Reconnect with Your Roots: Sound Healing, Nature Exploration & Culinary Experience

Zriba Olia

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Nestled amidst the majestic peaks of Tunisia, Zriba Olia beckons you on a transcendent journey of nature immersion and sound healing. This timeless Amazigh village, steeped in history and breathtaking beauty, is an invitation to reconnect with your inner self, the wisdom of ancient traditions, and the very essence of the earth.


More than just a vacation, this is a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary. In a world brimming with noise and distraction, we often forget our place in the grand tapestry of life, the thread that binds us to generations past and the vibrant world around us.


In Zriba Olia, you'll have the opportunity to rediscover that connection, unearthing ancestral knowledge and rediscovering the art of living in harmony with nature.



About this Experience in Zriba Olia

Your adventure unfolds amidst breathtaking landscapes, whispering tales of resilience and tradition. Immerse yourself in a unique program designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Our journey begins with an opening circle, a heartfelt gathering to break the ice and set the intentions; What do you want to feel, learn, and live through this experience?


Explore the Rugged Beauty

Embark on invigorating hikes through the surrounding mountains, each step immersing you in the breathtaking scenery and fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world. 

We’ll connect with the surrounding nature in a guided hike to explore the place, hear stories and learn its history.


Experience the Power of Sound

We will end our hike with a sound journey in a special spot using sounds from instruments like bowls, shamanic drum, chimes, and rainstick. Let the ancient vibrations of sound healing wash over you, releasing stress, promoting emotional balance, and opening your senses to a deeper level of awareness. 


Savor Local Delights

We will conclude with a delicious, hearty dinner, sharing our stories and reviving the sense of joy in community. Indulge in delicious, home-cooked meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, each bite bursting with the flavors of the region.



Who is this for?

- Seekers of Wellness: If you yearn for inner peace, mindfulness, and a deeper connection to yourself, this journey is for you.


- Nature Enthusiasts: Craving breathtaking landscapes, invigorating hikes, and the serenity of the natural world? Zriba Olia awaits.


- Culturally Curious: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Berber traditions, discover their unique way of life, and expand your cultural horizons.



Join us and embark on a transformative journey to Zriba Olia. Reconnect with your soul, rediscover the wisdom of ancient traditions, and forge lasting memories in the heart of this magical village.


Meeting Point

We get there by carpooling. If you have a car and willing to share the fuel costs with other travelers. Mention that in the "custom" field when you book your spot. We'll put you in touch with like-minded travelers to share the road 😊

We meet at the parking lot of Zriba Olia directly. Follow these directions to make sure you drive on the right road.


Booking Confirmation

After your booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Go paperless! WildyNess accepts mobile booking confirmations. Simply use your phone!


Fatma our Mindfulness expert and Sadok our Trip Coordinator will take good care of you during the whole experience 🤗

Enjoy the experience!

We look forward to your feedback in the review :-)


Guided Hike
Meditation and Sound Bath
Traditional Dinner (vegetarian options available)



What clothes should I bring?
Be casual
Is this trip suitable for children?
Yes. Please, mention this in the comment section in your booking.
Can we choose the time of the experience?
You can choose the week of the experience and we will suggest a few dates

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Zriba Olia


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