The stress of professional and personal life only worsens your mental and physical health. To avoid the development of several chronic diseases, it is important to take a step back and enjoy a weekend in one of Tunisia's magical destinations: Siliana . Discover in this article the surprising and exceptional tourist circuits of this magnificent charming city.


Siliana is located in the North-West of Tunisia and is characterized by a favorable geographical position given its proximity to the capital Tunis. Its central position limited by Béja , Jendouba , Le Kef , Kasserine , Kairouan and Zaghouan makes this marvel a very popular site for relaxing in an exceptionally breathtaking nature. Far from the pollution of big cities and in a special environmental setting, Siliana is a destination that continues to seduce many visitors despite the misleading and false reality offered by the media.


A Historical Heritage par Excellence


A multitude of sites and monuments are present in the region of Siliana and are still in a good state of conservation, dating from the distant prehistory to the contemporary era. Makthar is a city of Numidian origin that is located north of Siliana by the RN4. It can also be reached by the RR71 which connects Sbeïtla to the city of El Kef. Finally, coming from Kairouan and Sousse, Makthar is also accessible from the east via RN12 or a section of the A1 highway. 


This exceptional site is currently one of the richest historical regions of Tunisia. Simply observe the steles kept in the museum as well as the incredible number of megalithic tombs and historical monuments to realize the importance and the antiquity of this site. Some monuments are an absolutely necessary visit in Siliana: the Forum, the temple of Liber Pater, the Schola of the Luvenes, the Quadrilobe, the Mausoleum, the large thermal baths of the South-east, the thermal baths of Juvenes, the Arc of Ain el Bab, the Aqueduct, the basilica of Hildeguns and that of Ritilius and the Megaliths. 


A Cultural Heritage Centred Around Weaving and pottery


Siliana is a Berber region that is essentially based on crafts and local products. Weaving and pottery are part of the ancient traditions of this city which is rich in raw materials and labor. For many years, these two activities have made Siliana an unrivaled cultural center in Tunisia. Hooded coats, carpets, original kilims, sofa throws, and sheets are woven from wool and Halfa. A group of women keeps, even nowadays, the great know-how of our ancestors to preserve these arts.


The craft of terracotta, especially on the Kesra side, survives only in a few regions in Tunisia. Craftsmen in Siliana continue to make braziers and incense burners near the hamlet of Ain Fourna. These artisanal workshops produce a wide range of traditional kitchen accessories and utensils. Using ancient techniques, women model them by hand by superimposing the clay which they then coat with red ochre slip and a resinous substance. 


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woman Siliana pottery


A Unique and Diverse Natural Heritage


The north of the governorate is characterized by the agriculture of irrigated perimeters and large cereal lands. The agriculture of small tree farms, fodder or cereal farms in the center and south of Siliana are mainly mountainous agriculture, such as on Djebel Bargou and Djebel Serj, and exploitation of livestock. 

Djebel Bargou is a mountain that culminates at 1266 meters of altitude. Marvel at the beauty of this landscape which still conceals wild and picturesque corners in the heart of its massif. About twenty kilometers south-east of Siliana, you will be surprised by all the greenery that adorns the mountain in the spring, with a multitude of streams that run towards the valley. 

From Tunis, take the direction of El Fahs then Siliana via the road P4. After about 40 km, turn left on the C171 road and then take the direction of Ain Boussadia and then the hamlet of Bhirine.

In your quest for Tunisia's hidden paradises, Djebel Serj will give you a memorable experience. Discover the mysteries and secrets of this magical place. It is a great limestone mountain of 1,357 meters in altitude located 20 km southeast of Siliana which has a northern slope that hosts the watershed of the main wadis that feed the Lakhmess dam. With a great wealth of flora and fauna, this mountain is home to some of the most beautiful caves observed in Tunisia including Ain D'hab and the cave of the Mine. These two wonders offer an exceptional experience, especially for adventurous souls.


The Water Circuit of Siliana


The governorate of Siliana presents several water sources, among the most abundant of Tunisia. To visit this circuit, you just have to contact the agency of Development of the Cultural Heritage AMPVPPC. 


One of the most important is Hammam Biadha, which is located 30 km northeast of Krib between the governorates of El Kef and Beja and which is the first leg of this circuit. This site is a unique thermal water source in Tunisia because it represents the most concentrated of all Tunisian thermal emergences. The second step of the tour is to visit Ain Bou Sadiaa.


This place is nestled at the foot of Jebel Bargou and is a source of drinking water that adds to the one from Zaghouan to supply the capital. The last stage of this circuit is the Waterfalls of Kesra the Old. This magnificent site is well known for its Berber locality and its Byzantine citadel. It is for these reasons that this circuit of water is extremely important in the hydraulic network of Tunisia, considering the diversification and the potability of its waters. This is also added to by the presence of two large dams, the Roman dam of Ain Jbour and the one located on Oued Lakhmés.


Staircases Siliana


The Megalithic Circuit of Siliana


Shaped like a funerary structure, you will soon find out that Makthar, the starting point of the megalithic circuit, is located on a limestone plateau with nummulites. Its megalithic necropolis currently hosts 22 structures in a good state of conservation, of which only two are included in the protected archaeological perimeter. One of the most important megalithic sites of Tunisia is Mididi. With 290 caisson-shaped burials, the creation of this necropolis seems to have preceded the funerary structures. In the megalithic circuit of Siliana, you will also visit the site that has the most monuments, some of which are still buried.


Hammam Zouakra is characterized by structures that are in two distinct parts: the burial chamber and the canopy. The last stage of this site is located in the governorate of El Kef. It is a necropolis that covers several hectares with 70 funerary structures in good geological condition. 


To take advantage of this tour, do not hesitate to follow the steps and the circuit of ancestral places that we have just mentioned above. You will have a wonderful and unique day, especially if you are accompanied by a guide to explain the history of each megalithic site. This allows you to discover the origin of these structures while having an idea of why things happened as well.


The Ancient Circuit of Siliana


The Ancient Circuit of Siliana gathers sites that include vestiges of the Numidian, Punic, Roman, Byzantine, and Vandal periods in four major stations. 


To visit this circuit, start with the first destination: The Krib. This archeological site, built on a twenty hectares area, is erected on a promontory called Jama. It is the only historical site that reminds the collective memory of the events of the second Punic war.


The second destination of the ancient circuit of Siliana is Makhtar. This important archaeological site occupies a strategic position and bears witness to a human settlement dating back to the prehistoric period. In the heart of the city, the forum and the triumphal arch are located around several other buildings such as the market, the Christian church, and the large public baths covered with mosaics and very appreciated by visitors. To the west and by a paved road, you will also find two churches, a monument with a trough, the mausoleum of Julia Benenata, the Numidian forum and the pagan temple. Finally, in the last sector of this destination, a small amphitheater and a fourth church are located near the entrance of the site. 


Ksour Abd el-Mlak is the final destination, a site created during the Numidian period and connected to Makther by an ancient road. However, despite the antiquity of this site, the evidence still visible today is quite spectacular. With this impressive tour, you will be amazed by the magnificence of these sites as well as by the history hidden in each structure.


Ksour Abd el-Mlak Siliana Circuit


A Tour of the Celebrations of Siliana


Celebration in the countryside is deeply rooted since antiquity in the governorate of Siliana. These celebrations are still done today in several places: Le Krib, Bourouis, Sidi Ahmed Ben Ali, Rohia, Sidi Hamada, El Kantra-Sidi Abdelmalèk and in Fantasia in Makthar. Kept in the minds of the inhabitants of Siliana, these celebrations are extremely important and are kept from generation to generation, keeping the traditions alive.


To enhance and promote the cultural and artisanal wealth of Siliana, do not hesitate to participate in these celebrations. In order to improve their income, this circuit of celebrations allows the craftsmen and artists to have direct contact with the customers.


The Ecological Tour of Siliana


The diversity of the Siliana relief offers unique natural landscapes and ecosystems in an extraordinary region. This is why the governorate of Siliana is highly appreciated by scientists, researchers, and admirers of nature and history. Siliana truly has everything: monuments, mountains, varied vegetation, exceptional fauna, clean water resources and unique rock formations.


When visiting this beautiful city, the heterogeneity of the landscapes never ceases to impress travelers. A diversification of fauna and flora is present at every turn and enables you to spend an enriching stay while admiring the different ecosystems that are very characteristic of Siliana. This wonderful city is considered to be one of the most promising destinations for ecological tourism in Tunisia.


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Siliana, a Wonderful Destination that has so Much to Offer


The governorate of Siliana has preserved since antiquity many monuments and historical landscapes. An exceptional adventure-filled stay awaits you, full of discoveries, wonders, breathtaking landscapes and traditional gastronomic dishes. The simplicity of life and the enchanting locals never cease to amaze visitors from all over the world. Don't hesitate to visit this magnificent destination and discover the hidden wonders of this city, unfortunately, neglected way too often!