Nothing quite says a well-spent vacation like getting home every day with sand in every nook and cranny. Beach days are synonymous with refreshing dips in the water, small castles built with sands and sun kissed skin.  


If you are lucky enough to spend a few summer days in Djerba, you will have water and sand everywhere. Looking for relaxing or secluded beaches in Djerba? This is the right page to land in. 



Below, WildyNess team compiled our favorite spots in Djerba to enjoy your swim and sunbathing to the fullest. 



Sidi Yati 


Close to the urbain city of Midoun, Sidi Yati is one of the most famous beaches in Djerba. As Clean as family-friendly, Yati comes just near the Blue Lagoon lake and the marina marsa Seguia.


There are two Sidi Yati, Yati I and Yati II. While both are very similar, the only difference lies in the amount of rocks you would find entering the sea. 



Yati I is also a very well-known beach for scuba-diving lovers, as it’s the beach where divers spend their days practicing in order to get an internationally-recognized certificate.



La Seguia 



Located between Aghir and Ras Lalla Hadria, La Seguia guarantees a relaxing time on the beach no matter what you are after. Whether you want to close your eyes and listen to the music or keep them open and focused on a book, you can lay on the chair and live your best life. 


Sidi J’mour 


Located in the west side near the village of Ajim, Sidi Jmour is considered one of the best secluded beaches where you can enjoy the pure quietness of the city. A sandy beach promises to take your heart and calm your soul. You can pay a small fee to enjoy the privacy of a cottage and spend the day or the night on the beach. 


As one of the wavy beaches, you can enjoy a great swim or a kayak among other cool water activities



El Hachen


One of our favorite secluded beaches where you feel you’re literally on a remote island living the dream of all the planet’s inhabitants. Enjoying the crystal clear Mediterranean water alone or with family and friends has another layer to your beach experience. 


Lella Hadhria Beach


The 6th beach in the governorate of Mednine, Lella Hadhria charcterizes by its natural surrounding and the crystal clear water. One of the best sandy beaches in Djerba, Lella Hadhria is a public beach that anyone can access it without fees. With many paid facilities available, you will enjoy a great beach experience. 


If you are driving in Djerba, no needs to worry as there is a parking only 500 m away. 


Perfect for every beach lover craving for hours of vitamin SEA. 


Ras Rmal 


Known as “the flamingo island”, "Ras R'mal" can be translated literally as “sand cap”. Located in the northern side of the island of Djerba, this sandy peninsula has its importance stemming from the waterfowl that gained it the title of “Ramsar site”, meaning a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. 


ras rmal island of flamingo djerba

Clear turquoise water, fine white sand and the myriad of pirate boats nearby. No wonder why thousands of tourists visit this area every summer to enjoy the breathtaking landscape and the crystal clear water. 



What’s Djerba Beach? 


When googling “Djerba Beach”, the top results will feature private or exclusive beaches. Hotels tend to add “djerba beach” to their resorts, pools or the beach area. It’s no secret that this is done to optimize their online pages for search engine and enhance their marketing objectives. 


This is not to say that these are addresses to avoid. We wanted to add this section to our guide on the best beaches in Djerba, so you can grasp the results you get and conjure up the matching expectations. 



When is the best time to visit Djerba?


One of the first questions you may have when considering Djerba as your next destination is the best time to enjoy your visit. We’ve rounded up a list of information that would help you take your decision: 


- The weather is pleasant all year.If you’re a sun-chaser, it’s the place to be. 

- The lowest temperatures in Djerba get to around 10℃  in the winter.  In winter nights, which is around December-time, temperatures can get down to a minimum of 7℃.

- The highest temperatures in summer get to around 38°C in August, while the average is around 30°C most summer days.

- October, November and December are the wettest months on the island.

- From May to September, the weather allows great swimming experiences. 

- Spring and summer are the best months to enjoy your trip to Djerba.

- Diving and snorkeling, along with other water sports, are one-kind-of-experience in the summer.



 Things to Do on the Island


Diving in the Mediterranean 


One of the most blissful diving destinations in Tunisia, not to say the Mediterranean, Djerba caters for an authentic and simple diving experience. Whether it’s diving or snorkeling, you can dive liveaboard regardless your skill level. 


As one of the few southern Mediterranean islands, you would never regret giving it a try while being there. As we are ourselves sea lovers, we would highly recommend Club de Plongée La Sirène - Djerba Diving Center. We love their top-notch service, good vibes and professional attitude. They also make sure to show their prices online to avoid any bad surprise. 


Kayak at Sidi Jmour Beach


Sea, sea and more sea. What the point of being in Djerba without enjoy the sea to the fullest? Whether you’re an adrenaline seeker or one of those travelers who want to explore everything differently, we highly recommend kayaking in Sidi Jmour

sidi yati beach kayak djerba


Sidi Jmour, one of the Star Wars filiming sites, has one of the best beaches in Djerba. With the mesmerizing architecture and the stretching sea, you will be amazed of how the landscape looks when you’re in the middle of the sea. 


What’s better? Correlating your kayak with the sunset. Pure beauty. 



Bike the West Side of Djerba 


A cultural biking tour in Houmet El Souk is more than just another thrilling activity in Djerba, but this time no water activity is included.  As you may know by now, Djerba is a melting pot of many religious backgrounds and ancient civilization. As a culture rich place, visiting Djerba without digging deeper in its history and visiting both its popular and hidden monuments doesn’t make sense. 


djerba by bike


While you’re enjoying your time on the beach, take a few hours to embark in an exciting cultural journey and explore the history of the island. 


If you want to know how all the religions and sects perfectly coexist, this is your call to get the knowledge you’re curious to know while moving your body and reducing your carbon footprint. 


Visit the Oldest Pottery Ateliers in Galala 


Like Nabeul in the north of the nation, Guellala, which derives from the Arabic words goulla (jar) or gallal (one who makes jars), is the capital of pottery on the island of Djerba and in southern Tunisia. 


In Guellala, pottery is more than a craft. It embodies the lifestyle of the neighborhood, its history and its uniqueness. The interesting thing about pottery in Djerba is the fact that it stretches back to a very ancient time, namely the Greeks and Phoenicians.


guellela djerba pottery


People of Guellala preserved this art by transforming it from father to son very carefully and lovingly. 


It’s your sign to stop by one of the neighborhood workshops if you're spending the day there. You'll not only get a thorough explanation of the work and its various stages, but you'll also see a demonstration of how it's done by hand.



Djerba La Douce, where you cannot go wrong with any beach



Djerba evokes visions of paradise: a haven from the grind and the ideal stretch of sand where you may unwind with a mesmerizing view and take in a calm view of a deep blue sea. All you have to do in Djerba is to equip yourself with a sunscreen, a hat and towel before heading to any nearby beach.