Imagine a place where time moves a little slower, and the gentle waves of the Mediterranean beckon you to unwind and explore. That's Hergla for you, a coastal gem that's as charming as it is relaxing. This quaint fishing village has its roots in antiquity and boasts a rich history that's waiting to be discovered. From hidden gems to pristine beaches, Hergla promises a genuine Tunisian adventure you won't find anywhere else. 


To get the most of it, WildyNess Team has compiled a comprehensive guide on what to do, where to stay and how to get there. 


Why Hergla is worth Visiting ?


Hidden Gem along Tunisia's Coast: Hergla is one of the cities that won’t typically feature in travel guides, yet it holds the allure of a true secret treasure along Tunisia's coast.


  • Perfect for Tranquility: If you’re seeking hidden spots and a tranquil haven to unwind, Hergla is the ideal destination to include in your itinerary.
  • Quaint Fishing Village: Often overlooked by tourists, this quaint fishing village offers a serene escape, providing a perfect addition to any traveler's itinerary.
  • Pristine Beach and Water Sports: Hergla boasts a pristine beach with golden sands, inviting relaxation and water sports enthusiasts alike.
  • Authentic Local Life: Its quiet streets exude authenticity, offering a glimpse into genuine local Tunisian life.
  • Delectable Seafood: Known for its fresh seafood, Hergla is a culinary delight for food enthusiasts, offering scrumptious dishes made from the day's catch.
  • Cherish Tranquility and Embrace Culture: Visitors can cherish the tranquility, indulge in delightful seafood, and embrace genuine Tunisian culture, making Hergla a hidden gem worth discovering.



How to Get to Hergla?


From Tunis


Public Transportation


Traveling from Tunis to Hergla by public transportation offers two primary options:


  •  Louage (Shared Taxi): Louages are a common and cost-effective means of travel in Tunisia. You can locate louage stations in Tunis, such as the "Gare Routière Bab Alioua" or other designated areas. However, direct louages from Tunis to Hergla are less frequent. Instead, it is more common to take a louage from Tunis to Sousse, a major city near Hergla. Once you arrive in Sousse by louage, you can transfer to a local taxi or shared taxi to complete the remaining 15-kilometer journey to Hergla. The cost of this louage journey is usually quite affordable, often less than 2 Tunisian Dinars.This option provides both convenience and cost-effectiveness.


  •  Bus: Alternatively, you can take a bus from Tunis to Sousse, a major city close to Hergla. Buses regularly depart from main bus stations in Tunis, namely "Gare Routière Bab Saadoun." The bus journey typically takes between 2 to 2.5 hours, making it a reasonable choice. Similar to louages, direct buses from Tunis to Hergla are not as common. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bus to Sousse first. Upon reaching Sousse, you can continue to Hergla by either local bus or taxi, both of which are accessible and offer a cost-effective means of reaching your final destination. This option provides flexibility for travelers.


Private Transportation


If you prefer private transportation, you can rent a car in Tunis and drive to Hergla. Simply follow the directions provided on your GPS or map application. Having your own vehicle grants you the flexibility to explore at your own pace and convenience. It takes two hours to reach Hergla from Tunis and only 40 minutes from Sousse. If you are worried about driving in Tunisia, we have a complete guide for you. Please, take a look at it to get prepared for your amazing road trips.  


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From Sousse:


Public Transportation


For those traveling from Sousse to Hergla, you can also choose between public and private transportation options:


  • Louage (Shared Taxi): Louages from Sousse to Tunis are readily available and are known for their affordability, often costing less than 2 Tunisian Dinars. To reach Hergla, you can take a louage from Sousse to Hergla directly, eliminating the need for additional transfers.


  • Bus: Another option is to take a bus from Sousse to Hergla. Although less common, you can inquire about bus routes at the local bus stations in Sousse. The bus ride should take you directly to Hergla, offering a convenient public transportation choice.


Private Transportation


If you prefer the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle, you can drive from Sousse to Hergla using a private car. This allows you to customize your travel experience and explore the region with ease.


Whether you choose public or private transportation, you can look forward to an enjoyable journey to the charming coastal town of Hergla.


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Hergla Itinerary: Great Things to Do


Chill in an Authentic and Comfy Guest House


Experience Hergla's warm hospitality by staying in an authentic guest house that captures the essence of Tunisian culture. These charming accommodations, scattered throughout Hergla, offer comfortable and genuine settings where you can unwind. From their white-washed walls to Mediterranean designs, these guest houses provide an idyllic backdrop for relaxation. You can sip mint tea by the pool, bask in a tranquil atmosphere, and even witness the graceful flight of swallows. It's the perfect start to your Hergla adventure.



Enjoy One of the Best Beaches in Tunisia


Hergla boasts a coastline that holds one of Tunisia's most pristine and enchanting beaches. With its soft, golden sands and crystal-clear waters, it's a haven for beach lovers.


hergla beach


Whether you're seeking a day of sunbathing or eager to try water activities like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, this beach has it all. What sets it apart is its tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal escape from the tourist crowds.


Unique Snorkeling Spot


Hergla offers a distinctive snorkeling experience along its coastline. Unlike the crowded tourist spots, here you can explore underwater treasures in a quieter setting. The coastal waters teem with marine life and vibrant coral reefs, creating an unforgettable snorkeling adventure. It's a hidden gem for snorkeling enthusiasts who seek a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience in Tunisia.


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Learn Halfa-based Decorations with the Artisans


Discover the artistic heritage of Tunisia by engaging with local artisans and learning the craft of Halfa-based decorations. Halfa, a versatile plant, plays a central role in Tunisian artistry. Join workshops to create your own souvenirs and witness the intricate weaving and artistry that embody Tunisian culture. It's a hands-on experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the authenticity of local craftsmanship.


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Dive into Nature at the Madfoun Forest and its Wild Beach


Escape the bustle and explore the tranquil Madfoun Forest, a lesser-known natural gem near Hergla. As you immerse yourself in lush greenery, you'll encounter a wild beach that offers serenity away from the usual tourist crowds. This off-the-beaten-track experience allows you to reconnect with nature and discover the untouched beauty of Hergla's coastal landscape. It's a peaceful escape that brings you closer to Tunisia's natural wonders.


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Enjoy Fresh Seafood with Unique Sea Views 


Indulge in the freshest seafood while enjoying unparalleled sea views at Restaurant l'étoile Hergla. The diverse menu offers an array of delectable options, making it a seafood lover's paradise. With the Mediterranean as your backdrop, your dining experience becomes an unforgettable journey through flavors and culture. This hidden culinary gem combines exquisite seafood with captivating vistas, offering a truly unique dining experience.


hergla seafood


Witness a Spectacular Sunset on a Great Rooftop 


Capture the beauty of Hergla's sunsets from the rooftop of Restaurant Sidi Said Hergla. Located near the M'zâr de Sidi Ali Bou Saâdiyya and M'zâr de Sidi Najjâr shrines, this hidden gem provides not only stunning sunset views but also high-quality seafood. The combination of the quality of seafood and the mesmerizing beach view creates a memorable dining experience that merges culinary excellence with cultural immersion.


sidi said restaurant hergla


Enjoy Unique Coffee at a Specialty Coffee Shop 


Treat yourself to a unique coffee experience at Amwej Café, a specialty coffee shop that offers high-quality, homemade delights like cakes and cheesecakes. While enjoying your coffee, take in the magnificent beach view. The café's warm atmosphere and friendly staff make it an exceptional place to unwind and savor the moment, offering a truly distinctive coffee experience in Hergla.


hergla view from a café


Have a Short Hike at Lake Sidi Bouali



Embark on a unique and lesser-known hiking adventure at Lake Sidi Bouali, where history meets nature. This scenic spot once bore the name Ulissipira during Roman occupation and features an ancient amphitheater, a remnant of the past.


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The hike allows you to explore these historical remains while immersing yourself in Tunisia's rich heritage. It's an off-the-beaten-path experience that offers a deeper connection to the region's history and natural beauty.


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Where to Stay in Hergla


Each of these accommodations in Hergla offers an authentic and culturally immersive experience, making them excellent choices for travelers looking to connect with the local culture and enjoy warm hospitality in a charming setting.


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Dar Khadija


Dar Khadija is an authentic residence just 200 meters from Hergla's paradisiacal beach, 25 kilometers from Sousse, and a short drive from Enfidha Airport. With five cozy suites, it guarantees a comfortable stay. The white-washed walls and Mediterranean blue-and-white design give a truly authentic feel to your experience. Relax by the pool with a cup of mint tea while swallows dance overhead.


Dar Hergla


Dar Hergla beautifully blends traditional Tunisian architecture with modern comfort. Comprising four private apartments and guest rooms, it offers fully air-conditioned and secure spaces. The infinity pool provides stunning views of the Mediterranean and Cap-Bon mountains. Nearby, tranquil coves and sandy beaches await. Early risers can witness locals collecting HALFA, an ecologically important plant.


Olivia Guest House


Nestled within an olive farm, Olivia Guest House offers a picturesque retreat with a pool and lush green surroundings. Perfect for nature lovers, it allows you to immerse yourself in an olive farm experience. This rustic setting provides a tranquil environment to relax and reconnect with nature. It's an excellent choice for a peaceful stay in the Tunisian countryside, where warm hospitality meets natural beauty.



Day Trips from Hergla


Explore Kairouan, the Holiest City in North Africa


Embark on a spiritual journey to Kairouan, one of North Africa's holiest cities, just a short drive of approximately 67 kilometers from Hergla. Besides its spiritual significance, Kairouan offers a unique experience as a filming location for Indiana Jones.


kairouan tunisia


Wander through the historic Medina of Kairouan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore the city's rich history and culture. This off-the-beaten-path adventure provides an enriching day trip, blending spirituality and cinematic allure.


Witness Sunset in Takrouna, a Deserted (but Still Charming) Amazigh Village


Takrouna, a charming Amazigh (Berber) village, is a stone's throw away from Hergla, approximately 16 kilometers. Venture off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of this village.


takrouna tunisia


Witness a breathtaking sunset while wandering through its deserted streets and savor the peaceful atmosphere that contrasts with the bustling tourist destinations in Tunisia.


Spend a Day in Sousse, the Pearl of the Mediterranean


Sousse, often called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean," is a vibrant city located just a short 15-kilometer drive from Hergla. While not entirely off the beaten track, Sousse offers a diverse range of experiences beyond the typical tourist attractions.


sousse trip


Explore its historic Medina, visit local markets, and indulge in authentic Tunisian cuisine. Sousse provides a captivating blend of tradition and modernity.


Visit Charming Hammamet


While Hammamet is a well-known tourist destination, you can explore it differently by engaging in unique activities, all within a 65-kilometer drive from Hergla. Opt for a guided tour of Hammamet to discover hidden gems and local culture.


hammemt trip


Dive into water activities like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding along its scenic coastline. Explore artisanal workshops where you can learn about distillation, weaving, soap making, and more. This alternative approach allows you to experience Hammamet's charm beyond the typical tourist trail.



Hergla, where relaxation feel like an art form


After this tranquil retreat where you have immersed yourself in local culture, and relished the simple pleasures of this coastal haven, you will proceed with your trip in Tunisia holding cherished memories of its natural beauty, cultural treasures, and warm hospitality.