it positions itself as an ultimate destination for locals and tourists. 


Since 2016, the store has been growing to enhance innovation and promote contemporary artisanal creativity, featuring both well-established and novel values. While they champion quality and high-end products, prices range from affordable to higher for limited-edition pieces.


supersouk concept store


Besides creating a place where you can find basically anything you want, the creators of Supersouk, Marlo & Isaure, also exhibit their own creations, embodying a fusion of marble and wood in furniture design.


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Elyssa Artisanat 


Inspired by Tangier's concept stores, Cyrine Hamza Cherif created Elyssa Artisanat as an authentic and inviting house-shaped space. Visitors experience a homely atmosphere and find items that fulfill everyday needs. With a focus on handicraftsman, Elyssa Artisanat is a concept store that seeks to make local products and items closer to locals and expats and break the centralization of concept stores in the banlieue nord. 


elyssa artisanat concept store


With a wide range of ready-to-wear pieces, decorative items and handmade jewelry, the store is always on the hunt for the most creative and ethical designers and creatives in Tunisia. Their featured products transcend the Tunisian craftsmanship to reach artisans from various nearby regions. While featuring products from remote areas in Tunisia,  It also showcases creations from Moroccan and Lebanese creators. 



Concept Stores in Nabeul / Hammamet 



Chab-Ka concept store 



In the heart of Nabeul and a few kilometers away from Hammamet, the two friends Leila Chaieb and Sonia Kamoun launched a project to spotlight the finest in artisanal craftsmanship. Their location is not arbitrary : Nabeul is a town renowned for its strong craft tradition.



The collection ranges from small furniture to notepads, lighting, and summer dresses, showcasing diverse creations from artisans across Tunisia. Traditional craftsmanship undergoes a contemporary transformation, blending with modern techniques such as Japanese raku. 


For instance, the famous Sejnane pottery, now a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, is presented in innovative shapes and material combinations.



Kayko Mini Mall 


Nestled in Nabeul, this mini mall aims to be an ultimate destination for both locals and tourists. The concept is quite simple : a boutique where you can find local brands and local businesses selling everything and anything you need to buy. 


The products featured in Kayko combine the high quality and the good aesthetics. Once you enter the boutique, you will be amazed by the colors and the placement of every brand. The cozy vibes and the warmth of the community of sellers there upscale your shopping experience. 


Concept Stores in the South of Tunisia (Djerba, Nefta) 



El Mensej - Nefta 


If you happen to be in Nefta to explore the Tunisian Sahara, don’t hesitate to pay El Mensej a visit. Initiated by Mehdi Baccouche in late 2014, the name is well-thought-of and quite self-explanatory, as it is the Arabic word for “handloom”. With a great focus on handmade items, the concept store, based in Nefta, features klims, bed throws, and diverse accessories using unraveled second-hand clothing. 


el mensej nefta


Championing traditional craftsmanship and aiming to empower artisans economically, the store introduced a new approach revolving around fair trade products crafted from recycled materials. 


El Mensej conducts online sales with nationwide delivery, making it a project worthy of enthusiastic support, given its exceptional and aesthetically pleasing products. 


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El Houch Concept Store - Djerba 


Known for their exceptional ceramic workshops in Djerba, El Houch founders decided to upscale their services and launch a concept store where everyone on the island can shop authentic and unique souvenirs and items.


concept sotres djerba


In the heart of Houmet El Souk, this splendid space enhances the beauty of artisanal creations, including breathtaking raku sculptures, figures, and characters, alongside skincare products from Jardins Amazygh, drum paintings by Castor, puppets, statues, and lamps by Aschi, as well as the premium leather goods from Tin Hinan. A delightful collection of creators housed in an elegant boutique that restores honor to the world of artisanal craftsmanship.


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Dar El Fan - Djerba 


Unearthed in Houmet Souk, Dar El Fan is a unique space that brings together elements of fashion, beauty, and decor. With a hand-picked catalog that ranges from an exclusive array of costume jewelry, personalized baskets, to haberdashery, it’s a unique boutique worth the visit. 


concept store djerba djerbahood


In order to enhance its positioning as its name suggests “house of arts”, the establishment frequently hosts diverse workshops for painting and jewelry crafting, adding an interactive and engaging dimension to the experience.


Concept Stores are the Best Spots to Get Gifts & Souvenirs 


As we conclude this list through Tunisia's concept stores, it's clear that they offer more than just a shopping experience. They are embodiments of a vision—a vision of a world where commerce and culture coexist in harmony, where every purchase tells a story, and where every customer becomes a patron of creativity and tradition. So, whether you're a traveler seeking souvenirs or a local supporting your community, venture into these concept stores, and immerse yourself in a world where every purchase is a step towards a brighter, more vibrant future.