Want to try a new and interesting sport to get you out of your comfort zone? Kitesurfing is the one ! This incredible sport is a fun physical experience that will let you enjoy all the wonders of ocean gliding while giving you a serious sweat.


No need to fuss over the where and how-tos, this guide is the ultimate one to kitesurfing in Tunisia for pros and beginners. With a simple board, a kite and the ocean, you will get your fill of endorphins and have an extraordinary experience off the beaten path. 


In this guide, you will find the best tips on kitesurfing, the equipment needed and the best places to practice in Tunisia. 


What is kitesurfing? 


Kitesurfing is one of the coolest activities out there. This water sport combines a kite and a board to propel you on the water. Despite its name, the presence of waves is not an important criterion in the practice. You can just as much kitesurf on flat lagoons than on rough seas with big waves. 


Kitesurfing is great fun, all you need is wind and water. However, this sport is classified as an extreme sport. That's why we definitely recommend that you take a course before getting into the water with a kite.


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The best places to kitesurf in Tunisia


Kitesurfing in the south of Djerba island


The most famous place to practice kitesurfing in Tunisia is the island of Djerba. It is a beautiful destination that offers great kitesurfing conditions, mainly in the north and south of the island. Djerba is truly a dream for kitesurf enthusiasts. 


kitesurfing tunisia


The Bekalta Lagoon and Sousse, a quiet beauty


A little further away from Djerba and 185 from Tunis, the capital, lies the Bekalta Lagoon. It is the most perfect kitesurfing spot. With crystal clear waters, this huge lagoon is an idyllic and beautiful place to enjoy this fun sport. Sousse, further down the coast, boasts optimal weather conditions for kitesurfing, making it the ideal spot for beginners. 


Hergla Beach, paradise on earth


Nothing quite beats kitesurfing on the splendid Hergla beach. This small paradise, with its distinctive climate, is the perfect setting for an afternoon spent honing your kitesurfing technique. 


Sidi Ghrib and Chatt Zghob in Bizerte


Sidi Ghrib and Chatt Zghob in Ghar El Melh are also two great destinations for kitesurfing. Both places have a beautiful and breathtaking beach with turquoise water. 


While practicing in a safe and gorgeous environment is a must, choosing the adequate season is a crucial step in your kitesurfing journey. All the places mentioned above have regular wind, sunny days and easy access, especially the Ghar El Melh spot. A true paradise !


What is the best season for kitesurfing 


For a fun and adventure-filled getaway, it is essential that you choose the perfect season for kitesurfing. Since this sport depends a lot on the wind, we advise that you kitesurf during the months of April to the end of October, when the climate is most ideal. 


Tunisia is lucky to have a Mediterranean climate, with long periods of sunshine and frequent strong winds, which are often favorable for kitesurfing. However, these winds can also be too strong and therefore dangerous, so make sure to check with local authorities before heading out. 


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What equipment is necessary for kitesurfing?


Kitesurfing wing


To kitesurf, you will need a kite, a board and a harness. Just like a sail, the kite provides the traction needed to move. Usually, they have a flat surface area between 3 m² for strong winds or light people from 30 kg and up to 20 m² in the case of light winds. 


kitesurfing kit


You will find two types of wings available in regular gear shops: the inflatable bladder wings and the box wings. The first type has a pump-inflated structure, while the box wings have flexible profiles derived from paragliders.


Less curved than the tubular wings, this type offers a larger projected surface where the boxes are inflated by the relative wind. The price of the wings, whatever its type, is about 19000 and 4000 Tunisian dinar to purchase. It is a little steep but certainly worth it !


The lines and bars of kitesurfing


The kite is composed of lines and bars. The lines have very high power and low elasticity. On the bar, the back lines are attached with the intention of steering the kite and modulating its power. The kitesurfing bar costs about 300 to 600 euros.


Different boards 


To kitesurf, you will need a board. You must choose between the twin tip (asymmetrical board), the surf, (directional board) and the foil equipped with a fin. To buy one is a budget of 900 to 2000 Tunisian dinar. 


A kitesurfing harness


The harness is a piece of equipment that transmits the traction of the kite to the kiteboarder's body, and consequently to the board. Placed on the small of the back, between the pelvis and the ribs, the waist harness guarantees freedom of movement. The breech harness, similar to a climbing harness, is mainly used for simple navigation. The price is around 90 to 120 euros. 


How to Learn Kitesurfing?


Considered an extreme sport, Kitesurfing can be dangerous and we strongly advise you to take lessons with a professional. This will help you learn the safety rules and the basics before you head out on your own in the wind. Below is a list of kitesurfing clubs or associations in Tunisia that will ensure that you have a safe and pleasant practice. 


kitesurfing places in tunisia


Globalkite, the first training center in Tunisia


In Tunisia, the first international training center is Globalkite. This center is located on the beach of Sidi Samel, 5 kilometers from Houmt-Souk in Djerba. It is a must for kiters and offers professional services all year round 7 days a week.


The nautical club Hammam Sousse 


The nautical club Hammam Sousse is run by a team passionate about water sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing and kayaking. This club practices kitesurfing at El Kazma beach.


The water sports club in Kelibia 


With impeccable and professional service, the water sports club in Kélibia teaches various sea activities. They offer top-range equipment and a team of experts to help you navigate these waters. 


Other addresses for kitesurfing in Tunisia


In Tunisia, you can practice kitesurfing in Djerba kite adventure, windsurf and kite, Luccky Boy club, Khereddine nautical club in La Goulette, Darghout Mahdia nautical club, Kelibia water sports club and many other clubs and organizations around the country. 


The budget for a 10-hour session is about 1,000 TD. For advanced sessions, the price of 6 hours is 770 DT. There are also 6 day packages available, which include 3 days of training and then 3 days on your own, with adequate supervision. 


Facebook groups for networking


On Facebook, the page kitesurfing Tunisia is run by fans of the sport. Similarly, the group Ouled El Kite, Kite club Djerba and Tunisia Kite are facebook groups for lovers of sailing, the sea and strong and adrenaline-filled sports.


These groups offer kitesurfing activities in several locations in Tunisia. Through these Facebook pages, you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make friends who share your kitesurfing passion. They also create events on different themes. Under the supervision of a professional, you will undoubtedly have one of the most wonderful adventures of your life. 


Kitesurfing, a sport in the heart of the ocean


You don't need to lift weights to kitesurf. However, a good physical condition is important and will help you progress quickly. To avoid injuries and to ensure a safe activity, we advise you to contact a professional and not to go out alone in the water, especially for beginners. Whether you are male or female, book a kitesurfing session now and head into the wind. You won't regret it !