When you plan a trip to Tunisia, you have to decide whether to rent a car or use public transportation. Although this step may not seem significant to you, it is a crucial aspect of your visit.


Wildyness team has created a guide with all the info you need about renting cars in Tunisia.



Choosing between car rental and public transportation in Tunisia


To start with, there are benefits and drawbacks to automobile rentals in Tunisia. You ought to decide carefully. And keep in mind that the length of your stay and the type of trip you take influence this choice.


Renting a car is highly recommended for visits shorter than ten days. It allows you to explore the country quickly. In a few days, you can visit distant areas and admire off-the-beaten-path views all over Tunisia. 


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Yet, renting a vehicle may not be the wisest of decisions if you intend to stay in Tunisia for a longer period. Taxis and public transportation might be more practical and affordable options. Tunisia has an extensive bus network and shared taxis, especially in major cities.


Yet, if you're staying for a while, it's cheaper to rent a car than use public transportation.


Factors to consider when renting a car 


To fully explore the country, renting a vehicle will make your trip more comfortable. But, to make the most of your trip, you have to choose the right car type that suits your needs.


It may seem like a challenging decision at first. However, you can check with rental companies for the best deals that suit your travel plans.


For an adequate and useful vehicle for daily use, Suzuki Swift or Nissan Micra might be the best option. These Hatchbacks are affordable, lightweight, and appropriate for Tunisia's road conditions.


If you plan to drive off-road or explore the desert in southern Tunisia, you can choose an SUV. They combine comfort, good performance and technology. All that you need to discover the beauty of Tunisia from north to south. However, it may cost you the double of a normal car’s price.


Car rental seasonal prices


The season is a crucial consideration while renting. Summer is the busiest travel season in Tunisia. Rental car prices start from at least 100 Tunisian Dinars.


On the other hand, prices are usually lower in the off-season, like winter. In 2023, they even went as low as 75 TND per day. Be mindful of your budget and book accordingly.


How to rent a car in Tunisia?


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In Tunisia, there are two primary considerations to make while choosing a vehicle:


- You can look for international car rental companies, such as Hertz, Sixt, or Europcar. These companies can offer you a wide range of car choices as well as peace of mind. Their addresses typically include explicit rental policies and agreements.


- In case you want to make a more customized choice, you can contact WildyNess's partners. Our partner agencies have specialized advice and unique insights. They can provide guidance as well as useful tips.


Our partners offer a wide range of car rentals, from economy to luxury. They are also responsive, efficient, and reliable.


Useful tips to do when you rent a car


Check for existing damage


Make sure the rental car is free of any damage before you get behind the wheel and take pictures or notes of it. To prevent disputes later, resolve any issues before returning the vehicle.


Overcome language barriers


Tunisians in tourism are multilingual, but misunderstandings can still happen. It will help to have a local contact or translator to assist you with language barriers at police stops. We’ll be happy to do that on whatsapp group, that we usually create to support our travelers on their trips.


Procedure of gas stations


To get fuel, drive up to the nearest gas station. Wait for someone to help you. Tell them what type of fuel you want. Then, pay for it in cash or use your credit card.


Bear in mind that self-service stations are also widely available.


Understanding the locals' driving habits


The driving habits of Tunisians may be different from your own. You’ll likely run into speeding and weaver drivers. Stay cautious and adopt an adaptable driving approach, while respecting traffic laws and road lanes.


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Paying Tolls in local currency


Due to the country's many toll highways, get ready to pay tolls when traveling. You must pay in cash so make sure you have the necessary local currency on hand. If you plan to stay for a while, you can inquire about electronic toll-collecting options here. Even though the page is in French, you can translate it to English. 


Whether you rent a car or use public transportation in Tunisia, your decision will shape your trip. It is worth considering your travel goals, budget, and personal preferences.


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Why should you rent a car ?


Start your journey at the Airport


Car rental companies are widely available in Tunisia, including at Tunis Carthage Airport. That means you can kick-start your journey the instant you arrive. You can get your car right away instead of taking a taxi or looking for an agency.


It is a time-saving option that offers proximity and accessibility. You can also easily return the car before you leave.


Control your Own Schedule


With a rental car, you are in control of your own schedule. No more waiting for a bus or relying on public transportation schedules. And that’s all that you need to discover the beauty of Tunisia from north to south, at your own pace.


Create your Own Itinerary 



If you are an adventurer with time to spare, renting a car can open up a world of possibilities. Discover the variety of landscapes and historical sites in Tunisia, like the old Medina and Bardo Museum. 


Have access to far-off destinations



Renting a car offers you the possibility of discovering far-off destinations. You can easily travel to the Tunisian Sahara. You can also discover the ancient heritage of Sousse, Monastir, and Kairaouan. Moreover, you can visit inaccessible Amaizgh and mountain villages.


perks of renting a car in Tunisia


Enjoy Spectacular drives


Tunisia has some breathtaking drives, such as the road from Tozeur to Ksar Gilan. Stunning desert landscapes and palm oases fill this road. Enjoy these scenic routes while playing this playlist created by Wildyness Team.


Unique day trips


You can use car rental for day trips from your location. You can visit multiple locations at the same day. From Tunisia, you can visit Carthage's ruins or the lovely coastal town of Sidi Bou Said.


Challenges of renting a car


Challenging Traffic


Although rental cars have many benefits, driving in Tunisia can be challenging. Traffic jams, rough driving, and poorly maintained roads can make driving stressful. This often occurs in big cities like Tunis.


Recurrent parking problem


It can be difficult to find parking in the city center or near tourist attractions. It might be frustrating to navigate small, crowded streets. Additionally, parking spots are limited.


Pricey choice


Fuel, insurance, and tolls all add up when renting a car. If you're staying briefly or have a tight budget, renting a car may not be the best choice. You should consider public transportation costs, before making up your mind.


Navigational difficulties


Google Maps may not be 100% accurate, and road signs and directions may not always be clear in Tunisia. Be cautious so you won’t get lost or go in the wrong direction.


Requirements for a driving license


To rent a car in Tunisia, you will need an International Driving Permit (IDP). This is in addition to your driver's license from your home country. Obtaining an IDP should be an extra step in your preparation.


A car is more than just a means of transportation. It can be your passport to the rich culture and heritage of Tunisia. However, it can also limit your trip. Traffic jams, parking issues, and local driving habits in the country may discourage even bold travelers.


driving licence international


The real adventure lies in making choices that reflect your travel style. Ultimately, you are the compass that guides your adventure. Your experience in Tunisia will be greatly affected if you opt for car rental or use public transportation. 


Make a smart choice that matches your preferences and expectations for Tunisian adventure 


Just go along with the duration of your journey, your budget, and your preferences. If your stay is short, or you want to avoid the hassles of city traffic, renting a car will save you a lot of time. If it’s not the case, public transportation and taxis are a simpler and more budget-friendly option.


And your decision will be the first step on a rich and rewarding journey. Because the heart of Tunisia beats with vibrant stories waiting to be discovered.