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Whether you're just passing through Hammamet or if you're a resident, this workshop is designed for you to acquire a new skill while creating a memorable experience.


Learn how to create gorgeous cold process soaps from scratch using ethically and organically sourced ingredients in this hands-on session. Thanks to essential oils and other ingredients, these soaps work wonders for the face and body and are incredibly gentle and healthy for the skin. Additionally, you will learn about ethical and sustainable materials used by our ancestors, passed down from one generation to another.


About this workshop in Hammamet 


Taking place in the charming town of Hammamet 

Situated on the southern tip of the Cap Bon Peninsula, Hammamet is a charming coastal town that promises travellers and locals alike great experiences and activities.  With its delightful mix of cultural richness and seaside allure, we cannot think of a better place to learn a new skill and slowly transform your lifestyle towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly one. 


A workshop with a focus on traditional Tunisian soap-making 

Learn about the key ingredients used in traditional Tunisian soap making, such as olive oil, laurel oil, and natural fragrances. Gain insights into the properties of each component and their role in creating nourishing and aromatic soap. The workshop highlights the use of traditional techniques, ensuring an authentic experience.


Tailored for all levels 

Open to both novice soapers and experienced ones who want to improve. All the students can make a soap bar and start with their prior knowledge. 


Hands-on Soap Making

Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with the soap-making process. Don’t worry, you won’t be left alone, as your teacher will guide you through all the steps from mixing, pouring and shaping to your bars of soap. 


When creating your soap products, experiment with natural raw ingredients and essential oils. You can unleash your imagination with various colours, clays, flowers, and ornaments.


More than a workshop, it’s a social experience

Take a break to enjoy traditional Tunisian tea and snacks. This allows participants to connect with each other and their teacher. Nothing can beat the social experience you can have with individuals who share the same interests. 

For Whom?

- Soap Crafting Enthusiasts: This soap-making workshop in Hammamet is thoughtfully conceived for individuals who want to indulge in the creative realm of crafting. If creativity and artistry are your things, this is an immersive experience you need to join. 


- Sustainable Living Advocates: Beyond typical soap products, this workshop is tailored for those who want to commit to sustainable living practices. Soap-making perfectly aligns with the principles of eco-consciousness and ancestral heritage preservation. 


- Individuals and Groups: This workshop accommodates a diverse range of participants. It’s made for individuals venturing on personal exploration, groups of friends seeking a shared adventure, or families looking for a unique bonding experience.


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Enjoy the experience!

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